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  1. Same happened to my JTV-69 Model selector Id skip Super glue as it dries very britle and does not adhere well to the chrome plated metal top portion of the Model Selector knob. Instead I put a dab of this RTV type glue on the Chrome top, and re-inserted into the plastic lower portion with the Model names - now it stays put.
  2. Sounds like the JTV59 PU selector fault - quite a few have the first generation PU switch that has a tendency to have problems switching the pickups on the Variax DSP Modeled guitar tones. Contact customer service asap.
  3. I have a 300 and 600 - both share same Variax guts (600 has the tremolo) PU Selector Switch can be seen here: http://www.vettaville.com/variax300pics6.htm Most pics of the insides are here: http://www.vettaville.com/variax300pics2.htm http://www.vettaville.com/variax300pics3.htm http://www.vettaville.com/variax300pics4.htm
  4. Most Variax Wireless folks use the 1/4" out to feed a typical wireless guitar system. Although the VDI cable connection looks like a Cat-45 cable - ITS IS NOT ETHERNET, and will NOT work with Ethetrnet Routetrs, etc. ]http://line6.com/support/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/2-179734-13707/Variax%2Bmidi%2BAES.jpg
  5. I go into all more details of The JTV-69 Tremolo issues which I'm proud it became a sticky on the old Line 6 Tyler Variax Forum Both 2010 1st generation JTV-69 Bridge (with push in Tremolo Bar) and 2011 2nd generation JTV-69 Bridge (with screw in Tremolo Bar) are pictured. http://line6.com/support/thread/73637
  6. My JTV-69 Tremolo Setup thread explores all the details http://line6.com/support/thread/73637 On guitars like these with floating tremolos, It's handy to keep a few wooden Popsicle sticks nearby, place a stack of 3 or 4 Popsicle sticks under the rear edge of the JTV-69 Tremolo to prop it up and hold it in the same relative position during string changes.
  7. I like my Kemper Profiling Amp, or Fender GDEC 3 Thirty With those, I have not turned on my Tube Amps in several months.
  8. After waiting a year, it took Three warranty replacement Korean JTV-69's until Line-6 could locate one with an acceptable straight fretboard for me back in Nov. 2011. I suspect the JTV-69US ( at 3 times the price ) should have a great neck But today I MUCH PREFER to play my JTV-59 with Bigsby.
  9. In my opinion the 2010-2011 era JTV-69 is a pure result of flawed CNC Neck profile design for my needs on a very basic level. You must play 5 JTV-69's of that era to find one that is playable. Hopefully they fixed this with the current production JTV-69 and JTV-69S Sorry for the rant - but the whole affair of the early 2010-2011 era JTV-69 "too narrow" Neck width at the Nut is reminiscent of the bread in this famous sandwich Remember I base all this opinion as a long term Les Paul Player. Variax_Neck_Comparison In my opinion the JTV-69 has really odd geometry. With the wide E-E spacing of 2.1055 inch at the bridge, this leaves only 0.116 inch between the string and the edge of the fretboard at the 12th fret. When playing, the JTV-69 has a tendency to have the E strings fall right off the edge of the fretboard, making basic hammer on riffs nearly impossible because the string to string spacing at the Bridge is too wide, for the Neck IMHO. Compare the dimensions to the Jay Turser Strat - which is actually a great playing guitar with ideal geometry with more available fret under the string - .15875 inch between the string and the edge of the fretboard at the 12th fret, compared with only 0.116 inch on the JTV-69. Another issue is muscle memory - if you are like me and grew up playing fast cross picking riffs on a stock Les Paul / SG, - then a guitar with a wider E-E spaced bridge that is up to 0.1 inch wider than the Gibson can impact your technique and leave you a few missed notes at the gig if you don't adapt your playing style to the wider bridge. So here is a list of the problems on the JTV-69. * JTV-69 Tremolo Piezo bridge has a very wide "Strat Vintage" E-E spacing of 2.1055 inch at the bridge. * JTV-69 Neck above the 5th fret meets my preference for a "Fat" Neck at .92" inch thick, but below the 5th fret the JTV-69 tapers down to a kiddie guitar dimensions being only 1.1612 inch wide at the Nut - I find the JTV-69 neck is just "too narrow" at the Nut for an average adult to play a clean 1st position A7 chord and