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  1. Funny you say that, I find my presets don't sound anything like this either. I haven't tried to make a 1:1 replica of it, but when I hear it I think "man, this can't be the same device"
  2. Ok cool. Since these settings are global, I assume you are going down to the helix and changing the behaviour between those 2 scenarios?
  3. We all know the helix is limited to the certain number of setlist folders. Just curious if there are many players who have multiple folders OUTSIDE of the Helix (on a computer, etc) that they swap or load when needed? Or does the space on the unit suffice?
  4. @PeterHamm when running your 1/4 out to a DI box, then to FOH, is your 1/4 out on the Helix set to mic level?
  5. Thanks. I am for the first time getting into patch leveling using a DAW (Logic Pro X). I am a bit stumped though from reading past posts and whatnot. I have one patch, which is a Brit 2204, input pad is OFF, channel volume is on 9.0 and am I barely hitting -14DB on the track input metering/faders. I mean, channel volume of 9.0 is pretty much at the max. I would expect a channel vol this high would register a much higher reading than -14db
  6. @HonestOpinion I tracked this post down as I'm now at a cross roads with how I use volume on my helix. Up until now I leave my L3m on unity (0) and just control overall volume with helix big knob. This a roughly always been 3 pm on my big knob in conjunction with my current channel volumes. but I have been reading other forum posts that say you should dime the big knob ( for best signal to noise ratio ) and build your patches this way but this would mean turning down the volume of my l3m speakers below unity gain otherwise I'll blow my windows out. So ultimately is one way better than the other?
  7. Hey folks, I have a helix floor and two L3m's up on stands. They are setup in my stereo image (L and R). Both are set to be exact same unity gain level on the back. No matter what I do, it sounds like my "right" L3m is so much louder than my left. My patch(s) are always 100% panned center and I can never figure out what is up. If on the output block I pan hard left to -23, it starts to sound perfectly balanced (my right ear is sore!). Can someone tell me what may be happening? Attached patch for reference. D. Theater SDS.hlx
  8. @phil_m I have two L3Ms that I run in stereo with my Helix over l6 link. To keep things stereo, does everything in my patch need to be a stereo block? Now I do mono distortion before amp, and then everything after the amp in series or parallel is a stereo block (delays, reverb, etc)
  9. So I have a Helix floor and I go digital out to a pair of L3m's that are linked - so the left is speaker "1" and the right is speaker "2". I have these positioned perfectly left and right, facing towards me. Please note that I do not gig out live, and I my position from these speakers never changes. When I make presets I have been using all 'stereo' blocks (even OD's). Is this even correct? I am looking to basically create my presets in a way that is the most feature rich; basically, if I ever do get out gigging that it will sound good and not be un optimized - given that most clubs would be mono sounds and I won't have to recreate every single preset for mono. In my current setup, is this even true stereo? What should I be doing? Is it only true stereo if in the patch, I am using splits in the patches that pan to 100% L/R? Or do stereo blocks with digital linked L3M's automatically work stereo?
  10. Poop I missed this. I backed up my full thing and then ran the 2.30 update. Then immediately restored not thinking about the stock presets. If I wanted to do this right, i'd have to wipe the helix again and then run the backup as suggested above:only restore the user setlists and Global Settings.... it's in the options for restore. correct?
  11. This happened repeatedly across numerous patches - ones I downloaded from cloud, ones I created myself, ones I rebuilt myself, etc. The issue is definitely there and well documented in this forum and other places (FB FHFX group, etc)
  12. I moved onto the Helix. l6 never fixed this and as far as I know is still a bug.
  13. The crux of DSP in digital guitar processors. Helix solved this with snapshots.
  14. This is not possible. There is only one XLR or 1/4 input on the L3m. I am assuming you mean XLR L into speaker 1 XLR R into speaker 2 That being said, what would the point of the L6 linking be at that point?
  15. Ok I think i have this figured...my scenario 1 is perfectly fine and 'intended'...i see in a past post you wrote "If you're just using Helix you can use L6 Link and daisy chain the 2nd speaker from the first. The problem arises when you connect something to the 2nd speaker and want to also hear it from the 1st speaker." I have no intentions of adding anything to the second speaker, so I should proceed with this.
  16. I just did test. I would hate to say this but I think you are wrong here. Scenario 1 - digital out from Helix into the L6 Link In on speaker 1 - daisy chain from L6 out to second speaker - this results in BEAUTIFUL back and forth crazy delays that are clearly very separate, very much left and right separation. It also sounds way louder and seems to have way more headroom. Scenario 2 - XLR L out of the helix into the analog line input of the L3m speaker 1. This will cause the speaker to say L. I then take the L6 link OUT of this speaker into the L6 Link in of L3m speaker 2. This causes the speakers to read L and R respectively, however there is no longer any 'true' stereo separation...it sounds summed to mono. Im assuming this is because I am only coming out of the XLR L out of the helix? This is the only configuration I can do to make the speakers read L and R. This does not sound better than scenario 1 listed about. If I am wrong about this, can you please clearly type out how the helix should connect to two L3m for a true stereo, bidirectional configuration? I would greatly appreciate it!
  17. Wow. I have no idea what you just said haha. I thought if you had a L3m or L3t the idea was to use a singular AES/EBU from the helix to the first L3m and then daisy chain via the L6 link out to the other one. Even the Helix manual states: L6 LINK provides easy, reliable, one-cable connectivity between Helix and Line 6 StageSource monitors Are you saying I should just run the XLR L from the Helix to the left L3m and then run the XLR R from the Helix to the second? I tried this last night, still did not indicate L and R on the monitors. Also as an aside, using my L6 link technique from the helix, i was able to use a stereo delay and it sounded to very stereo to me with left and right signals bouncing around.
  18. I have my Helix floor connected to a L6 L3m via the L6 Link output on the helix; this first L3m is also running the L6 link out to a second L3m for a stereo pair setup. All documentation says that the L6 link will auto recognize and put the speakers in L and R mode, with L and R indicated on the back panel of the stagesource L3m. Mine only display 1 and 2. This doesn't change if I enter any of the other playback modes. Any advice? Is 1 and 2 the same as L and R?
  19. I got these 2 in a local/private sale shipped to me by FedEx. FedEx dinged them up during shipping - I know this because the original photos shown them immaculate. Can this be opened up and potentially popped back out to make it somewhat appear normal? The screws holding the chasis together don't look like normal ones? Anyone have any info on these
  20. This would have been perfect in the Rush preset package for Limelight solo :D
  21. The helix line 6 t shirt has this signal path (attached) http://imgur.com/a/QFvQV This will sound trivial, but what is the benefit of having the fx down in path 1B - don't they just end up back in 1A ? As far as I can tell this gets you a dry plus wet sound - is that right?
  22. Yeah thats it. Find it on the downloads page
  23. i had an issue today where I deleted my IR's from Helix and then reimported them (different file names, working on a different management system that makes more sense) but the Helix presets didn't point to 'slot 17" it just said empty. I was under the impression this was not supposed to happen.
  24. Thanks. Watched that a few times before I posted, was looking more for user experience for those who fixed it without full disassembly. I managed to sort it out without taking anything apart. Cheers!
  25. I just took the back off to expose the internals. I backed off on the pedal bolt so that it started to separate from the nut you see when the back is removed. Once it started separating a little bit, I was able to slide a knife (or any metal flat edge) into both sides with a bit of white lithium grease. I worked the pedal back and forth and then retightened the pedal. Seems fine! I hope it lasts
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