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  1. I hope you got some good info out of all this, but in hindsight I think you should warn people of the level of education you have so you don't wind up with people like me (amateur) trying to help you (put it in a signature or in your posts). Even if I strayed off the topic a bit you should be able to exclude the info that doesn't concern you and keep going on the straight and narrow especially considering your education on the subject. You could probably help many people with the knowledge you have. I even apologized in public. I will try not to give opinionated examples in the future. Thanks for the info about the differences of 16 and 24 bit samples. It's much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I did check the wires and they checked good with the Spider Jam here, also swapped guitars. I don't play like a gigging musician so the equipment I have stays put and no one else uses it. I try very hard to keep this stuff in tip top condition so it works when I want it too. More than a few times I used it for 4 hours took an hour or more break and came back for another 4 hours. Using in conjunction with the HD500 via the L6 Link, plugging in the front, and using the midi all to learn and get a feel for it all. The power tubes are not lighting up for sure but the power light is on along with the dash light. It was acting intermittent, power tubes lit up and would go out so I would turn it off wait a while and come back it work for a bit then it stop working and when I look back the tubes where not lit and cooling. After that I stopped using it, in between I checked fuses, wires, guitars, changed the preamp tubes with new 12AX7 EH's and pulled the power tubes to check them in another amp, looked at the pins, they were clean and carefully put them back in. Power tubes worked in my other amp, but I don't know if that's conclusive.
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    I hear ya. I see this amp as more of a "home private party amp" and for people who already have an iPhone or iPad. I really like the concept.
  4. And this why I think you already knew the answer to begin with.
  5. That's cool. You may not get what you want from the dual path method. Remember I mentioned I have a guitar with an SD Card recorder installed in it? It is dry as dry can be IMO. I'm no expert but 'cause it's in the guitar it's influenced by only the coils. I believe this is what your looking for or something like it. Those are all good questions concerning the sample rates I've tried 16 and 24 and as far as I can tell they both sound good for what I do with them, but I'm always open for learning about these things. I think you may want a DI Box: Link
  6. Forgive me but it looks like you already knew the answer to your oruignal post or least that's the way I'm perceiveing it.
  7. I don't think it's damaging your amp. It just doesn't good. You said your clean channel sounds ok and that's cool, but you should go back to the channel "insane" or "metal" and try to hone in on a good tone without the clipping. Try adjusting the gain and volume to get a good dirty tone without that noise your hearing if you can't maybe something in the amp vibrating especially if your playing at high master volumes. Come to think of it I don't think you run those channels with the gain at max without clipping.
  8. I don't think anyone is trying to convince you, I certainly am not, it simply may seem like that giv'en the answers you got. Keep in mind this is a forum and with all the ways we have to communicate with on this earth we still have a problem with communicating with each other. I can only give you examples from what I know and I'm not a salesman never was, I'm more like the "FRAM Man", lol. "You can pay me now or you can pay me later" Try the SPDF and hear for yourself if it's what you want, if it doesn't, get the correct equipment. I'm sure you'll figure it out and be successful at it. Please let us know how it goes. Please accept my deepest apololgies if anyone took offense to one of my previous posts. It was not my intention to offend. It was how I understood just part of history.
  9. I play for people around me alot and they don't even hear when my guitar is a little out of tune let alone if theres a wet or dry tone mixed together on not. Guess what I'm trying to say is that as long as you can make music with the guitar these things do not matter that much to the listeners. It all depends on your listeners and how acutely they listen. Extreme Example: The listeners at woodstock were not listening so closely to the music to hear the subtle mistakes the musicians made during the concert, thus everyone was happy. I had to restructure this example sorry.
  10. I hear ya. I modified my previous post with a picture and a link to a dual tone I made, check it out. Keep in mind if your trying to monitor with an amp by plugging into the L Mono outpput it won't work. You would have to use both left and right outputs routed to 2 amps for monitoring, if not unplug them and just use headphones.
