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  1. I've lived through this before . It's the typical Line-6 owner experience for any new product they release Around 18 months after purchase, Some Line-6 products finally get the firmware update that allows the actual product to deliver promised features, it's a gamble , let's face it - swatting bugs in the new Helix will always command the full attention of the Line 6 engineering crew, while Firehawk is IMHO merely a tarted up Amplifi FX100. If I knew Variax Workbench Hd and Monkey were not compatible with Firehawk , I never would have purchased. I would sell mine on EBay , but there are already a few used Firehawks already there and by the time I pay sellers feed ,and take a bath , I might as well keep the Firehawk as a doorstop to remind me not to buy a Helix http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=%22Line+6+Firehawk+FX%22&_sop=15 the usual suspects in Line-6 Marketing will never tell you about lurking problems with Fitehawk FX - never revealing the minefield of problems that exist for serious live use at gigs Why provide Patch select switches if these always deliver a loud chirp if you actually use them mid song. My Vetta combo + FBV as a stereo amp and MIDI Controller for my Kemper is looking more attractive
  2. I own XT-Live, HD500 and HD500X , FBV Shortboard MKII and Firehawk FX - all use Boss EV-5 expression pedal with a TRS connection -same as the short throw Mission Engineering EP1-L6 expression pedal ( which is popular with folks who seek "form over function" and want the look of an old vox wah pedal But what do i know? ( I assumed the Helix VDI port would work with Workbench HD - but thats not happening until future firmware) L6 EX-1 Does seem to use just a 1/4"TS Connection I've always just used the Roland EV-5 with TRS connection, So it appears a 10k linear Pot with Wiper feeding the Tip of a TS plug will work all Line 6 Gear. Maybe Digital Igloo can provide more details on Helix Expression Pedal Options
  3. http://line6.com/support/topic/14264-helix-faq/?do=findComment&comment=102831 http://line6.com/support/topic/14523-footswitch-modes-configuration/?hl=ev-5&do=findComment&comment=106969 http://missionengineering.com/?product=ep-1 http://missionengineering.com/?product=ep-1 Exp output : 1/4″, 10K Linear, TRS tip to wiper Stand in line with the rest of us - I expect a 1st read of Helix Manual while passing out Trick or treats.
  4. This is what the external Expression Pedal TRS Jack expects with Roland/ Boss / Peavey gear: L6 EX-1 Does seem to use just a 1/4"TS Connection I've always just used the Roland EV-5 with TRS connection, So it appears a 10k linear Pot with Wiper feeding the Tip of a TS plug will work all Line 6 Gear.
  5. Routing can be handled by a few gurus - but its the required wood routing for locating the Sustainiaic Driver board that presents the biggest hurdle https://web.archive.org/web/20070221000644/http://www.exit45.com/VaxV
  6. Yes, these have a Dedicated Expression Control jack with EV-5 compatible 10K linear pot -use a TRS Stereo cable to Helix Expression Pedal Input http://www.bossus.com/products/fv-500h_500l/ http://cdn.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/FV-500H_OM.pdf
  7. My same response to this same question is here http://line6.com/support/topic/15553-pod-hd500-compared-to-firehawk-fx-hd-amp-models-help/?do=findComment&comment=113869
  8. I prefer the sound and "feel" of the Firehawk FX - it responds better to my Alt Rock style. If I played Metal I might have a different opinion To be honest I've ordered a Peavey Vypyr Pro 100 / Sanpera Pro and looking forward to using it with my custom Antares ATG guitar http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=13562.0 - My Firehawk FX ownership experience has been a bit horrid - I need tools not toys, I'm "twice shy" for any future Line-6 purchase. Read all my posts here: http://line6.com/support/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=82812
  9. I own both HD500X and Firehawk FX There are arguments to own both But its clear the Firehawk FX is just an AMPLIFI FX100 with a bit more switches and Variax VDI input, and frankly seems rushed out the door - too many "gotcha's" for pro use at live gigs. At this hour the Firehawk FX has a few crippling "features" * VDI connection to Tyler Variax - but No compatibility with Variax Workbench HD - not even being planned * No MIDI control over USB - - not even being planned * No PC /Mac Editor - not even being planned * Broken USB Audio ASIO Driver that is really a joke. you are stuck with 24 bit at 48kHz - no option to change this * Massive "Chirp" noise anomalies during most patch changes while playing guitar * No compatibility with Line-6 Monkey - Not even being planned Which is a bummer, because in general I prefer the sound of the Firehawk FX over the HD500X - and this is after I updated my HD500X with this year's FW 2.6 and added the three Model Pack upgrades. http://store.line6.com/hd-fully-loaded-bundle.html Why did I buy the Firehawk FX? * On a brightly lit stage, I cant read the HD500X's poor contrast LCD - (zero improvement over the HD500) * I detest the HD500X's arcane LCD Edit / tweaking patches mid song at the gig - I need to adjust my reverb depth , or Tremolo speed / Depth mid song and Without a laptop running HD Edit - its a sluggish and blind task. * because i did not know the Helix would be arriving so soon
  10. Wise money! https://youtu.be/pRHgE2Yi3To
  11. Many alternate ones that have been tweaked in Workbench HD can be downloaded here http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=138.0
  12. And they are on sale for a limited time http://store.tronical-components.com/
  13. A: it Will void the Line-6 Warranty B: If you have $$$ anything is possible http://www.sustainiac.com/install.htm C: the similar Fernandes Sustainer has a similar installation experience. (lots of routing and sawdust and huge risk of damaging your guitar ) https://youtu.be/9rxLktV8x-M
  14. Most gear I own the MIDI CC# control convention is data 0-63 = Off, data 64-127 = On ( The VALUE <= 63 for OFF and >=64 for ON.) Thats how Roland VG-99,Boss GT-100, Vox Tonelab SE, Fender Mustang Floor operate. If you want momentary foot swtich for Vibrato on/ off, the MIDI controller must support transmitting a separate MIDI command upon switch release
  15. Re Loud Chirp during patch to patch changes - We all suffer this - If you disable the Delay FX and palm mute all strings just prior to the instant you change Firehawk FX patches - it minimizes the loud chirp burst that can occur at each patch change. read more details here: http://line6.com/support/topic/13511-time-between-preset-swtiching-unbearable/ My typical worst case Firehawk FX Patch change noise occurs under these conditions 1 ) Select the factory preset "03C Move Like Jagger" 2) Strum a chord and let ring, and while the chord is still ringing, select factory preset "03D Tighten Up" 3) I always get a very loud high volume burst of noise duration 80 milliseconds - totally unacceptable for professional gear. Same very loud burst of noise during patch change also occurs frequently on other presets too like changing from "04C Day Tripper" to "04D 4 What Its Worth"
  16. Helix will be available End of Summer" Perhaps they mean "Indian Summer' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_summer
  17. If you disable the Delay FX and palm mute all strings just prior to the instant you change Firehawk FX patches - it minimizes the loud chirp burst that can occur at each patch change.
  18. FWIW - many Audio / MIDI apps from several vendors stopped working with the very latest OSX 10.10.5 "El Capitan" (Roland / Boss Tone Studio stopped working too) You might be stuck for a while if you remain on OSX 10.10.5 , until Line-6 updates the software to be compatible.
  19. stevekc

