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  1. FWIW - the Roland EV-5 with TRS cable connection to HD500X works immediately and smoothly Many "poo-poo" the EV-5 - but mines been flawless for 19 years ( got it for my 1996 Boss GT-5) and Dweezil loves them
  2. My gut says Helix is already here in USA - but wont be available until another round of final firmware consolidation / optimization is completed to improve the Helix patch switching time to make it faster- or is close enough for rock & roll Line-6 Digital Igloo wrote>
  3. Read Helix as USB<>VDI Interface for JTV Variax Workbench HD Editor? Will this work? ( as it currently does with HD-500X) ??
  4. The common volume pot (Its a ganged internal pot ) on all Tyler Variax's controls Volume level for both the passive Mag PUs and the DSP Modeling Sound. not that I'm aware of - besides this would reveal phase distortion ( due to the slight latency from the A/D>DSP>D/A signal path) and major cacophony if DSP Alt tuning and mag PU signals were both engaged at same time
  5. Yet Still no official answer to this basic question:
  6. +1 Or use this one 15 Foot Mogami 3080 AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable with Neutrik Gold XLR Connectors
  7. L6 EX-1 Does seem to use just a 1/4"TS Connection I've always just used the Roland EV-5 with TRS connection, So it appears a 10k linear Pot with Wiper feeding the Tip of a TS plug will work all Line 6 Gear.
  8. Between the HD500x vs GT-100(with Rev 2 firmware ) I prefer the GT-100 , because I can easily make changes to my FX settings mid song at the gig Without a Laptop And for Alt Rock or Blues the GT-100 ( 2.0 firmware or newer) does the smooth soft distortion that cleans up when you roll your guitar down, and you can still use third part stomp boxes in front of the GT-100 Guitar Input without everything sounding like a chocking spyder 15 watt practice amp as the HD500x does
  9. I've lived through this before . It's the typical Line-6 owner experience for any new product they release Around 18 months after purchase, Some Line-6 products finally get the firmware update that allows the actual product to deliver promised features, it's a gamble , let's face it - swatting bugs in the new Helix will always command the full attention of the Line 6 engineering crew, while Firehawk is IMHO merely a tarted up Amplifi FX100. If I knew Variax Workbench Hd and Monkey were not compatible with Firehawk , I never would have purchased. I would sell mine on EBay , but there are already a few used Firehawks already there and by the time I pay sellers feed ,and take a bath , I might as well keep the Firehawk as a doorstop to remind me not to buy a Helix the usual suspects in Line-6 Marketing will never tell you about lurking problems with Fitehawk FX - never revealing the minefield of problems that exist for serious live use at gigs Why provide Patch select switches if these always deliver a loud chirp if you actually use them mid song. My Vetta combo + FBV as a stereo amp and MIDI Controller for my Kemper is looking more attractive
  10. I own XT-Live, HD500 and HD500X , FBV Shortboard MKII and Firehawk FX - all use Boss EV-5 expression pedal with a TRS connection -same as the short throw Mission Engineering EP1-L6 expression pedal ( which is popular with folks who seek "form over function" and want the look of an old vox wah pedal But what do i know? ( I assumed the Helix VDI port would work with Workbench HD - but thats not happening until future firmware) L6 EX-1 Does seem to use just a 1/4"TS Connection I've always just used the Roland EV-5 with TRS connection, So it appears a 10k linear Pot with Wiper feeding the Tip of a TS plug will work all Line 6 Gear. Maybe Digital Igloo can provide more details on Helix Expression Pedal Options
  11. Exp output : 1/4″, 10K Linear, TRS tip to wiper Stand in line with the rest of us - I expect a 1st read of Helix Manual while passing out Trick or treats.
  12. This is what the external Expression Pedal TRS Jack expects with Roland/ Boss / Peavey gear: L6 EX-1 Does seem to use just a 1/4"TS Connection I've always just used the Roland EV-5 with TRS connection, So it appears a 10k linear Pot with Wiper feeding the Tip of a TS plug will work all Line 6 Gear.
  13. Routing can be handled by a few gurus - but its the required wood routing for locating the Sustainiaic Driver board that presents the biggest hurdle
  14. Yes, these have a Dedicated Expression Control jack with EV-5 compatible 10K linear pot -use a TRS Stereo cable to Helix Expression Pedal Input
  15. My same response to this same question is here
  16. I prefer the sound and "feel" of the Firehawk FX - it responds better to my Alt Rock style. If I played Metal I might have a different opinion To be honest I've ordered a Peavey Vypyr Pro 100 / Sanpera Pro and looking forward to using it with my custom Antares ATG guitar - My Firehawk FX ownership experience has been a bit horrid - I need tools not toys, I'm "twice shy" for any future Line-6 purchase. Read all my posts here:
  17. I own both HD500X and Firehawk FX There are arguments to own both But its clear the Firehawk FX is just an AMPLIFI FX100 with a bit more switches and Variax VDI input, and frankly seems rushed out the door - too many "gotcha's" for pro use at live gigs. At this hour the Firehawk FX has a few crippling "features" * VDI connection to Tyler Variax - but No compatibility with Variax Workbench HD - not even being planned * No MIDI control over USB - - not even being planned * No PC /Mac Editor - not even being planned * Broken USB Audio ASIO Driver that is really a joke. you are stuck with 24 bit at 48kHz - no option to change this * Massive "Chirp" noise anomalies during most patch changes while playing guitar * No compatibility with Line-6 Monkey - Not even being planned Which is a bummer, because in general I prefer the sound of the Firehawk FX over the HD500X - and this is after I updated my HD500X with this year's FW 2.6 and added the three Model Pack upgrades. Why did I buy the Firehawk FX? * On a brightly lit stage, I cant read the HD500X's poor contrast LCD - (zero improvement over the HD500) * I detest the HD500X's arcane LCD Edit / tweaking patches mid song at the gig - I need to adjust my reverb depth , or Tremolo speed / Depth mid song and Without a laptop running HD Edit - its a sluggish and blind task. * because i did not know the Helix would be arriving so soon
  18. Wise money!
  19. Many alternate ones that have been tweaked in Workbench HD can be downloaded here
  20. And they are on sale for a limited time
  21. A: it Will void the Line-6 Warranty B: If you have $$$ anything is possible C: the similar Fernandes Sustainer has a similar installation experience. (lots of routing and sawdust and huge risk of damaging your guitar )
  22. Most gear I own the MIDI CC# control convention is data 0-63 = Off, data 64-127 = On ( The VALUE <= 63 for OFF and >=64 for ON.) Thats how Roland VG-99,Boss GT-100, Vox Tonelab SE, Fender Mustang Floor operate. If you want momentary foot swtich for Vibrato on/ off, the MIDI controller must support transmitting a separate MIDI command upon switch release
  23. Re Loud Chirp during patch to patch changes - We all suffer this - If you disable the Delay FX and palm mute all strings just prior to the instant you change Firehawk FX patches - it minimizes the loud chirp burst that can occur at each patch change. read more details here: My typical worst case Firehawk FX Patch change noise occurs under these conditions 1 ) Select the factory preset "03C Move Like Jagger" 2) Strum a chord and let ring, and while the chord is still ringing, select factory preset "03D Tighten Up" 3) I always get a very loud high volume burst of noise duration 80 milliseconds - totally unacceptable for professional gear. Same very loud burst of noise during patch change also occurs frequently on other presets too like changing from "04C Day Tripper" to "04D 4 What Its Worth"
  24. Helix will be available End of Summer" Perhaps they mean "Indian Summer'
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