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  1. That's what I used drshultz, worked like charm.
  2. Check out the knowledge base also although there is only one video there. Link> And the Manual.
  3. Everytime I play I use L6 Link HD500 into the DT50 Stack and then after I play like that for a while I plug direct into the front of the amp from the guitar and play like that for while. There's something to be said about simplicity. I like both ways. After that I'll play the Spider Jam by itself and then I have a Jet City Picovalve Stack and toy around with that for a while. Oh and I forgot about the Spider III 15 and VOX Mini 3 actually sounds good too. That Mini 3 Aux input really sounds good as a monitor with modelers I'm thinking about getting another for stereo patches, the rechargeable Amazon AA batteries go for like 6-8 hours depending on how hard you push the speaker, amazing. When it starts to sound bad that's the batteries giving out, lol.
  4. My original post is wrong so I had to look at the manual again, Stumblinman is right. Heres a snippit of the manual on this.
  5. I'm pretty sure what your experiencing is normal behavior. I remember having the same issues so I just made my patches accordingly, be creative and go a different route.
  6. Ok, I'm a little slow, lol. it's strange. Come to think of it there a quite a few strange ones, but I tend to give the benefit of the doubt witch in Internet land is not good.
  7. It's ok that you don't like the HD pod sound, there are plenty of other things to pump your sound through. In hind sight it would have been nice if you put the kind of experience you have at the beginning of the thread so we know where your coming from. Your opinions are respected and so should others. When this sort of thing happens to me I shift gears quickly and move on so as not to fall into the abiss of distraction.
  8. What a shame, the OP was so quick to come to the conclusion that it ain't right it seems almost futile to say anything else, lol. I have such a great time with all my Line 6 devices that I guess it really only comes down to this quote "I can only speak for myself". Then again, I have so much more patience than many many people. Like they say "One man's trash is another man's treasure".
  9. I didn't have any problems first try, the only thing I had to do was make sure I updated the software for my midi interface. I'm still using the latest DT50 frimware update without any real problems since November 2013. Right on, Silverhead.
  10. Very good example of how to play and use that inconspicuous black box, Thanks !!
  11. I was curious about how Kemper users felt about ease of use and quality of sound, thanks for sharing that. Also don't much about the axefx. I unerstand about going stack front being a bit touchy on the settings to get good tone, but it can be done. The L6 feed into the DT50 I'm really liking alot. I've never owned any tube amps up until Nov. 2013 so I can't say if it's better ot not but I can say I'm happy with buying into this rig, HD500>DT50 Head>DT25Cab. I started with the UX2 then went to the X3 Pro (GUI/Gearbox) with a Spider Jam and had fun with those so I felt the DT-HD thing was going to be ok for me and I was right. Even with the problems of the learning curve I had to endure it was worth it. I'll probably never use it to the fullest but I'll have fun trying. To the OP: The Amp EQ settings are saved in the patch you create in the Pod as far as responsiveness it feels as responsive as just going in the front of the amp with the guitar, IMO, but I haven't used the DT25 I have the DT50. Can't see there being that much differance in responsiveness between the two though.
  12. Also check that your inputs are set something like this: input 1= Guitar & input 2= Same. Check your outputs, one maye be muted or panned all the way in the wrong direction. When this happens to me I usually just start over with a blank tone (everything turned off, Amps, Effect, etc.) check input and output settings and then volume levels. After that I load an amp and start adding to it.
  13. Make sure the pedal is calibrated
  14. I have the DT50 Head and DT25 Cab and get a good clean when when I use topology I, all the knobs at 12 o'clock and for the dirty tone just go to topo III or IIII. adjust the volume and drive appropriately for both the clean and dirt tone. Simple as that, this amp has good tone IMO. Oh and when I dial in the amp drive and volume I leave the guitar controls wide open. as far as the Class A/B-Class A switch and Pentode-Triode switch just try them out to vary up the tone.
  15. Pod Farm is the next step up. I'm still using Gearbox with an X3Pro and UX2. The UX2 has the tuner in the GUI the X3Pro does not. I would say line 6 did that 'cause the UX2 does not have the tuner in the device itself. I may someday get the latest Pod Farm but for now I have good tones with Gearbox. Many say Pod Farm is way better than Gearbox.
  16. Same thing happened to me a few times, then I adjusted my method of building and using patches. The noise can surprise you enough to make ya JUMP.
  17. Oh Yeah, I agree here wholeheartedly.
  18. You can do that and it should work fine, plus you can move the FX loop anywhere within the chain. I've found that just going into the front sounds good too anthough it limits your options. I've been going into a DT50 Head and DT25 Cab with the L6 Link just using the distortion and other effects without an amp and it sounds great. Of course if your trying to emmulate someone else's sound you need to set it up appropriately. Here's what someone did to help the tired eyes out. I thought it was pretty darn smart.>>> Trick for my old eyes
  19. Maybe you need to optimize your omputer a bit. Check this page out >> About optimizing Windows 7. I know it says Pod Farm but I think it applies to Gear Box also.
  20. The second expression pedal doesn't calibrate as far as I remember reading. The EX-1, I think it's called, uses a pot and the pod just looks for that value, whatever it is. There were some threads about this long ago. Here's 1 thread.
  21. Sometimes you just get a bad tube sometimes you get'em and they "Last Long Time".
  22. I forgot to mention that I don't save any patches when flashing 'cause I usually just start from scratch, TheRealZap is right you may have a bad patch in there which could be the problem.
  23. I usually unplug the usb before doing the global reset. I don't think what your doing is causing any problem.
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