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  1. Sonic Port VX - use Battery Power for lower noise and charge your IOS device at live gig. I'll share a secret My SonicPort VX came with a MicroUSB cable that was actually defective for charging the connected IOS device I swapped it with a more robust micro USB cable - intended for and Android phone ( Amazon Basics) I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB (IOS 8.1.2), or iPad Air Using the supplied Line 6 Lightning cable, I connect SonicPort VX to my iPhone, and at a live stage gig I feed its 1/4" TRS Balanced Outputs to a pair of Alesis Alpha 112A Powered PA cabs (Alto TS112A clones) What works great for me -is Yonac ToneStack as my go to IOS Guitar FX app - its much lower latency than the competition, and thats a big requirement for me -as I need to play "in the groove" when I play funk with my drummer at the live gig But if I play a real long show, or busking at Pismo Beach Pier - I feed all above into a battery powered stereo Roland BA-330, and be mindful of taming the low frequencies, as they can be a problem. In that situation, I add the MicroUSB cable to SonicPort VX - but use a generic high capacity external Battery with a 2.1Amp USB power charge port This one was $20 recently RAVPower® Element 10400mAh External Battery USB Portable Charger Using this Battery provides two important things 1) Compared to using an AC Powered 12Watt USB charger - I experience a Huge reduction in 60/120Hz hum and noise. I can use single coil PUs with far less noise using Battery Power. 2) I can play for over 10 hours straight - so this is perfect for going anywhere - even with no AC power, just iPhone, SonicPort VX, two cables, headphones, and the external battery pack - I sit under a tree in the park and practice guitar riffs , learn new tunes, etc. Another trick is Belkin RockStar There is more than meets the eye here - besides being a 5 way headphone splitter , the Belkin Rockstar is also a 5 channel Stereo Passive Mixer -( it works both ways) I can hang the Belkin Rockstar on the Headphone output of SonicPort VX, and mix in four additional stereo sources ( like another Ipad, or hardware synth, etc,) and still have a remaining port for my Headphones - or feed a self powered PA with a 3.5mm TRS input I carry two Belkin Rockstars along with Sonic Port VX, in my Guitar gig bag and using a Guitar with a Fishman Tripleplay Guitar to MIDI interface, and two iPads and pair of ATH-M50 Headphones - I can record song demos anywhere, anytime using this setup.
  2. Might try a different sound for your click? Some sounds are worse crosstalk offenders than others
  3. Prepare to be inspired! Mark -One Armed Guitarist - performs during 2014 SurfStomp event at the SLO Grange Hall San Luis Obispo, California Nov 15, 2014 I think Mark could hook up with the Wounded Warriors program and become an Icon. Mark is very intelligent and obviously capable of generating serious attention.
  4. Yes Indeed! - Psarkissian is (what the kids like the say) "You da'Man! for Tyler Variax repairs!" Even my beloved JTV-59 (see my avatar on left) once developed an intermittent PU selector, and I got an RMA and my JTV-59 with Bigsby B7 spent quality time on Psarkissian's Line -6 Variax Repair bench! Excellent Service and quick turn around too !
  5. That was my suggestion from a few years back But as we know the "official " Tyler Variax Battery uses a unique chip ID in the battery - to verify its a genuine Line 6 Battery. After many fires with other products a decade ago, There are a host of new global UL/CE standards for Li-Ion Batteries in Consumer devices - and the special Line 6 Tyler Battery with chip is more about compliance with UL/CE safety standard - vs just another profit center for selling a $18 Sony Camcorder battery for $49.99
  6. Its old news JRR Shop has US JTV Variaxs - most around $1999 Today (Jan 13, 2015 ) they are all gone might return, but likely not In 2 weeks the world will know Line-6's 2015 Variax production plans / intentions at 2015 Winter NAMM
  7. Join JRR Shop - last month they had a 50% off sale on USA Tyler Variax
  8. I just ordered a Sonic Port VX older ipad 30 pin cable here: SonicPort VX uses the identical adapter cable as used with Line 6 Mobile keys Mobile Keys/Sonic Port 30-pin iOS Cable Product Code: 98-035-0002 3ft locking iOS cable for your Mobile Keys or Sonic Port Family devices $24.99 Line 6 21-34-0230 3 Foot iOS Cable for Mobile Keys 25 and 49 OUR PART # 21-34-0230 Contact Line 6 direct If you need the SonicPort Lighning cable Part# 21-34-0240 (CABLE,LIGHTNING SONICPORT) $34.00 each + shipping Line 6, Inc. 26580 Agoura Road Calabasas, CA 91302-1921 Main Phone#: (818) 575-3600 Main Fax#: (818) 575-3601 Customer Service: 8am - 5pm M-F Pacific Time Press option 2 for Customer Service Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2pm.
