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  1. The Mustang speakers,power amp and cabinets work wonderfully. I have been through three generations of Mustang. Just do not use redundant's not rocket science.
  2. Why not credit the early adopters of the new software-what was the time span from release to promo sale -2 weeks?The company is falling over itself for customer loyalty.
  3. To be honest,you have obviously followed a path according to musical instinct ,using practical blocks in a manner most of us would recognize.The unit has limitations.I upgraded to the HD 500X ,and still find this to be true.I rely on outboard gear (simple) to free memory .My advice is to do the same.The machine is great,but the company claims overreached.I note your gear is similar to mine,and assume that you are going down a familiar path.Please ignore so called experts who reply with confusing and convoluted replies.I have spent quite a bit of money on LINE 6 equipment,and despise the interference from trolls who have no real answers.PS-My rating on the forums is low,but if I receive negative reaction ,I simply open my ongoing Consumer Complaints ticket-we paid for use of this forum when equipment was purchased.Hint;Check the new Global EQ and see if it will assist-you can possibly eliminate a block>I leave my JCM at home now,and go through the "back end" of two Spider Valves.I too need to dual paths to achieve what I aim for-Global EQ was helpful.Best regards!
  4. I agree with all! Re: Power switch,some folks go on and on without addressing the root problem-the power adapter which is not designed for stage use or any wear and tear at all.
  5. I appreciate your input.As a veteran music retail pro myself, your insights hit home.I have not had great success with communication on these forums (note my rating in the "red"),because I dare question the so-called "Experts" and "Gurus".I too,decided to use this equipment despite misgivings,and appreciate your input.
  6. Hello: I see that there are no replies. I also experienced the very same problem ,and after about a hundred tries managed to get the flash to update. I tried Monkey on at least five different PC's,and numerous USD cables and ports were swapped before ignition on the original PC . I then had problems with pedal re-calibration and HD500x Edit (Also an error message- both of mine began with an 800 prefix on both the HD500x and Edit program) .I sent in a support ticket and will be sure to bring you in on the response.So far I have learned nothing useful or concrete.I would like to know what is causing the problem.
  7. Thanks for the heads up and link to the product on this folks,looks perfect.I now have to find clown shoes.
  8. I noted that my pedal defaults to 39 minimum after re-calibration.The final value should be 0 (0-100,Heel /Toe).Anyone have this problem after the new April 2015 patch update? It may be related to the behavior reported here .
  9. The unit functions very well as a master midi controller,but you'll have to re-map the recieving unit if you want to get fancy,and add a midi interface/splitter/combiner to manage more than one control message for different targets.Program changes should be fairly easy with any unit.I use mine as a main controller for a BOSS GT PRO (the rack mount box),and do the vast majority of gigs only with the 500X.When using multiple amplifiers for live use, the system allows options that would be impractical otherwise,but is still fairly portable. I mostly stick to 4 patches that contain more traditional options of amp/preamp/pedal configurations,but the HD500x could be used as a controller in a fancy "looper" set-up if you're willing to put in some work matching up CC messages . I understand that Kemper makes fairly user friendly gear that should not be hard to configure.
  10. IMHO,the M series has sound quality that is hard to surpass.That said,the HD 500 is dull and flat.To be fair,I have not played through the new HD500X.It is hard to understand why it was introduced so soon after the HD500.I have had Day 1 hardware and software issues with recent M series (M5),with no support from either the local dealer (Guitar Center) or Line 6..I am reluctant to upgrade to the HD series,since my old generation Line 6 devices are so wonderful,no problems with either software or hardware. BTW,I am under threat of a ban from Line 6 for honest opinion posts like these.
  11. Anse

    M5 Support

    I would like to inquire about software updates for M5.Several issues regarding software need to be addressed.Purchase of Line 6 product was once contingent upon support after the purchase.After such a stellar track record,I find it hard to believe the current support status of products sold in the last generation of L6 products.If anyone has news,let me know please.
  12. I have experienced this "drift" problem since Day 1 of the original purchase of what I assume is version 1.0.Are you sending MIDI program or control changes to the unit?A quick return to another patch seems to reset and correct the problem.Of course,in a live performance situation,this is not the best scenario.For your information,I returned my original unit to Guitar Center the day I bought it and the company refused to trade new units.Line 6 has threatened to ban me for honest reply.You are probably stuck with a flawed M5.On the bright side,Better Business Bureau and Consumer Complaints are in copy of this and all correspondence I have on these forums.After all ,the customers made them possible in the first place.
  13. Thanks for your input.Line 6 was once a leader in facilitating online advantages for guitar related applications.I have personally had bad experiences with the new generation of products.I think that your idea is fantastic.For example,BOSS/ROLAND has many User groups where common sense,everyday application of their products is discussed in detail.LINE 6 was once the USA leader in Modeling,but seem concerned with profits over customer service.The so-called EXPERT (signature) users who post on the forums have an agenda,and 98 of 100 posts solve no problems at all.As a dedicated user of XT era products,I am terribly excited by your idea.Sadly,it might be best to host a link away from company influence.Line 6 is confused about customers who utilize what they have,and show no interest anymore in correcting known problems in the newer equipment..
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