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  1. Also try swapping out the VDI Ethercon cable for a 1/4" Normal Guitar cable. I find the JTV-59 +HD500 combo sounds better (to my ears) with better dynamic range and better tone using the 1/4" Normal Guitar cable.
  2. This is just a link to the typical procedure http://www.exit45.com/VaxII
  3. Agreed - and in most of my bands i play in today playing too loud will get you fired. But there are times when the band must breath fire, and its important to have the right tools for the gig. If you play in a 70's Tribute Rock Band at festivals, look elsewhere.
  4. I think its best that all party's actually go to a Guitar Center and demo the Amplifi 75 and 150. I have demoed the Amplifi 150 at 2014 Winter NAMM and for verification last weekend at Guitar Center Hollywood. Its fine for its intended function - a nice home practice amp - But due to Amplifi's moderate SPL level it does not move enough air for live Rock Band use , its going to get drowned out by a drummer. Also no D/I Out kills all enthusiasm for live use. Id rather bring a '65 Deluxe Reverb and some FX pedals - as that would have more SPL for live use compared to Amplifi. I also own a Line6 Vetta Combo and a Line6 DT50 - both these work well live and leave the Amplifi where it belongs, at home in the living room.
  5. Above is a JTV-69 Actually each Piezo saddle signal feeds a fixed gain op amp that feeds an AKM5386 Stereo A/D There are three U2,U3,U5 - to cover all 6 strings. http://www.akm.com/akm/en/file/datasheet/AK5386VT.pdf There is no "adjustable Gain" block in the AKM5386 The Variax String Gain is accomplished post A/D inside the Freescale DSPB56725F DSP (trivia : The Mag PUs use a separate AK4556 Stereo CODEC (U6) - (for A/D for the VDI interface) and D/A for the 1/4" out http://www.akm.com/akm/en/file/datasheet/AK4556VT.pdf
  6. Was typo - I meant ".. old WorkBench app does not work when the Tyler Variax has the new HD firmware v2.0 installed"
  7. I played a Amplifi 150 at NAMM at the Line6 booth. It may be Ok as a home practice amp, but neither version (Amplifi 75 or Amplifi 150) is loud with enough SPL to keep up with a Rock drummer. So buy from a retailer with a return policy, and IMHO look elsewhere if you need an Amp to play gigs with . Just for reference, my 2005 Vox Pathfinder 15R (15 transistor watts) is louder than either of these Line6 Amplifi amps
  8. Great to hear from you Rich! And thanks for all the great support you have provided to Line6 enthusiasts!
  9. Anto99 - I also confirm all you describe, all those same issues exist on my JTV59 and JTV69,( which explains why i only use the DSP Models 15% of the time.)
  10. I'm staying with FW1.9 - because these translate closer to the original Variax Models I know. HD 2.0 models all sound flat and lifeless to me http://line6.com/support/topic/2866-how-many-persons-rolled-back-to-a-before-hd-version/ There are still too many "gotcha's and hurdles" if you own a HD500X (cant use old Workbench) and if you have HD2.0 on your JTV ( must use the plastic Workbench USB to VDI adapter box to edit using "Workbench HD" app) So I have to carry the equivalent of an HO Trainset worth of gear and cables to Edit a JTV with HD 2.0 if Im the road Meanwhile with only an HD500 and my laptop, I can still Edit Everything on my Tyler Variax with FW1.9 using the original Line6 Workbench app to Edit my JTV-59.(no plastic VDI box required) Also I use the Mag pickups on my JTV-59 85% of the time. I upgraded most of my JTV-59 - i own over 40 guitars and my JTV-59 with bisgby is my #1 all details here: http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9291.0 It has replaced my former #1 (seen below)
  11. I'm happy I was able to buy and own these guitar's as new, instead of used Meanwhile about the future? I wish all the current Line6 employees the best success in 2014, where ever they land. Now I must heed the words of my grandmother ;) (enough said)
  12. i hope for all of us they hold true to this statement "Under the terms of the agreement, Yamaha will operate Line 6 as a wholly owned subsidiary to fully realize the compelling opportunities for the two brands with Line 6’s operations continuing as before and its management team remaining in place." I have the utmost respect for Line6 employees and Line6 Customer service - and hope this means an influx of operating capital Line 6 to be Acquired by Yamaha Corporation Yamaha Corporation’s acquisition of Line 6, Inc. creates a powerful force to drive innovation and inspire musicians. CALABASAS, CA – 20.Dec 2013 - Yamaha Corporation and Line 6, Inc. today announced a definitive agreement for Yamaha to acquire Line 6, a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for musicians. The acquisition expands Yamaha’s portfolio of modeling guitar processing products as well as pro-audio equipment, and offers new and exciting opportunities for accelerated growth for both companies. Line 6 products have been at the cutting edge of digital audio development for musicians and audio professionals since the company pioneered the digital modeling guitar amplifier in 1996. Line 6 continues to deliver innovation and excellence across its industry-leading portfolio, including POD® multi-effect processors, digital effects, guitar amplifiers, modeling guitars, a range of professional instrument and microphone digital wireless systems, digital live sound mixers, speakers, as well as iOS