maintain an open G string. Its rather like they dialed in the CNC machine with the goal of recreating the Neck profile of a '62 Strat - but failed miserably below the 5th fret with a very narrow width at the Nut. * Then to add insult to injury the stock JTV69 Nut has the string spacing cut just a bit too wide for the neck, the net impact of all the above dimension of the JTV-69 deliver an unplayable guitar, with both E strings having a tendency to fall right off the edge of the fretboard. * The JTV-69 Floating Bridge never returns to center, due to the various methods Line6 informs World Music in Korea to route the bulky hex cable harness * it's easy to spot a "problem" early JTV-69 with the bad necks. Find a straight edge steel yard stick and hold it along the edge of the JTV-69 fretboard. Perhaps as a result of over zealous neck sanding at World Music, some JTV-69 fretboards "bow in" at the area around the 7th to12th fret. Stand in front of the guitar and look at the fretboard straight on, and observe the "hourglass"fretboard shape on a problem JTV-69. After waiting a year, it took Three warranty replacement JTV-69's until Line-6 could locate one with an acceptable straight fretboard for me back in Nov. 2011 I go into all more details of The JTV-69 Tremolo issues which I'm proud it became a sticky on the old Line 6 Tyler Variax Forum http://line6.com/support/thread/73637 JTV-69 Tremolo with color pics step by step instructions (17 page PDF ) here https://www.cx.com/0/io/hotlink/YPIXs8oREeOMhyICCluF4w/Tyler_Variax_JTV-69_Tremolo_Setup_111030.pdf By Contrast the JTV-59 is a totally different experience, it feels very much like a PRS McCarty or old Les Paul Neck Profile, and I feel right at home. I added a Bigsby B7 to the JTV-59 and finally I'm very happy. http://line6.com/support/topic/135-custom-jtv-59-with-bigsby-b7/
  10. I initially saw Anthony Lees guitar at Harmony Central Forum a couple weeks ago and decided to do the same with my JTV-69 I just finished these mods late last night, but so far I'm in love. Its one of those situation where "on paper" it appears there are too many liabilities, like managing the upper harmonic "ping" that could occur on the "non-speaking" string length between the bridge and the tailpiece - but in this case the Bigsby B7 has that additional Roller Bar that maintains a good downward pressure force on the Piezo bridge, and during my test drive late last night -All stock Variax Features and sounds work just like a stock JTV-59 - i.e. I do not hear any anomalies ! Modifications so far 1) Upgraded to GFS Locking Tuners $32 - these are actually from the same Asian supplier that Line 6 uses and bolt right on - http://www.guitarfetish.com/Sperzel-Style-Locking-Tuners-3x3-Chrome_p_1172.html 2) Mounted a slightly modified Bigsby B7 Tremolo Tailpiece (Ebay $107) ( inspired by Anthony Lee's JTV-59 with Bigsby) http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/James-Tyler-variax-JTV-59-upgraded/m-p/35360629#M4181242 To make this work with the JTV-59 , I modified the Bigsby B7 by sawing off the mount on the upper right - this conflicted with the JTV-59 Bridge. Then I drilled a new countersunk mounting screw hole directly under the Bigsby Spring. 3) I'm more of a Gretsch 6120 tone freak, and prefer clean tones, so I swapped out the stock Line6 pickups for a pair of GFS Rectotron Liverpool PUs ( Ebay $50 for the pair) http://www.guitarfetish.com/Liverpool-Vintage-Alnico-Humbucker-Chrome_c_125.html 4) Mounted the pickups to a pair of Seymour Duncan Tripleshot rings - Can choose from Series. Parallel, or select which coil is active in single coil mode. http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/accessories/triple-shot-mou/triple_shot_swi/ Might ask why add all these magnetic coil select solutions to a JTV-59 Variax? I'm rather anal about my tone, and clean Palm Muting tone is essential for my Surf Band, and despite the progress, none of these Guitar Modelling solutions we discuss today can duplicate the exact tone I need to achieve clean Palm Muting tone - (think Astronauts "Baja) for the sound I use regularly 5) I'm half way done with my JTV-59 Mods - Next I'll mount the Fishman Tripleplay wireless Guitar to MIDI PU and mount the FTP controller on top of the Bigsby Logo on the tailpiece http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=8394.msg62105#msg62105
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