    Helix FAQ

    It remains to be seen what the Helix Patch to Patch switching time will be with the shipping firmware -no confirmation yet what that will be
  20. stevekc

    Helix FAQ

    If this is true - that would be impressive If I connect Helix to a Mac with OSX 10.10 ( or iPad Air with Apple Lighting USB Camera Adapter) I would expect Helix to appear as an 8 in / 8 out audio device. USB Audio Inputs (From Helix to DAW) ------------ Input 1 = Guitar IN Input 2 = Mic In Input 3 = Aux In Input 4 = ? Input 5 = FX Send 1 Input 6 = FX Send 2 Input 7 = FX Send 3 Input 8 = FX Send 4 USB Audio Outputs (From DAW to Helix ) ------------ OUT 1 = XLR OUT Left OUT 2 = XLR OUT Right OUT 3 = 1/4" Out Left OUT 4 = 1/4" Out Left OUT 5 = FX Send 1 OUT 6 = FX Send 2 OUT 7 = FX Send 3 OUT 8 = FX Send 4 * Note this omits SPDIF Input and Output - how are these handled? Is the above correct? Is there a Helix Beta tester who can talk about the Helix as IOS USB Class Compliant Audio / MIDI interface with iPad? http://auriaapp.com/Products/auria http://auriaapp.com/Support/auria-audio-interfaces
  21. Confirmed Helix ( like many recent Line-6 Products, ( Relay G75, Firehawk FX) are not compatible with Line-6 Monkey these use the new "Line-6 Updater" instead. Of course Tyler Variax does not use Line-6 Updater. At release the Helix Variax VDI port has identical function as as Firehawk FX VDI port = Variax preset changing and Alt Tuning selection only - no Variax Workbench, no Variax Firmware update. So dont sell your HD500 yet ;)
  22. If you are a new Line-6 user it might take 24-48 hours for your account credentials to be approval to trickle out the Line-6 Cloud, where Firehawk FX Editor connects. Contact Line-6 tech support.
  23. At launch, in this regard, I expect Helix to be the same as Firehawk FX - i.e. No - There are no plans for Helix or Firehawk FX to support Line-6 Monkey - so that means no Variax updates I'm learning to ask questions, and not to assume anything
  24. I can confirm the Ghosts exhbit high crosstalk, and RMC Piezo Pickups have the lowest crosstalk I once put Ghost Piezos on my Variax 600, - (to get the tremolo to work during dive bombs) - but the higher mechanical adjacent string crosstalk on the Ghosts resulted in much worse Alt tuning warbles - so i reinstalled the original LR Baggs Piezos
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