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  1. Oh wow, so its a 'thing'? That sucks. Is it really only isolated to engaging the tuner?
  2. I have made an AC30 preset which is half dirty/half clean. Sounds great! However, I have noticed some weird behaviour. If I engage the tuner - tune and then go back to the preset, sometime its like the volume has dropped off or the preset isn't sounding the way it should. I have to switch over to a different preset, then BACK to the AC30 one to make it sound normal again. Corrupt preset? That seems unlikely as I have just made it with the iPhone app and saved it directly to the Firehawk FX. Anyone ever experience this?
  3. Since I am sort of new to the Line 6 world I am curious everyone's thoughts on this. Is the firehawk FX a step back from the HD500x? I see with that modeller you can do dual signal paths, etc. What is everyone's take on that?
  4. Patch volumes are regulated using the volume slider on the amp of each patch. Or if you are using the physical unit, 3 presses of the large wheel will get you into the 'pink' volume slider. Use this to find a consistent volume across all the patches you will be using.
  5. The firehawk itself has 120 preset slots ( I think? ) physically on the device. The app you use to control the firehawk lets you save and re-arrange your tones on the device itself. There is also the My Tones section of the app so you can save countless tones in the cloud (instead of on the device) The combination of the My Tones and the physical slots on the device should cover most scenarios, even with two bands?
  6. I am still struggling to find the sweet spot with the 3 volume controls. Trying to find what setting gives me the best signal and headroom
  7. 1/4 out L mono to a yorkville YX10P stage monitor for personal monitoring. Main feed would be the stereo XLR outs to FOH
  8. So I am new to modelling. I picked up a Firehawk FX. I build most of my tones late at night with a nice pair of AT flat headphones (AT-MH40 I think?) Then the next day I get a chance to plug into my Yorkville YX10P monitor to really crank things out. When I load up my new preset (the one made on headphones which sounded perfect at the time) into my FRFR, its INSANELY bright and sharp/treble, etc. So I am trying to understand the interplay of a few things.... 1. On my Yorkville monitor, it has separate treble and bass eq knobs. I find that no matter what, I need the bass basically on 10 and the treble on -10 to make the MONITOR specific sound sound familiar/similar to a guitar amp. 2. What happens now...the preset with headphones sounds amazing. Now its coming through my monitor and with the treble all the way down and the bass all the way up, it sounds good in front of me. What about the sound guy who gets the XLR feed to FOH? Am I just at the mercy of him or her to make it sound good 'out front'? I am trying to find some level of consistency in preset making.
  9. My first attempt at recording with the firehawk fx; here I am covering the Swedish band Ghost and their song "absolution" the tone here is an orange based hi again sound for rhythm and lead
  10. iOS version was updated 4 days ago: Updated: May 01, 2017 Version: 1.3.5
  11. The app was updated just a few days ago
  12. I emailed their support about this, wondering what was done differently? Thanks for your support ticket inquiry. The release notes are posted along with the flash version download. It states that this update includes various new bug fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations in overall usage. There are no more details beyond this. Let me know if you have any further questions. Kind regards, Jason-Line 6 support
  13. What is the issue? I bought my amplifi and unboxed it, updated it and was jamming in honestly 9 mins. It's pretty simple. As you read on here, firmware updates seem to go better when done with a laptop and the Line 6 updater software, vs. over bluetooth with the companion iOS or android app.
  14. Duh. Yes I see that now. I should just go and do instead of asking questions before doing! Thanks for the help.
  15. So really, none of those parameters are meant to be adjusted in this mode? It seemed like you were able to scroll through them and make changes
  16. Hey Silverhead I had a question about this..... I had my Firehawk FX going thru a Presonus Firestudio Project using the 1/4 outs left and right - one channel panned left, one panned right, two separate tracks. If you just use the USB out of the firehawk FX, is there a way to get stereo in this way? Sorry if that is a dumb question
  17. Thanks alot ADBrown. I dont feel let down by the Firehawk FX at all; however, it was my first entry into modelling and when i just bought it last week I didn't even know that Helix was even a thing! I have spent just as much time reading up on Helix LT as I have spent time actually building presets for the Firehawk. That being said, if I ever get into a consistently gigging band again I will likely upgrade to Helix. For what I do now at home, firehawk FX more than covers it and gives me ample options. I think alot of us feel like its an amazing device and would love to see it move forward, even in light of Helix being around. Thanks for your continued posts and help!
  18. That would be cool if it ever came to Firehawk FX! I remain hopefully the product isn't dead yet :D
  19. As someone who is new to modelling, in general...how does snapshots work? What does that give you?
  20. Ya seriously. Maybe its not TOTALLY dead!!!
  21. Geez! Way to let a guy down :P
  22. Wow....wouldn't that be significant enough to post in the release notes? Do you know off hand which ones are new?
  23. Cool! but what are they? "Various bug fixes and improvements" Guessing its no new 'features' worth mentioning. Is there anywhere in Line 6 support where it talks specifics about what bugs or optimizations were done?
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