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  1. True - and the ADSR block in the DSP is also employed on other Variax Models too FWIW - Id pay $$ if they could also removed the ADSR from the Strat model too, so the Strat can finally sing like the Tele model !
  2. I have zero tuning instability on my B7 - but i know what I'm doing with Tremolo installs, having once set up SRV's back in 1981 when I worked at Valley Arts Guitar in Studio City, CA http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=82.0
  3. I removed the Tremol-No and now use the SuperVee mag-Lok http://line6.com/support/topic/10988-super-vee-maglok/
  4. Variax String Spacing http://line6.com/support/topic/787-variax-jtv-69s-questions-about-the-string-spacing/ Here is the Straight Fretboard edge on my 2006 Variax 600 Here is the "Bowed - curved inward Fretboard edge on my 2010 JTV-69 - (Which Line6 Warranty replaced back in 2011 with a Guitar with a straighter fretboard edge.) Problem here was the Low "E" was always falling off the edge of the fretboard , due to lack available fret under the Low E string below the 5th fret ! For New Buyers - its this specific view you want to check on your Tyler JTV-69(s) - verify the guitar for consideration has a Straight Neck that looks more like the Variax 600 Neck above
  5. Yes - but read my entire Tyler JTV-59 Modification thread here: http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9291.0 1) Upgraded to GFS Locking Tuners $32 - these are actually from the same Asian supplier that Line 6 uses and bolt right on - http://www.guitarfetish.com/Sperzel-Style-Locking-Tuners-3x3-Chrome_p_1172.html 2) Replaced the stock JTV-59 Nut with a self lubricated GraphTech Trem Nut 3) When the strings are removed, the stock JTV-59 Bridge saddles have quite a bit of "slop" and movement - this actually benefits use with the Bigsby B7 as the pivoting bridge moves with the strings and eliminates "creaks" and string sticking noises at the bridge during tremolo use. 4) I use Daddario 10-46 strings on my JTV-59, and less than one wrap on the locking tuners and the guitar stays in tune - same design philosophy as my 2005 Gretsch Brian Setzer 6120 with Bigsby.
  6. IMHO you are in for trouble. The Bigsby B7 has that additional roller bar that sits up close to the stock JTV -59 Bridge to minimize the effect of the non speaking string length between the piezo bridge and the tremolo. The GFS Xtrem you ordered lacks this crucial roller bar, and the long "non speaking string length" between the bridge and the tailpiece will result in odd anomalies during DSP alt tuning patches. You should be looking at using the same Bigsby B7 - as this is known to work -after minor mod to the B7 mounting bracket. I removed it, and re-drilled a new mounting hole under the B7's tremolo spring Or try this GFS X-Trem style instead http://www.guitarfetish.com/Xtrem-Long-Tail-Archtop-Vibrato-Nickel-Finish-_p_4425.html
  7. The JTV-59 with its carved LP style maple top works best with the Bigsby B7 style Tremolo While guitars with a "Flat Top" (like a Godin LGX-SA) work best with the GFS X-Trem I expect you will have a harder time installing the GFS X-trem on a JTV-59 ( due to its curved top) - compared to using the Bigsby B7 on the JTV-59
  8. Its a "Knob height" balancing act Many "stock" Tyler Variax's suffer from Modeling Knobs that are pressed on the pot at the factory with too much torque and sit "too low" for reliable DSP Modeling On/Off push -push switch function. Witness the countless posts here that say: "My Tyler Variax doesnt turn on!" As a result many Tyler Variax owners resort to removing the Knob and inserting shim material on the end of the Pot shaft (see pic below) to "raise" the location where the knob sits on the pot shaft - but this also increases the Knob distance from the LED - resulting in a dimly lit Modeling Knob LED http://active-guitar.com/guitar-diy/fixing-a-faulty-variax-model-selector/
  9. http://active-guitar.com/guitar-diy/fixing-a-faulty-variax-model-selector/
  10. Definitely the JTV-59 is closer to a Variax 500 Neck - although compared to a 25.5" scale length Variax 500 neck, the JTV-59 feels and plays more like a Les Paul - owing to its shorter 24.34" scale length - but I consider both Variax 500 and JTV-59 to be on the chunky side (Which is My own #1 preferred Neck Profile) - and nothing like the "too slim" Variax 300 neck The JTV-69 Neck profile is a totally different animal - and suffers from extreme taper "by design" ( not sure what they were smoking when they approved the JTV-69 neck profile - must have been a blind guy who needed the varying neck thickness to judge what fret he is playing based upon how thick the Neck is - the width and thickness both dramatically vary in dimension along the length of the JTV-69 neck. Imagine slicing a baseball bat in half lengthwise, installing a Nut at the skinny end and using that for a Guitar Neck - thats what the JTV-69 Neck Profile feels like IMHO JTV-69 is too narrow at the Nut and too chunky at the 14th fret - and many JTV-69 fretboards are too narrow at the 5th fret - with resulting issues with strings falling right off the edge of the Frets if your try to play hammer-on / tapping playing styles By Contrast the JTV-59 (see my avator) plays like a dream!
