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  1. You could also utilize the Global EQ settings to tune out things you don't like similar to Palico's suggestion, and then just disable it when you are at home. Worth a try. Jd
  2. Are you possibly mixing JTV sound and the magnetic pickups when you only want the JTV modelling?
  3. Did you ever figure out how to use the POD to control the SDD-3000 pedal? The only thing I have figured out is when doing patch changes on the POD it then changes the SDD to a corresponding patch. Eg: POD HD 500x, Bank 15 patch(preset) C, then changes SDD to patch(preset) 30A. I'd like to be able to use the expression pedal or foot switches on the POD to change things on the SDD but can't figure out the MIDI implementation using the CC's. Any insight would be grateful. Jd
  4. The first way that comes to mind would be to put the HX in the effects loop of the POD. To control the HX use a MIDI cable from the POD to the HX, not sure how in depth this could be but worth a try if you have a MIDI cable or 2 around. I do a very simple setup with my Korg SDD-3000 pedal in the effect loop of the POD and use one MIDI cable from the POD to the SDD. All it does is change program patches when I change on the POD the SDD follows. Hope this helps somewhat. Jd
  5. Can't see how changing the tubes would fix it. Could it be a dirty(or bad) potentiometer on either the DT25 or POD 500x? If you have these set extremely different and the dirty one cuts in, thus changing your settings as it seeing a different value. Remember you can change both pots on each side, DT25 or POD 500x. This might be your problem. Jd
  6. Samsgs, Do the necks feel different or very similar profile wise? I see the US model has the truss rod adjuster on the body side as opposed to the Korean on the head stock side, so they are making the necks differently in that matter was curious if it continues onto the neck profile as well. Jd
  7. Don, Check out this thread: might answer half your questions as I don't think they talk about the Standard in that thread. The proverbial "you get what you pay for" scenarios applies here. Is the US model worth the extra +/-$2000, that's a answer you'd get a different answer from everyone you ask. Jd
  8. To be more specific, press hard on the toe of the expression pedal.
  9. I too got the email for the survey and took it. Sure doesn't seem to be a phishing scam. Great that Line 6 is seeing where we want them to go with the Variax.
  10. I have used 9's on my JTV-69s and they worked fine. After reading a few posts on this very topic and how it seems to work better with the 10's for the acoustic modelling I went back to the 10's. Plus the fact that The Edge of U2 uses 10's on his Strats and I wanted the closest sound to him as I could get.
  11. How about changing the Humbucker to single coil? I can't get that to change for some reason. Jd
  12. You require a Variax USB interface to connect to the MacBook Pro. It's a specific piece you need from Line 6.
  13. Send him a private message and he'll get back to you.
  14. If your sole purpose is to use the HD 500 to change the patches of your Blue Sky just run the MIDI from the HD500 into the MIDI of the Blue Sky and dont't use the DT50's MIDI. Unless you have something else you are trying to accomplish. I do this with my HD500x and my SDD-3000 pedal.
  15. jakeman19

    HD500X Reboots

    If you haven't tried already, update or re-flash to the latest firmware. This stopped mine from rebooting earlier this year.
  16. Navipe, Here is one of my patches for using the SDD-3000 clone in the FX loop of my HD500x. I changed the extention to ".txt" so the attachment will go through. You'll have to change it to ".h5e" so that you can upload it to your HD500. Let me know if this helps you out or not. Jd Bad U2's The Edge.txt
  17. Navipe, I also have two of the SDD-3000 clone pedals, and just picked up the new Korg SDD-3000 pedal(re-issue of the original rack mount). I have a dream rig setup that I use this with. I'll send you some of my HD500 patches for you to try. Jd
  18. I was under the understanding the DT25 cabinet G12H90 speaker was a custom Celestion flat Eq'd speaker, read this from this post from nickbell a product specialist "Using the PRE-amp models are definatly the way to go with this kind of setup. To answer your question YES the DT's speaker is taken into acount with the HD's modeling to come through as genuine as possible. Its a 12" customer made flat response speaker. With this set up taking the output options into acount makes a huge difference due to the POD HD being designed for more solutions other than live use. Holding down the View button will give you output options. Since your running into a DT, using the second output option "combo stack" will give you the speaker modeling without the mic and air modeling giving you the ideal live set up. Using the simulated out in the back is another option that is modeled after the DT's cab and will only give you that tone." So having Cabs ON the modelling would be expecting custom speaker to get the proper simulated cabinet sound. So using another speaker cabinet isn't wrong, but you would get the desired cabinet simulation with a different speaker connected. Or am I out to lunch on this?
  19. I've been tuned down to Eb also since I got my JTV-69s and other than having to adjust the tremolo springs I have not had a problem. I've been so use to having my guitar a step down over the years I just had to tune this one down even though I could do it with the JTV's virtual capo. My 2 cents.
  20. Update to the latest firmware(v2.1) on my JTV-69s stopped this from happening for me. I thought it was my POD 500x and had it in for service for almost 5 months to then get it back and firmware v2.1 came out soon after it work properly now. If you are not at v2.1 give it a try.
  21. Darn, I'm out of town so guess I'll have to wait to try v2.10. Wonder if the Strat issues are fixed in this update. Jd
  22. FrozenOzone, What kind of JTV are you using? I've got a JTV-69s. The others seems to be using a JTV-59 for their test. Maybe it has to do with the type of JTV? Seems unlikely but hey, stranger things have happened. Jd
  23. Last week I got my POD HD500x back from repairs thinking it was my POD not working. What is happening is when I have my JTV-69s plugged in via the VDI cable and power up the POD, when I make my first patch selection the POD reboots. After that is works fine. So the repair person suggested trying my guitar on another 500x to see if it does the same and that it does, it made that one reboot too. So it's my JTV. I then rolled back the FW from v2.0 back to v1.9 and this problem goes away. I know others have had different issues with v2.0 but I haven't read any post that have v2.0 do this. Guess I'll be staying on v1.9 till a new firmware comes out and see if the updated one fixes this issue for me. Here is link to the video of what it does: Jd
  24. Radatats, My bad. I figured it out. It's a setlist and not a bank for import into the HD500x. These are great. Thanks for putting this out there. Jd
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