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  1. On most JTV 69 models that appear to be dead actually have a modeling chrome knob that was pressed down too far or has clear protective plastic under the chrome knob that restricts the momentary switch action of the Variax on /off switch built into the Modeling knob the solution is to gently lift the chrome top of modeling knob on the pot shaft 1/16" inch , to restore full excursion of the momentary switch under the chrome knob to activate the Variax mode
  2. You can buy them from the dude in Czech republic who joined VGuitarforums for free, then downloaded our shared Variax Workbench files and is now selling them for $10 on Ebay for a profit ( not me) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Patches-Tones-for-Line-6-Variax-300-500-600-700-and-JTV-59-69-89-300-files-/152523343166?hash=item238319853e:g:49sAAOxyUrZSs2aN or hit up Ideascale https://line6.ideascale.com/a/index and petition Line-6 to do the right thing and add a Variax Workbench User to User Patch exchange area at www.customtone.com ( but after 12 years of Variax ownership , I see Line-6 remains ineffective and not interested in pursuing this dream.
  3. Some folks here who report bad experience with the official Line-6 VDI cable, IMHO they are describing the old 2004 era 1st generation VDI cable. I find from direct experience the "current" production" official Line-6 VDI cable is a very different animal vs the old 2004 era VDI cable the current version is very flexible and robust uses Van Den Hul Tourcat CAT5E Flexible Cable. (- not "kinky and prone to tangles" like the 2004 old era version )
  4. To adjust the JTV-59 bridge * Loosen the strings * loosen the small allen screws * now use a larger allen wrench and adjust the height of the bridge to taste. occasional retune the guitar to check, but always loosen the strings prior to adjusting the large height "bolts" under the bridge. Upon achievement of desired bridge height reverse the procedure * tighten the small allen screws * retune the guitar * and recheck intonation with a strobe meter http://line6.com/support/topic/8942-adjusting-jtv-59-bridge/?p=61663
  5. You now be a member at VGuitarForums and have access to all the Workbench / Workbench HD Variax patches * Tyler Variax WorkBench HD Patch Exchange http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=138.0
  6. Two options: Option #1: You must run two cables to the guitar * Cable #1 = TRS 1/4 cable from Line-6 XPS Power Supply to the Variax 1/4" Output jack * Cable #2 = Gk -13 pin cable to GK-3 , then to your GK processor ( GR-55, GP-10, VG-99, etc) or Option #2 : Use the Line-6 Variax Lithium battery for Tyler Variax, then connect the short 1/4" cable between Variax and GK-3 , then 13 pin to your GK processor ( GR-55, GP-10, VG-99, etc) you cant use the XPS or the TRS cable - must use the Tyler Variax Lithum battery for option #2
  7. Great idea - sadly there are government agency bureaucracy hurdles (FCC/CE) in many jurisdictions around the globe that often make it illegal for a company to sell upgrade faster DSP boards, into older products for consumers to install. https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/398 For example this practice was made illegal in Japan a few years ago. http://musicthing.blogspot.com/2006/02/vintage-synths-to-be-banned-in-japan.html and at the end of the day - Line-6 must be profitable, and often that runs head on against the idea of offering upgrade PC board with faster DSPs for Varaix owners to install themselves Similar issue occured for GIbson 1st run 2007 era Robot guitars. in 2009 Gibson announced to dealers that upgrade kits would be offered for the consumer to install, but the legal team nixed that idea after they reviewed the FCC/CE compliance and service center cost burden. Its more profitable ( and be able to comply with FCC / CE / WEE regulations in different countries ) by simply marketing a whole new model http://incompliancemag.com/topics/news/you-cant-make-this-stuff-up/ write a letter to the new government regime in Jan 20, 2017
  8. If I'm always using VDI cable with my Firehawk or Helix - I remove the Tyler Variax internal battery during the gig - never had a problem. Also I remove the internal battery when storing the Tyler Variax. There is a fair amount of "leakage current" in the Variax circuitry ( due to power steering diodes) , which translates into if you have a fully charged battery, and install it in the rear of the Tyler Variax, then put the guitar back into the gig bag for a couple weeks, don't be surprised to find the battery has died when you finally get back into playing. Also I once had a Tyler Variax Battery that seemed dead - but I left it in the official Line-6 Tyler Variax AC charger for 24 hours and the Battery finally came back to life and is still working today.
