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  1. The Antares Floor pedal is mostly to add control for Guitar Modeling, Alt Tunings, and String Bending - the Autotune can be disabled - http://www.autotuneforguitar.com/technology/guitar-and-pickup-modeling.php http://www.autotuneforguitar.com/technology/alternate-tuning.php http://www.autotuneforguitar.com/technology/virtual-capo.php http://www.autotuneforguitar.com/technology/fret-control.php
  2. Be careful - heating a piezo saddle can cause damage many use electrically conductive adhesive instead
  3. Yosemite is identified as 10.1 (dropping the 0) and does not pass the requirements of many third party app / driver installers Heres a link to a OSX Version change tutorial that is a work around for older OSX drivers and OSX apps to actually load and work in Yosemite http://justindaigle.com/blog/2010/02/tutorial-change-mac-os-x-system-version/ Tutorial: Change Mac OS X System Version By Justin As I’ve said in a previous post, nearly the exact same process (that is, editing the systemversion.plist file) is used for this as for changing the iPhone OS version, since OSX and iPhone OS are based on the same core, but I’m writing this with more desktop OSX-specific steps and screenshots. I suppose the question would arise, “Why would one want to do this?†On Leopard, it is incredibly useful in situations where one may wish to install software that claims to require an update that you don’t want to install. I’ll be demonstrating on Snow Leopard, but the procedure is the same on both. In my demonstration, I will be changing the version number from 10.6.2 to 10.7.0. This has no practical use, but will suffice for demonstration purposes.
  4. Question - is the HD500/HD500X's "Aux Input" TRS Stereo or simply Mono?
  5. Thanks for the tip! Shade is key to reading GUI control touchscreens when your band performs shows at noon!
  6. Excellent advice davidb7170 ! All matches up with my own Variax Piezo failure experiences, you have documented the issues / problems very well
  7. You will want to set the "Direct monitor" control on front of Scarlett 2i4 full clockwise - to hear 100% effect of PodFarm
  8. QSC Touchmix initial thoughts Its smaller than I thought - which means its more portable and will go more places. Sounds fantastic and lots of headroom If you leave the QSC Touchmix external power supply connected to AC Mains power when Touchmix is turned "off" and not in use , the unit remains on the warm side - suggest unplug from AC power when not being used. Due to the connector its a proprietary external power supply: but similar to an Astrodyne SPU45-303 * INPUT Voltage: 100-240VAC ~ 47-63 Hz 1.35A 42W * OUTPUT Voltage: +5VDC === 5A +15VDC === 2A -15VDC === 0.8A Below is a recent purchase of mine - for using a laptop based virtual rig at a live gig outdoors in daylight - mounts on a mic stand lets you perform and read QSC Touchmix screen controls in the noon day sun! Mounts on a stand too. Ebay $159 Might work for StageScape M20D users too. Just avoid using this as a shelf for your beer! SKB - Model Number: 3I-18135SNSC
  9. just covering my tracks in case some find my posts too upsetting and off topic ( it has happened before) http://line6.com/support/topic/9910-jtv-69-headstock-string-tension-trees/
  10. I agree - If the JTV-69 had a angled headstock and a wider Nut width, it would a lot better guitar IMHO.
  11. Ive heard of scratch & dent GC-1s selling for $300 on the Guitar Center Floor. But as a musician, competition is a good thing and Roland is not the only thing on sale $799 - $150 rebate = $649 for a Tyler JTV-69 (?) http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/line-6-jtv-69-variax-electric-guitar/h05503000003000?src=3TP4KGC As a former Guitar repairman - I seek damaged guitars on ebay and do my own repairs My 2013 Godin LGX-SA was $650 - due to cracked headstock - I fixed that and added a GFS X-Trem Bigsby type tremolo for $40 and I'm very happy driving my VG-99, GR-55, GP-10 with a GK 13 pin splitter box I can also do the same with my JTV-69 with GK-3 - and then run a separate VDI cable to the HD500X or Vetta amp and Now it really gets interesting!