  9. yes also the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 has excellent audio performance too - but mandates use of a Battery powered USB Hub other strategies for high quality 24 bit audio interfaces on modern iPad/ iPhones are described here: IPad/iPhone 24 bit Audio / MIDI + FTP and more on Battery power
  10. Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 Owners manual I found time to play with my Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 - with the goal of using this with my iPad / iPhone Rig and / or my Boss GP-10/MacMini Rig. The Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 is 100% USB powered, and of course the iPad+CCK does not provide enough power. Next I tried inserting a powered USB hub ( Pluggable 4 port with 2.5Amp supply) between iPad(+CCK) and the Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 I'm running IOS 7 and IOS 8 on multiple IOS devices ( iPad Air (IOS 7.5.2) and iPhone 6 Plus (IOS8.1.2) To no avail - all I got after 10 seconds was a pop up error message on iPad "The connected device, Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 is NOT compatible." and no MIDI data Then I tried using my old original 1st release iConnectMIDI black box - plugging Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 into the USb Host port on the front of the iConnectMIDI - Eurecka - I could see that the Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 was working and sending all its MIDI data to the iConnectMIDI's USB and MIDI Outputs. Next I tried feeding the Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 > ConnectMIDI USB Out > iPad+CCK - and had success with MIDI Data message from Line-6 FBV Shortboard MK2 into the iPad - where i can use this for MIDI control of Yonac ToneStack and IOS Synths patch changes when used with Tripleplay I can pre-program the FBV using its Line 6 FBV Control GUI configuration app on my Mac -and save this to the internal flash memory inside FBV Shortboard MKII Then power down and connect up to remote MIDI control my iPad/iPhone 24 bit audio / Fishman Tripleplay rig described here:
  11. Plug in a separate 1/4" guitar cable to "turn on" the Variax. Be sure you have a fully charged battery Myself I read the Variax owners manual
  12. I'm happy we have so many options for the source of our DSP Guitar Modeling/Profiling tools.
  13. You just described what I've been doing for 20 years with a Godin 13 pin guitar and Roland VG-8, VG-88,VG-99, Boss GP-10
  14. Essentially you are saying you want Sweetwater to swap your current JTV-69 that has a great natural acoustic resonance and tone for a different JTV-69 that sounds more acoustically "dead and lifeless" with less volume when unplugged. I'd try a different set of strings first, like those Chinese 10 sets for $20 sold at
  15. Some are here
  16. I prefer the tone of the 1/4" output ( vs VDI) too Since the VDI path is actually an AES/EBU "all digital" audio connection, there will be a different sound for those with ears keen enough to hear the distinction
  17. My Variax "trick for slide" ( and my main interest for DSP Alt Tuning - regardless if GR-55. VG-99 or Tyler Variax) is Tune the real guitar strings to an Open tuning - for George Harrison that would typically be Open G - And i would kick on a Compressor for Slide Solos. This allows me to play Open Tuned Slide guitar parts with much sustain - but when the Slide solo is over, I use the DSP Alt tuning to convert my Guitar's Natural String's Open G tuning back to a DSP generated "Standard EADGBe Tuning" - which allows me to play Rhythm Guitar in standard tuning.
  18. Correct! All Variax DSP Alt tuning changes are relative to the "real" pitch of your guitar strings
  19. Antares has been selling internal Luthier DSP kits for 3 years now Read latest real world Anares ATG-1 Foot pedal developments here - it will be shipping soon)
  20. Compared to my Variax 500, I say the JTV has around a 20% improvement in dynamic response when playing the DSP Guitar models Compared to my Variax 500, I notice a bit more "lag" on JTV when moving the 5 -way on my JTV-69 -Model change is a bit slower. and for me the HD version 1.7 era Acoustics work best - with declining results with latest JTV firmware. Today I have used them all - and not to start any arguments but in 2015 I rank DSP Guitar Modeling Technology like this ( best to worst) 1) Antares ATG-1 ( or latest internal Luthier kit) ( will be released in a month) Ipad Control app 2) Boss GP-10 ( when used with 2014 Godin LGX-SA ( with latest RMC Piezo PUs ) 3) 2007 Roland VG-99 4) 2011 Line6-JTV-59 Variax with HD-2.1 Firmware ( except use FW 1.7 for the best Acoustic models) 5) 2011 Roland GR-55 6) 2004 Variax 700/500/600/300
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