  9. As an alternative there is Jam Origin MIDI Guitar application that can convert normal electric guitar (no hex PU required) into polyphonic MIDI Note on/off messages to drive synthesizers http://www.jamorigin.com/
  10. I'd look at the GP-10 and a 13 pin hex PU guitar of choice You may feel right at home with s Godin MultiAC feeding a GP-10 then use GP-10 guitar to MIDI and a laptop with Softsynths All can be found at VguitarForums
  11. Variax 300/500/600/700 all use the original Workbench app download it here: http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5162 --Workbench Version 1.75 Released 7/26/12 You need a compatible VDI interface (PODXT Live, HD500, or VDI-USB interface and a compatible OS ( see the Read me files)
  12. I used a small dab of clear RTV Silicone Adhesive https://www.amazon.com/Permatex-80050-Silicone-Adhesive-Sealant/dp/B0002UEPVI
  13. Line-6 has always treated me fairly and their support is outstanding and all my Variax's still work as designed
  14. And FWIW - ALL "JAMES TYLER VARIAX" (JTV-xx") and current VARIAX STANDARD" models can be upgraded to latest Variax HD V2.21 firmware and can use "WORKBENCH HD (Version 2.12) application The older generation Variax's (Variax 300/500/600/700) remain on older Version 3.10 Firmware and older Workbench Version 1.75 application
  15. Everyone is cost sensitive these days - crucial to stay in business But does not stop me from dreaming or making my own list of desired Variax improvements ;)
  16. Exact reason i prefer using Roland VG-99 or Boss GP-10 or Antares ATG1 more here http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php i have mentioned what I want in the next Variax here http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?posts/22339103/ What would you like to see in the next Variax? ============================================ * Dual hex string pickups: Magnetic Hex PU and piezo hex PU, - Magnetic Hex PU allows standard Palm Muting playing and improved electric Guitar Models and no plink! - Leave the Piezo Hex PU for Acoustic Sims * Add proper String Ground wires to each piezo saddle - so string signals dont drop out when playing with damp palms or high humidity conditions. http://line6.com/support/topic/9587-low-e-string-piezo-pickup-volume-way-too-low/?p=69286 * Avoid "Black Chrome hardware for bridge as it yields ground noise due to the high DC resistance of that type plating. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=18726.msg133540#msg133540 * Add a Blend control for MagPUs & Variax models * Over the next gen VDI Interface ( and added USB-C connector) I'd want bi directional digital audio of separate audio channel for each string and path for multichannel USB audio IO interface , to allow "Re-Guitaring" ( like the Boss GP-10 does today) and Direct USB connection to Mac/PC Android / iPad version of Workbench HD * MIDI Bluetooth LE wireless connection to BLE enabled Workbench app for IOS. * upgrade FireHawk Remote to support full Variax Workbench on iPad * Polyphonic Synths in future Combo of 2018 PolyPhonic Variax and 2018 Helix II or Firehawk II using the new "Poly VDI" Ethercon cable * Polyphonic guitar to MIDI - ability to map picking dynamics to transmit separate MIDI CC# (one per string) * More stealth guitar mounted MIDI CC# Controllers ( to control Helix FX or other gear in my rig ) built into the guitar * Arpeggiator, with user defined sequence ( see Roger Linn Adrenalinn, and Roland GR-30) * Pickguard that is a stealth Kaoss style x-y touch controller , but looks just like a normal guitar * 3D axis Gyro orientation module , to modulate fx based on guitar orientation - * "Virtual Jeff" style digital whammy bar for assignable string bending -pedal steel , B Bender effects * String Spilts with separate Guitar Models per string : Bass on low E, A strings and normal guitar on D, G, B, E I guess I want a Line-6 guitar and Helix combo that matches or tops what I already do with my 20 year old Roland VG-8 or 10 year old VG-99
  17. Actually divided magnetic pickups work fine for Guitar modeling since 1995 as used on Roland VG-8, VG-88, VG-99, and currently on Boss GP-10 No MIDI involved - Roland uses one A/D per string into a DSP - same as Variax http://roland.com/V-Guitar/about.html
  18. Dont be afraid to adjust the Tone knob on Tyler Variax when on a Acoustic patch - this alters the timbre on the Acoustic guitar models quite a lot
  19. Thanks! Ive accumulated a few now http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9291.0
  20. Must buy VDI cable with Neutrik Ethercon plugs on each end separately https://www.amazon.com/Line-Variax-Digital-Interface-Cable/dp/B000JLMXSC
  21. Must be handy with hand tools ,have prior experience building model kits as a child, or know a luthier to do the work The JTV-59 pickup rings are slightly larger than genuine Gibson PU mounting rings and a it takes some rework, cutting, to make a stock LP pickguard fit a JTV-59 And many folks have added the LP style PU Selector ring
  22. Correct - just like a genuine vintage Les Paul ( or reissue) For me, thick necks = less hand fatigue. And explains why I prefer the JTV-59 - get them while you can ! Here's mine http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9291.0 Nigel speaks the truth!
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