  12. Thanks again to everyone for all the advice here! FWIW - after much thought - re-avaluating my current needs I ordered the TouchMix 16 - its perfect fit. I decided against the Mackie DL32R - after the reports of poor FX and , risk of no control in Wi-Fi congested areas, No Mackie User Forum (boneheaded)
  13. Agreed- I dont use the GR-55 much Gunmtown;s GR55 Floorboard is essential Boss GP-10 is a different story -due to its small size and great sound - that one gets used a lot! Guitar to MIDI is rather fast for a Roland product ( Fishman Tripleplay still rules that scene) and its 8 channel recording ( one track per string + stereo pair) allows re-amping as well as "re-Guitaring" Got that covered! http://www.godinguitars.com/godinlgxsap.htm
  14. Its becoming a crowded market with lots of choices. ( and thats not counting the recent Behringer X32 and Presonus offerings - that i'm not interested in) I was ready to order a Touchmix 16 this week - but if I wait and save up a bit more -( and postpone my iPhone 6 Plus upgrade another month ;) the DL32R seems like it might suit my needs a while longer than most - it has a killer feature set -doubles as a 32in / 32 out Audio interface for my 2012 Mac, and reviewing the DL32R block diagram and I/O count - it allows me to create my own inserts for older third party external hardware FX (remember those?) and is advertised to allow incorporation of PC/Mac hosted VSTi FXs - the Mackie Master Fader app ( that wil be updated soon to fully support the DL32R (you can download today a trial ) reveals tap tempo for delays and excellent para EQ controls too - - but then it is a 33 pound box that needs a road case - while the Touchmix16 in its softcase wont scuff the interior of my vehicle, and hey do I really need 32 inputs? (rather like asking do I need another guitar - yes)
  15. Suggest review the HD500 Advanced Guide - http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434dfb244f7b7f489af64/application/pdf/POD%20HD500%20Advanced%20Guide%20v2.0%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf as a test set use the VDI cable - but set the HD500 Input to "Varaix" only - ( not "Variax Mag")
  16. I realize Its very tough to form an opinion without actual hands on use - and even in southern California - I cant locate or name Any store in 2014 that actually has inventory of both Line-6 Variax and Roland GK systems for a musician to compare each against the other. I recommend attend a Gearfest (Sweetwater has one every summer) , or the attend the public day at Summer NAMM in nashville
  17. You do have the factory stock "staggered height " locking tuners on your JTV-69? - These are supposed to provide a downward break angle of the string length above the Nut. String Trees = drag and Friction which can present tuning problems after whammy bar tremolo use. There is an "anti Floyd Rose" school of thought among a few "Super Strat" guitar players who prefer staggered height tuners and lubricated Tusq Nut and floating strat style bridge - with a proper set up this type configuration holds a few advantages for many playing advanced techniques - ( Adrian Belew, Jerry Donahue, Jeff Beck) But if things are NOT set up just right on your JTV-69- the configuration James Tyler was aiming for with the JTV-69 design can be a big source of instability that JTV89F Floyd Rose locking Tremolo players never have to worry about. Also Many Variax folks advise its best to "tame" the excess harmonic ringing of the "non speaking" string length ( between Tuner and Nut) with string dampers or elastic hair scrunchies - and most report this strategy improves the Variax DSP created Guitar modeling tones, and improves the DSP generated Alt Tuning sounds - ( less warbling anomalies).
  18. Yes now that I have reviewed the M20D Block Diagram I can see that detail now Thanks! ( lots of distractions lately! ;) http://www.soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=17738
  19. THANK YOU - I have been looking for this Block Diagram for a while gig schedule: https://www.facebook.com/TheDentures
  20. The GP-10 is a stripped down VG-99 - both have Roland Hexaphonic COSM processing - no sampling is employed on 1995 Roland VG-8, 2000 VG-88, 2007 VG-99, 2014 GP-10. read : COSM Revisited A Fresh Look at the Amazing Modeling Technology Inside BOSS and Roland Guitar Products By Jim Bybee http://www.bossus.com/boss_users_group/article.php?ArticleId=1319 Here is the GUI for the 2001 Roland VG-88 - which shows the Guitar Modeling and movable pickups - this inspired Line-6 to create the Variax. To me the biggest difference is Variax A/D and DSP is located in the Guitar, - Roland COSM VGuitar 13 pin systems place the A/D and DSP blocks in an external unit. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=13.0 Suggest read the S.O.S Review of VG-99 for an overview of Roland Hexaphonic COSM processing http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/dec07/articles/rolandvg99.htm
  21. Rick, Thanks for the feedback ( we are neighbors - I'm in San Luis Obispo and play in a local surf band " The Dentures" I'm on the fence regarding M20d vs Touchmix 16. Going to buy one this week As a long time Line 6 user ( and follower) - Frankly I'll probably buy the TouchMix16 as it provides a better fit for my current gear and way I work. - for the following reasons: * 3 year warranty from a company that provides excellent global service support network. QSC sells Service Manuals and parts to end users ( I prefer to maintain my own gear when it falls out of warranty) (Good Luck obtaining a M20D service manual - or parts) * 20 channels of recording 32 bit Broadcast Wave Files at either 44.1kHz or 48kHz + 2 Track mix to attached USB 3.0 drive ( goal is sell live show CDs - I'll use a Samsung 840 EVO SSD) * More XLR I/O that works with the 6 powered PA cabs I already own - ( no need for L6 Link ) * Independent 48V Phantom for all 16 XLR inputs * input Gain Trim controls in the analog domain - these important gain set elements must occur " pre A/D to yield optimal SNR and Dynamic range for each channel - I can label these where they need to stay) * I have 3 iPads myself that I can allocate as virtual control panels = each screen running different views of the array of controls I need instant access to during sound check. * I feel the Touchmix16 will be more traditional to operate and far easier for me and my band to understand (less cartoons ) and support for 10 iPads to members to adjust monitor mix with less training. * Lower Latency ( under 1.6ms Input to Output) * After the Yamaha acquisition of Line 6 - I'm NOT expecting any further Line 6 firmware updates on M20D - (2 year old products are legacy in this world * After weeks of research, its annoying that a true Block Diagram Signal Flow chart is no where to be found for M20D (Touchmix 16 Block Diagram is here on page 63 : http://qsc.com/files/3114/1278/3382/TD-000472-00-A.pdf
  22. I suspect this is the real reason for the recent price drop on M20D http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TouchMix16 ======= But the M20D still offers better control: http://youtu.be/SaqIR_npNDg
  23. FWIW - All Variax 600 parts are available here: http://www.fullcompass.com/brand/LN6.html?page=8&query=&categoryOrder=Bestselling
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