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  1. DT Edit is pinned on the top of this forum. If Monkey is not recognizing the DT25 it's possible using DT Edit might show the same results not seeing the DT25 Jd
  2. You would have to use the effects loop of the pod 500x, you can then put the effects loop anywhere in your effect change. Jd
  3. jakeman19

    Pod HD and EMG

    You have to push down on the toe of the expression pedal to switch from Volume to wah or back to volume( or what ever you've selected the exp pedal to control) also note you'd have to have a wah in your list of effects for this to work. Jd
  4. You bought it brand new and maybe forgot to peel off the plastic protective that covers the screen? Jd
  5. jakeman19

    Graphic EQ

    Kind of lame, but yes it's limited to only 5 band. Some would say it's all you really need for the frequency range of a guitar sound, but to fully shape it EQ wise with one instance, block, it seems limited. Guess it was all they could squeeze into the programming back then. Jd
  6. You should start a new topic as this one is dealing with pickups and not dead guitars. Better chance of people seeing your questions/issue. Jd
  7. @srl01 I think @cruisinon2 might be complicating this more than I thought your original post was, or maybe I'm not understanding things. If you want to have the JTV/Standard variax as a acoustic guitar(modelled) on one path and on the other path the JTV/Standard pickups going into an amp model that is possible on a POD HD500(x) or Helix( I don't have one of those but it's more powerful routing wise than the HD500 so I'm sure it's possible on it). You would have to have both tuned the same as in no funky DADGAD tunings on the acoustic as this wouldn't sound right. If you want to have a Les Paul on one path and a Fender Strat on the other, then cruision2's comment is correct that this can't be done. It would always have to be Magnetic pickups on one path and the Variax modelled guitar of choice on the other. Hope this makes sense. Any questions, let me know. Jd
  8. Either the Helix family or POD HD 500 with either a JTV or Standard can do what you need, the caveat to this is you'd have to use the VDI cable. Jd
  9. jakeman19

    64 bit

    Interesting. So why would it state on the download page it's supported and I have both running fine on my MacBook with OS X. Jd
  10. jakeman19

    64 bit

    I don't think should be an issue as when I looked up these 2 for download is just states on the right what versions of OS X the current version is supported. If you've tried it and it's not working then give us some more details to try to help you out. Jd
  11. You issue may be related to what driver you are using. Got this info from the manual. Default Sample Rate & Bit Depth: Use this option to set the default sample rate & bit depth that (non-ASIO®) applications will use when using POD HD500X as the audio interface. These options are only applicable for when an application utilizes the POD HD500X device via the Windows® DirectSound® driver. They will be non-selectable when in use via the ASIO® driver. Hope this helps. Jd
  12. Welcome. Since you are using the effects send already and are also using the VDI cable, I don't see any other way of connecting your DigiTech pedal. I know this will sound like I'm plugging Line 6, but you might consider upgrading to a Helix as it has multiple effects sends/returns. Then you'd be able to connect your Free-Out pedal. Jd
  13. I've wondered that myself, it's less work for them. But guess we have to live with it. Jd
  14. Agreed. Here is another product you'd think would be out by now. A wireless guitar pack with in ear monitors for those playing the same guitar all the time. Jd
  15. That was my point, the VDI is a set value and the Guitar Z input is changeable so unless we know what the default # of the VDI impedance one can't make a proper comparison of both ways of connecting the guitar. Jd
  16. It may also depend on what settings you have for the Guitar In-Z input impedance. Impedance values from low to high (22k, 32k, 70k, 90k, 136k, 230k, 1M, or 3.5M) on POD 500x. Not sure what the impedance is default for the VDI input, as the Guitar In-Z setting affects the GUITAR IN input only. Jd
  17. then search POD HD 500x for either Boston or Tom Scholz Jd
  18. Frac82, "dual mono" as it would be summed to mono as the DT25 is a mono amp. Jd
  19. Dave, the Lt2 would be last in the connections using L6 Link. as per 2-18 of the POD HD 500x manual: *Note: It is necessary to always place the StageSource speaker(s) last in the L6 LINK signal chain (e.g. - POD HD500X > DT50 > StageSource L3). For more about using the L6 LINK connection, DT Series amps & StageSource speakers, please see the additional documentation available at
  20. I've been using this cable for a while. It feels/acts like a regular guitar cable. Not to expensive either. Jd
  21. from the advanced guide page 2-4: • Guitar In-Z (Knob 3) - Select the input impedance of the Guitar input. This feature affects tone and feel because your guitar pickups are being loaded as they would be by an effect pedal or a tube amplifier. Note: The Guitar In-Z setting affects the GUITAR IN input only. Please see the Impedance Rating s table at the end of this section to reference the input impedance of each individual model. I don't mean to hijack your post : The reason I found this post was because I was looking up Variax and Guitar in-Z to clarify what the POD HD 500x Advanced Guide was stating. I understand the in-Z is for the Guitar input on the HD 500x but what I'd like to know is if I use my magnetic pickups on my JTV using the VDI connection, why would this In-Z not effect the mags through the VDI connection? Even changing the input 1 to Variax Mag doesn't make any difference. So if I want to use my magnetic pickups where these impedances can be changed I'd have to connect via the guitar in on the POD, which seems counter intuitive if using the VDI cable. Thoughts anyone? Jd
  22. With the new v2.8 firmware update they've added L6 connectivity and control. I'm still trying to find out to what extent that is without having to go out and get a Helix. Don't want to make the purchase if it's not going to work like it does with the POD HD 500x. Check out the DT amps part of the forum as they have a few post on it there. Jd
  23. You are correct, didn't think about that. Jd
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