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  1. JTV-69 Tremolo Setup http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9371.0
  2. http://line6.com/support/topic/111-make-your-variax-sound-100-better/ http://web.archive.org/web/20130620091147/http://line6.com/support/message/485558 http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=8196.msg58201#msg58201 http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=1397.msg7441#msg7441
  3. I guess none of you guys play with an EVH style "tapping" technique, near the 12th fret , and place your ear near the fretboard and listen to the "two pitches" that occur per string - the one between the bridge and fret, and the other one between the fret and the Nut. Its the later that clobbers DSP alt tunings and yields Ghost Notes.
  4. My solution: 1) Use locking tuners and less than one string wrap per tuning post 2) Use string dampers - many just use a hair scrunchy behind the Nut - to dampen strings and there are commercial string dampers for MIDI Guitar use that also benefit Variax DSP Alt Tuning users Sonuus Buzznut String Dampener http://www.sonuus.com/products_accessories.html The Buznut Ultimate String Dampener (Patent Pending) was invented as a solution to those expensive, complicated, bulky and obtrusive dampening devises, which conceptually were ideal but in practicality did not appeal to a lot of Guitarists who just did not want to use them for fear of modifications and possible damage to their Guitars. The Buznut string dampner does not require you to make any alteration to your guitar. You simply slide the strip under your strings. Once it is in position you dampen your strings by positioning the dampening bumps in the strip under your strings. While the strip is in position under your strings you can turn off the dampening by sliding the strip a tiny amount so that the dampening bumps on the strip now align with the gaps between your guitar strings. It really is that simple! Sizes There are two different sizes available. The Standard Strip (is defined with a ‘S’ on the back of the strip) will fit most Guitars with low to average action. The Custom Strip (with a ‘C’ on the back of the strip) will work best with Guitars with very low action. Each pack contains two String Dampner Strips, either two Standard, two Custom or one of each.
  5. The latest WorkBench HD has been updated for Yosemite back in October 2014 http://line6.com/software/index.html
  6. Same question gets asked frequently http://line6.com/support/topic/11146-for-those-that-want-locking-tuners-on-their-jtv59/ For those in the USA - GFS sells Gotoh style Locking tuners under their house brand here these are actually from the same Asian supplier that Line 6 uses and bolt right on - http://www.guitarfet...ome_p_1172.html
  7. My SonicPort VX charges my IPhone 6Plus using my 12watt Charger that came with my iPad
  8. Fresh from the factory , The Variax "Model Knob" is often pressed on too hard, and this prevents the spring loaded push/push "up / down" switch action of this important swtched Potentiometer, Also be sure to remove any clear plastic protective film in the knob area ( more of a problem on JTV-69) Often this can be corrected by gently pulling "up" on the model knob - thus allowing the full excursion of the "up / down" switch action. A quick press of the Model knob engages the Variax modeling tones -and you should see lights!
  9. For those in the USA - GFS sells Gotoh style Locking tuners under their house brand here these are actually from the same Asian supplier that Line 6 uses and bolt right on - http://www.guitarfetish.com/Sperzel-Style-Locking-Tuners-3x3-Chrome_p_1172.html
  10. I suggest read my JTV-69 Tremolo Setup Guide here; http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9371.msg67477#msg67477 Change strings one at a time - or place a small shim ( a stack of Post-it Notes!) under the rear edge of the tremolo plate to support it when changing strings - The big issue with the JTV-69 is the tendency for stray String Ball Ends to migrate from the tremolo Block into the internal DSP cavity and end up touching and smoking the internal DSP PC Board - which causes electrical problems!
  11. JTV-59 PU WIRING JTV-69 PU WIRING JTV-89 PU WIRING Related - but I keep this poster on the wall of my repair shop
  12. Might post your question on the Variax 300/500/700 board here: http://line6.com/support/forum/38-variax-guitars-bass-workbench/
  13. http://www.fullcompass.com/product/458044.html Line 6 50-02-9331 3 Way Toggle Switch for JTV-59 OUR PART # 50-02-9331
  14. Similar Variax Reference sheet it also printed on Coffee Mugs from Institute of Noise Line 6 Forum http://www.instituteofnoise.com/forum/default.asp http://www.cafepress.com/cp/prod.aspx?p=instofnoise.2238891
  15. The JTV models are not built on a weekly basis - instead Line6 places on order with World Music in Korea, and they are built in large batches. When you register the guitar serial number is when you can determine if the guitar had a prior owner. I know this is hard to hear , but the Tyler Variaxs are not "flying off the shelfs" at the local dealer, and most Dealers are simply trying to move existing inventory, some which have been sitting at the dealer for 3 years
  16. I am - and very happy with it Most detailed questions and answers regarding QSC Touchmix 16 is here: http://forum.qscservice.com/viewforum.php?f=42&sid=936754c5a7da0e830c24e0f4eaf06d51
  17. Try Change the HD500X input setting to "Variax" ( not "Variax Mags") - this should kill any Normal PU bleedthrough Read the detalls in the HD500X Advanced Guide http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c6fb051e03e8ab63dc/application/pdf/POD%20HD500X%20Advanced%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf
  18. No - because many times the blemished Tyler Variax is a "Re-stock" and typically someone has already registered the Serial number with Line-6 on those Guitars http://www.musiciansfriend.com/derivates/25/001/725/052/DV040_PDF_Copy_line6_JTVYourGuitarCantDoThisRebate_123114.pdf
  19. Brings back memories !- My favorite Ron Husien "Variax Trick" was the custom Alt Tuning bundle that performed a 1/2 step drop for each 5 way PU Switch position - the old Variax changed virtual PU's a bit faster than the Tyler can, so this was a cool creative "dive bomb" effect in real time.
  20. Buy the Black JTV-69 at MF for $799 $799 - $150 rebate = $649 for a Tyler JTV-69 (?) http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/line-6-jtv-69-variax-electric-guitar/h05503000003000?src=3TP4KGC
  21. Actually its 2 years old - many or the identical Video sequences were culled from this Oct 2012 Dream Rig Video Go to 25 seconds into this video below:
  22. I suspect this explains part of the reason for sluggish updates and a refocus on semi-pro gear like Amplifi: http://line6.com/press/releases/1520 Line 6 to be Acquired by Yamaha CorporationOutline of agreement Based on the resolutions adopted by the Line 6 board of directors on December 19 and the Yamaha board of directors on December 20, a definitive agreement has been executed regarding the acquisition of all of the capital stock of Line 6. Yamaha will acquire all of the capital stock of Line 6 owned by the founders, venture funds and employees. The transaction is expected to be completed during January 2014 after receipt of customary regulatory approvals.
  23. Agreed! Its MY single biggest complaint of the JTV-69, due to the "too narrow Nut", 1st position chords are a bit cramped for my big hands
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