  11. RTM You can not connect both an IOS device AND a Windows PC to the SonicPort VX - at the same time
  12. Be sure you have set the proper recording channels in your DAW, and adjusted the built in Mic Gain Pot * Be sure the Input Switch is set to the "Mono Microphone + Guitar in" position ( closest to Mic Gain pot) * In your Software: Input 1/L = Mic Input 2/R = Guitar You can record on both channels provided you set the SonicPort VX Switch and Mic Gain correctly and use an IOS app that provides controls for each Input channel ( Meteor Multitrack, Auria DAW, Cubasis, N-Track Studio, Yonac Tone Stack, etc Remember the SonicPort VX also works with Macs and Windows PCs ( use the Line6 Sonicport VX ASIO Driver) - which lets you use even more advanced DAWs.
  13. Get a 2.1 Amp USB Charger I prefer external battery charger packs designed for field charging iPads - much lower hum and noise
  14. You must start an RMA and see if Line-6 is still covering JTV-59 PU Selector replacement for that serial number range I purchased my JTV-59 thru Musicians Friend as a "restock" back in December 2012. Summer 2013 I installed a Bigsby B7, and September 2013 my JTV-59 PU Selector went bad! I contacted Line6 and they started the RMA process. I recall I only paid shipping to the Line-6 Repair facility, and my guitar was returned in a week with a new switch Alternatively - if Line 6 tell you you are SOL with no warranty - FullCompass sells replacement switches here: http://www.fullcompass.com/product/458044.html Line 6 50-02-9331 3 Way Toggle Switch for JTV-59 OUR PART # 50-02-9331
  15. Meanwhile if you happen to want accurate information on how to get the most from your Boss GP-10, and learn how a $35 Raspberry PI single board computer can add 5pin DIN MIDI I/O to GP-10,and locate user created GP-10 patches Boss GP-10 F.A.Q. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=11796.msg85343#msg85343 http://roland.com/V-Guitar/about.html
  16. IMHO its a repeat of the 2006 Variax 300 -i.e. a lower cost Variax for wider distribution Compared to JTV-69, Variax Standard has No Locking Tuners, and a lower cost 6 point vintage Strat Bridge + Two String Trees on headstock will guaranty it will never stay in tune after a tremolo dive. And the Top Mount Pickguard and route for all electronics makes it lower cost to build And Line 6 is now distributed by all Yamaha Dealers in UK/EU - which represents much better distribution than Line6 was capable of before Yamaha acquired Line 6 http://line6.com/news/pressReleases/1587/
  17. New Variax Standard Guitar Combines Line 6 Innovation and Yamaha Craftsmanship Variax Standard gives more guitarists access to celebrated vintage instruments, alternate tunings, and exceptional quality ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 22, 2015— Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A) is pleased to announce the expansion of the Variax® family with the introduction of the Variax Standard guitar. Variax Standard represents the first major collaboration between Line 6 and Yamaha since the two companies joined forces in January 2014. Combining innovative Line 6 technology with legendary Yamaha craftsmanship, Variax Standard delivers unprecedented value that goes beyond any guitar in its price range. “Since Yamaha acquired Line 6, we’ve been working closely to develop innovative gear,†said Marcus Ryle, Chief Strategy Officer at Line 6. “We’re excited to release Variax Standard, a great-playing yet affordable guitar that enables more musicians to have the sounds of incredible vintage instruments they’ve always dreamed of. And even better, Variax Standard can provide the rich, bold tone of a priceless ‘50s instrument with vintage single-coil pickups—without the hum and buzz that plague these guitars. It’s an experience you can’t replicate with any traditional vintage or modern guitar.†Unlike other guitars in its price range, Variax Standard can sound like an entire collection of vintage, modern, and exotic instruments, including some of the most coveted electric and acoustic guitars of the past century. Guitarists can also choose from an array of alternate tunings with the turn of a knob. Workbench HD software makes it possible to mix and match components and create any guitar imaginable. Thanks to the experienced craftsmen at Yamaha, Variax Standard delivers the rock-solid build expected from a high-quality guitar. The lightweight alder S-type body, one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and custom-wound pickups serve up clear, full-bodied tone with harmonic richness. Variax Standard also features high-quality components that set it apart from other guitars in its class—and prevents guitarists from spending extra time and money on upgrades. The proprietary tremolo bridge delivers total comfort and playability with lots of sustain, and the lubricated Graph Tech nut provides consistent balance and precise string spacing to help guitarists stay in tune. Variax Standard ($1,119.99 MSRP) comes in three finish options—Tobacco Sunburst, Vintage White and Midnight Black, and will be available in the first quarter of 2015. Learn more at line6.com/variax-standard/.