interfaces. Under the terms of the agreement, Yamaha will operate Line 6 as a wholly owned subsidiary to fully realize the compelling opportunities for the two brands with Line 6’s operations continuing as before and its management team remaining in place. “I am very happy that Line 6, which has been creating innovative products and creating new market opportunities consistently over its history, will become a member of the Yamaha group. We look forward to accelerating our growth strategy by pursuing the beneficial effects from both companies and by utilizing Line 6’s core brand power centered on guitarists that is so highly regarded worldwide as well as its unique technology, planning and development capabilities†said Mr. Takuya Nakata, President of Yamaha Corporation. “For over 30 years of developing products, and even further back to my earliest memories as a developing musician, Yamaha has been the brand for which I have always had the most respect,†said Line 6 co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Marcus Ryle. “Yamaha has consistently set the standard in our industry for quality and innovation, and I am very proud for Line 6 to now be a part of this incredible legacy.†"Yamaha’s acquisition of Line 6 will help accelerate the realization of our vision to drive innovation for musicians across the globe,†said Line 6 CEO and President Paul Foeckler. “We’re proud that Yamaha recognizes the innovation and value in our people, IP and processes and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead to expand our reach†Outline of agreement Based on the resolutions adopted by the Line 6 board of directors on December 19 and the Yamaha board of directors on December 20, a definitive agreement has been executed regarding the acquisition of all of the capital stock of Line 6. Yamaha will acquire all of the capital stock of Line 6 owned by the founders, venture funds and employees. The transaction is expected to be completed during January 2014 after receipt of customary regulatory approvals. Wells Fargo Securities, LLC served as financial advisor to Line 6, Inc. and Kirkland & Ellis LLP served as legal advisor to Line 6, Inc.
  13. This Might explain some of these deep discounts http://line6.com/press/releases/1520
  14. JRR Shop has US JTV Variaxs - most around $1999 Must have account http://blowout.jrrshop.com/restricted/
  15. I think its a problem when using Java 1.6.0_65 and OSX 10.9 Mavericks Other users of apps that use Java 1.6.0_65 are reporting this too https://discussions.apple.com/message/23725311#23725311
  16. or http://guitarsandwoods.com/knob-puller Or just lift the knobs up with your hands with a firm grip and work slowly
  17. I own both a JTV-59 ( for the Les Paul Neck feel / ergonomoics) AND a JTV-69 - for my Strat / Jeff Beck excursions. And despite the hype - I use the Mag Pickups 80% of the time on both. Why? In 2013 despite all the breakthroughs I remain in the camp that still considers playing through a DSP guitar / pickup modeler remains in the same realm as thinking an iPAd pinball game 100% replaces a real 1961 arcade pinball game if you close your eyes and imagine really hard, you "almost" get in the same ballpark as the sound ./ tone of playing the guitar being modeled, but with DSP modeling (Roland, Line6, Antares) there always remains a 2 dimensional quality on these systems, that an experienced player who knows and uses the tools provided with "real deal" vintage electric guitars will be able to pick out (or put down ) the Variax in seconds. But I remain an advocate of DSP modeling, as it solves many logistic hurdles for the gigging musician who can only bring one guitar to the gig.
  18. These bolt right on - I have these installed on my JTV-59 with Bigsby and they are easy to swap old / install new http://www.guitarfetish.com/Sperzel-Style-Locking-Tuners-3x3-Chrome_p_1172.html
  19. Actually what you describe is a result of frets that are rough and need polishing. My Tyler JTV-59 required a fret polish, because i could detect rough tops of frets during vibratos and string bending on many frets. Take your guitar to a luthier and have the frets polished.
  20. The JTV-69 single coil PU's are constructed like vintage Fender Strat PU's with 6 separate slug magnets with the typical high magnetic flux that can "pull" the lower strings (like a real '61 Fender Strat btw) so its important not to set the JTV-69 single coil PU height too close to the higher mass low E, A, D, strings, else a "pseudo chorus" pitch fluctuating effect will be heard due to the high mag flux and string oscillation. (see it here) I have D'Addario .010-.046 Strings on my 2011 Korean JTV-69 (S-S-H) and these are my PU clearance between the strings and the top of the PU Pole piece. Bass Side Treble Side --------------------------------------- Neck PU: 0.248" inch 0.20" inch Middle PU: 0.214 inch 0.1825" inch Bridge PU: 0.11" inch 0.11" inch To my ears this produces a balanced "wobble free" Strat Tone, with plenty of bite for Blues
  21. In summation, the JTV-69 above the 7th fret has a deep neck profile, however its quite the opposite below the 7th fret as it tapers down to .750" deep, and 1.61" width - which as a long term Gibson player feels a bit small and cramped for me. Many details on JTV-69 Neck profile with measurements are here http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=5281.msg36128#msg36128
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