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  1. I figure 5 more weeks at the earliest
  2. We have an enforced non smoking policy - don't try it
  3. I'm there - uploaded my Frequency plots of all Vetta Amps, Cabs an Mic sims
  4. I suspect you'd be happier with that new TC PolytuneClip It's a work around for the marginally working tuner in the HD500X My HD500X's Tuner is also really slow
  5. stevekc

    Helix FAQ

    Doubt this will arrive as IMHO its a conflict of interest, since it might impact sales of Line 6's current Drop Tuning Solution below:
  6. Ive recently removed my Tronical C1 set from my JTV-69, and went with Hipshots. The Tronicals are very fragile, and the user interface was a bit arcane for my principal goal - of "instant alternate tunings for slide guitar, and if a string breaks - you are rather dead - and in Manual tuning operation, its too easy to destroy the $40 servo tuner if you you over torque the tuning peg. They end up being more gimmick conversation piece, than a tool I can use. I found it easier and more reliable to use a quality set of locking tuners (Hipshot Staggered height Tuners), maintain a well lubricated nut ( Big Bends Nut sauce lube or the new new Planet Waves clone, or dry Ivory Soap flakes) - less headache, more reliability
  7. Read 1st link at top of this Firehawk FX Forum And --------- Whats new in this release: *Feature: One-Button Looper adds a new signal flow block that can be placed at the beginning or the end of the signal flow and can be assigned to a single footswitch via the app *Feature: Live Edit mode provides editing functionality for most patch parameters from the device without using the app *Bug Fix: Volume Pedal loads correct range upon patch load *Bug Fix: App > Device Bluetooth connection stability has been improved Please note: *This firmware requires iOS/Android app version 1.10 or later. *For a complete description of new features, be sure to download the updated manual here
  8. I'm very happy with this The Analyzer is a combination of a sound pressure level (SPL) meter and a full range multiple bands frequency analyzer. It is mainly designed for audio professionals who need to evaluate different working environments (e.g. studios, live stages)... that’s why it’s perfect for anyone who’s in need of acoustical analysis!! It is easy to use and comes with amazing features only known from professional acoustic tools. Use the Analyzer for measuring stages, testing speakers, setting up your hi-fi system, evaluating sound mixing environments, analyzing your instrument... or for measuring the noise your neighbor makes with his new stereo! The Analyzer is pre-calibrated for all iDevices, but it includes a calibration function as well. It comes with a highly intuitive user interface with zoom gesture control, individual color settings, reticle zoom and many more exciting features. The Analyzer can store, load and export measurement data and supports iCloud storage. Combine the Analyzer with external microphones such as the MicW i436 or Microtech M372 for better measurement performance! Or use it with external USB audio hardware like the RME Fireface UCX or the Alesis IO dock, change the measurement scale to dB (FS) and use it as a studio Realtime Analyzer! ANALYZER FEATURES SPL Meter: - SPL measurement weighting functions: A B C Z - Industry standard response times: impulse, fast and slow - Meter switchable to dB FS for measuring with external USB interface - Pre-calibrated for all available iOS devices Realtime Audio Analyzer (RTA) audio engine: - Bandwidth selectable from 1 octave up to 1/1200 octave (depending on your iDevice) - FFT block size from 1024 to 65536 samples - 6 different FFT window functions - Leq measurement - Automatic peak detection - Signal generator: pink and white noise, sine - Manual and automatic calibration - Frequency response compensation for different mic characteristics of the built-in microphones RTA graphics: - Touch gesture zoom - Reticle with lens functionality - Bar or FFT line view - User definable graph colors - Create up to 14 snapshots with hold, Leq, or snapshot function - Workspace concept: store all current snapshots and color settings - Snapshot and workspace storage, load and export - iCloud support: move files between local and iCloud storage - Export to .csv oder .png files: share them via Mail, Dropbox, iTunes etc. - Import of .csv files AVAILABLE AS IN-APP PURCHASES: - Frequency response compensations for Mic-W i436 (with individually adjustable sensitivity), i266, i456, i825, i855, iShotgun and the Apple EarPods
  9. I'm thinking the Line-6 engineering team is too distracted by the new Helix. Based upon my history with prior Line-6 gear , I doubt we will see a Firehawk FX "Firmware 1.02" until October 2015 at the earliest
  10. Should you run into noise when connected via USB to your computer - I have developed a good bit of debug / solutions here and more Audio Ground Loop debug / solutions here
  11. Typical result of a Ground Loop. Diagnosing and Fixing Ground Loops to Prevent AC Hum/Buzz Insert one of these between your last effect and the 1/4" input on the HD500 or Pyle PHE300 is $14
  12. In September, post a pic of your 7 cable method multi-amp setup !
  13. If you ever get near an Antares ATG-1 - its worth checking out - excellent Acoustic 12 string emulation - works best with a Godin LGX-SA or other 13 pin guitars
  14. Its not indicated on the Amazon sales link above. - but I ordered a set anyway, and after I opened the packaged there was a sticker on the HipShot cardboard box saying" now included UMP Mounting Plates I'll post a pic
  15. Myself - I use Roland EV-5 Expression pedals with all my Line-6 gear: M13, HD500X, Firehawk FX
  16. The FireHawk FX also uses an optical photocell expression pedal, and many observe that the Expression Pedal goes bananas when playing outdoors at Sunset. It occurs when The intense light angle is low it may accidentally trigger the Expression Pedal Photocell. (Reference)
  17. Is the helix Expression Pedal Optcal photocell -like the FireHawk FX ?
  18. Archived here
  19. Sparingly apply Caig De-Oxit to mantain working noisefree switch contacts
  20. This is normal - and I know the TonePros advocates might think this is a bad design, in my case with my modified JTV-59 with Bigsby (see avator on left) - this JTV-59 Bridge post "slop" is beneficial for keeping my guitar in tune when using the Bigsby tremolo, the Bridge "pivots" like a Gretsch with Bigsby.
  21. I took delivery of these Hipshot tuners they come with the new UMP (Universal Mounting Plate ) - not bad for $52
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