  11. Personally I think it's all opinionated but when people get really good at something by doing alot for a very long time they have alot to say about that certain something.
  12. I don't know the HD Desktop well enought to show you how to set up a dual path to get what you want, not even sure you can. I will try to see what I can dig up on your goal as I get time. I just uploaded a wet dry dual path (my tones link) I might use, just as an example so you can see basically how it's programed. There may be a better way. I'm just trying to help out by trying to spark thoughts that may lead you in the right direction or close to it. My aim wasn't to try and change the OP's topic but for the sake of definitions dry tone has no effects and wet tone has effects. I have a guitar that has an SD card recorder mounted into the body so if I want truly dry and I mean drier than the Sahara Dessert, lol, I just capture the tone from that and then mix it with the wet later. I've read some people's opinions on this here and I get the notion the HD 500 with no amps and effects in the chain isn't dry enough for them, thus not true bypass. I use it for what I can get out of it and deal with it the best I can.
  13. You can use the dual path method, I guess there's people who don't like it, but it's what I do with my HD500 sometimes.
  14. Sounds like you may be experienceing digital clipping. Does it go away when you back off the drive a bit? You don't need the foot pedal but it is a very nice option for sure. Try honing in on your tone, lower the drive and volume and work your way back up.
  15. This archrived thread may help a little >>>> HD Desktop recording "Wet and "Dry" POD HD Desktop: Recording "Dry" signal and "Wet" signal simultaneously by davqui on 2012-03-14 13:41:11 Hello! I have a question: I read the POD HD Desktop Advanced Guide, and it seems apparently that I can record two signals (dry and wet) at the same time (simultaneously) when I play guitar: the wet signal go on USB channel directly to computer, and the dry signal go on S/PDIF coaxial channel to an external audio card connected to the computer. At the moment I use Garage Band 11 as recording software, which supports multitracking recording using different input sources. So, some expert users can confirm this ? With POD HD Desktop I can record two signals (dry and wet) simultaneously using usb output (for wet signal) and s/pdif output (for dry signal) ? Sorry if it's probably a repeated argument, but I've done some researchs, and I'm not sure about this thing. Thanks in advance for your reply Davide
  16. You can get cleans from a dirty amp you just have to turn things down and test out with the way you want to play, such as heavy attack or light attack. There are so many combinations you just need to be willing to spend the time and try them all out, What I've done (and am still doing, lol) is study every model and try to squeeze it for all the combinations of the settings in every model to know what they can do with the different styles of playing I'm capable of. When I do this I use only the AMP or PreAMP model, no effects 'till I get tired or bored. That's when I'll start adding effects like a reverb or a distortion pedal and so on. Knowing how you can work with just the amp itself will take you a long way down the road and while doing this I stumble on different styles of playing. Often I'll stumble on a song while just playing chords randomly, lol. A good thing to remember is learning things like this is best done in layers.
  17. Thanks for the feedback, hope it gets fixed for ya sooner than later.
  18. It sounded good through a Vaio AR630E into Beyerdynamic DT990 (600 Ohm) headphones at max volume. Nice playing!!!! Way to go!!!!
  19. You need to try tweaking for your own tone, custometone isn't for make ready patches much of the time. Learn what all the different settings do, in the pod and in your iOS.
  20. This is where I'm at with it.
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    Nice !!! Thanks for the tip, I'm gonna try it later.
  22. That's a good question. I think the "Amp Master" behaves like the master on a real amp.
  23. Cool, I'm glad your getting some relief. I think we all have experienced the "What the Heck is it Just Me Stuff" at one time or another. Still, do some other checks with people and maybe another computer or compare it with another HD500 if possible. Good luck and let us know how it goes if you can.
  24. I did 2 more with no amp, same mixer settings. One with Digital Audio Interface Properties boosted and one not. Line 6 Audio Driver settings Not boosted but record send level at max. Added: For all the test the PAD was on and I used a Strat with everything turned up on the Bridge coil.
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