  18. Sonic Port VX - use Battery Power for lower noise and charge your IOS device at live gig. I'll share a secret My SonicPort VX came with a MicroUSB cable that was actually defective for charging the connected IOS device I swapped it with a more robust micro USB cable - intended for and Android phone ( Amazon Basics) I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB (IOS 8.1.2), or iPad Air Using the supplied Line 6 Lightning cable, I connect SonicPort VX to my iPhone, and at a live stage gig I feed its 1/4" TRS Balanced Outputs to a pair of Alesis Alpha 112A Powered PA cabs (Alto TS112A clones) What works great for me -is Yonac ToneStack as my go to IOS Guitar FX app - its much lower latency than the competition, and thats a big requirement for me -as I need to play "in the groove" when I play funk with my drummer at the live gig But if I play a real long show, or busking at Pismo Beach Pier - I feed all above into a battery powered stereo Roland BA-330, and be mindful of taming the low frequencies, as they can be a problem. In that situation, I add the MicroUSB cable to SonicPort VX - but use a generic high capacity external Battery with a 2.1Amp USB power charge port This one was $20 recently RAVPower® Element 10400mAh External Battery USB Portable Charger http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009V5X1CE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Using this Battery provides two important things 1) Compared to using an AC Powered 12Watt USB charger - I experience a Huge reduction in 60/120Hz hum and noise. I can use single coil PUs with far less noise using Battery Power. 2) I can play for over 10 hours straight - so this is perfect for going anywhere - even with no AC power, just iPhone, SonicPort VX, two cables, headphones, and the external battery pack - I sit under a tree in the park and practice guitar riffs , learn new tunes, etc. Another trick is Belkin RockStar There is more than meets the eye here - besides being a 5 way headphone splitter , the Belkin Rockstar is also a 5 channel Stereo Passive Mixer -( it works both ways) I can hang the Belkin Rockstar on the Headphone output of SonicPort VX, and mix in four additional stereo sources ( like another Ipad, or hardware synth, etc,) and still have a remaining port for my Headphones - or feed a self powered PA with a 3.5mm TRS input I carry two Belkin Rockstars along with Sonic Port VX, in my Guitar gig bag and using a Guitar with a Fishman Tripleplay Guitar to MIDI interface, and two iPads and pair of ATH-M50 Headphones - I can record song demos anywhere, anytime using this setup.
  19. Might try a different sound for your click? Some sounds are worse crosstalk offenders than others
  20. http://youtu.be/jKHAWucNYUY Prepare to be inspired! Mark -One Armed Guitarist - performs during 2014 SurfStomp event at the SLO Grange Hall San Luis Obispo, California Nov 15, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/events/622593644520067/?pnref=story I think Mark could hook up with the Wounded Warriors program and become an Icon. Mark is very intelligent and obviously capable of generating serious attention.
  21. Yes Indeed! - Psarkissian is (what the kids like the say) "You da'Man! for Tyler Variax repairs!" Even my beloved JTV-59 (see my avatar on left) once developed an intermittent PU selector, and I got an RMA and my JTV-59 with Bigsby B7 spent quality time on Psarkissian's Line -6 Variax Repair bench! Excellent Service and quick turn around too !
  22. That was my suggestion from a few years back But as we know the "official " Tyler Variax Battery uses a unique chip ID in the battery - to verify its a genuine Line 6 Battery. After many fires with other products a decade ago, There are a host of new global UL/CE standards for Li-Ion Batteries in Consumer devices - and the special Line 6 Tyler Battery with chip is more about compliance with UL/CE safety standard - vs just another profit center for selling a $18 Sony Camcorder battery for $49.99 http://www.iec.ch/etech/2011/etech_1011/ca-1.htm
  23. Its old news JRR Shop has US JTV Variaxs - most around $1999 http://line6.com/support/topic/4499-looking-to-upgrage-to-a-us-variax-lot-of-questions/ Today (Jan 13, 2015 ) they are all gone might return, but likely not In 2 weeks the world will know Line-6's 2015 Variax production plans / intentions at 2015 Winter NAMM
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