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  1. Try removing the Battery from the Tyler Variax. With my JTV-59 / JTV-69, I use only the Line-6 VDI Ethercon cable connection with my Helix or HD500X, or FirehawkFX - no problems
  2. Firehawk 1500 Manual is here and on last page there is a list of MIDI CC# assignments http://line6.com/dat...h ( Rev A ).pdf
  3. My JTV-59 and JTV-69 have no plink after I applied the workbench fix above and others report success too. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=18119.0
  4. Here's my thoughts :Most everyone runs into this - its due to the the variable output levels of some LR Baggs Piezo saddles. Some are hot and overload the DSP and cause clipping /Distortion , particularly on the Low E string Use Variax Workbench and lower the String sensitivity until you do not hear the distortion.
  5. The Line-6 Tyler Variax batteries have an Echip to verify conformity and being s genuine Li-Ion type for the Line-6 product. It's not Line 6's fault, has more to do with the global CE IEC safety standards that became effective 2012 and are now enforced Use a Variax VDI Ethercon cable and you don't need a battery when used with any Line-6 VDI port equipped gear ( Helix, HD500, XT Live, Vetta) Or order the Line -6 Variax TRS 1/4" Power adapter /DI box Never worry about battery life again with the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit. Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit Features: Power your Variax at gigs or in the studio without worries XPS A/B box works as a direct box sending your signal to your amp or mixer Includes 9V power adapter to power XPS and your Variax
  6. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=18246.msg129861#msg129861
  7. Let me know how you make out FWIW - I already host Line-6 Variax Patch sharing here: http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=138.0 and could add a similar patch sharing area to the existing Firehawk 1500 area here: http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=214.0 we use google to search "vguitarforums: Variax Gretsch" http://bfy.tw/5x9z http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=18149.0
  8. http://line6.com/find/dealer/ http://www.justmusic.de/de-de Line 6 Find a Dealer ONLINE SHOWROOM FIND A DEALER SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR Find a store Search within miles Show only stores with Get The Sound - Musikhaus Lichtenberg e.K. Weitlingstr. 43 Berlin, 10317 http://www.musicpoint-berlin.de/
  9. Id pay $999, but only if the channel count was 9 channel minimum ( 1 channel for Mag PU, 1 channel for existing Variax Modeling, add another 6 channels for each string, one bi-di AES67/ OSC / MIDI control channel , and be "plug & play" infratructure ready for a future next gen version of Variax with individual string processing definable by the user.
  10. Similar to the Godin xtSA ( pic below) , I added a Super-Vee Mag-Lok to my JTV-69 to help improve sustain - details here: JTV-69 Tremolo Setup http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9371.0
  11. look at top of the page Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models http://line6.com/support/topic/2163-share-and-download-20-h-d-models/ for all Variax users who seek user to user created Variax Workbench / Tyler Variax Workbench HD patches, I host them at vguitarforums here http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=138.0
  12. If your gig requires swift change to Classical Nylon model, consider a different tool http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=17683.msg126185#msg126185
  13. afaik - no plans for Firehawk Editor for Win / OSX.
  14. Use Line-6 Monkey to update the JTV Firmware. If the JTV firmware is lower than 2.00, then use original Workbench app the more recent "Workbench HD" app requires Tyler Variax have firmware 2.0 (or higher) installed.
  15. Upload your video to Youtube , then share the URL link
  16. Firehawk 1500 Manual is here and on last page there is a list of MIDI CC# assignments http://line6.com/data/6/0a0643394ec856b12f66afda1/application/pdf/Firehawk%201500%20Pilots%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf
  17. I own five Variax's of different generations and luckily none of them suffer any low E "plink" problem
  18. I approve new members once a day Your account should be "enabled" there now
  19. This might solve this issue of "No volume control when using "USB AUDIO" mode with Helix on IOS devices" Free Equalizer PRO - Music Player with Volume Booster, Sound Effect and Visualizer Music https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/equalizer-pro-music-player-wit/id992044767 Use the Slider on the far left for volume adjust of Music on your iPad / iPhone when connected to Helix via Apple USB Camera Adapter.
  20. find a Line-6 Service Center that does custom work Thermal Relief in Las Vegas, NV http://thermalrelief.com/tta002/
  21. I have ghost piezo on my Variax 600 and these ruined the Variax DSP alt tunings - with dramatically worse warbling
  22. Almost but you must leave the Variax TRS "RING" connection as "open / no connection" TRS | TS -------------- Tip = Tip Ring = open Sleeve = Sleeve
  23. There is 7VDC voltage on the VDI Ethercon connector. And the "Ring" contact on the 1/4" TRS jack can be used as a remote DC Power input for powering the Variax. Its conceivably possible that damage / strain on the Variax internal electronics may occur if you connect a standard mono 1/4" TS Guitar cable while also using the VDI cable connection. There are internal voltage steering diodes to prevent shorting these two power entry points - but Line-6 has seen these fail, and the result is a smoked / burnt VARIAX DSP board If you want to be safe while using the VDi cable, always use a 1/4" TRS cable with "open" Ring contact to connect to the Variax 1/4" TRS jack. But know the Downfall of using a stock 1/4" TRS cable is that you typically are connecting to a battery powered floor stomp FX, but the floor FX will not "turn on" unless the TRS "Ring" contact is grounded. So build a custom 1/4" Guitar cable with an open "Ring" connection on the TRS (Variax) side, and a normal TS plug on the Amp / FX side.
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