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  1. I am trying Helix Native, and I really wanna buy it but I'm a bit suspicious now as it first worked and now suddenly gives me the "wheel" basically crashing both gig performer and logic pro. I have the feeling there is something wrong with the authorisation or preferences or something, but no idea how to get it all uninstalled and reinstalled. I tried to install over the old one a few times and no success. Any idea what it could be? Mac Mojave on my mac here...
  2. Wow I didn't know command center was coming to the Stomp. I used to own the big Helix and was really missing this! Thanks for the info. Any idea for when 3.0 shall be due? I just ordered an IK Multimedia Axe I/O but might not need it after all if this is gonna work.
  3. Hi all, I am currently using HX Stomp as audio interface with Plugins and was looking for ways to use the Stomp's Expression Pedal input to control my plugin parameters. Any way the expression in can send midi controller messages to the host computer? Same with program changes, can the midi in of the Stomp be adressed as a midi in for the host computer? Many thanks for your help
  4. I would just get a single iso box to break it on the input. Putting a unit in the send/return is just double effort for the same result.
  5. You need to break the ground loop. It's a common issue when using single units in 4CM or multiple pedals but with the same power supply in front and in loop of the amp. A single Palmer PLI01 or Lehle P-Split between Helix and front (guitar) input of the amp will do the job. As said, this is not specific to Helix. However, adding high quality isolation transformers to all of the many Ins and Outs on the Helix to cover for all possible scenarios would have made it very expensive. Just get a good iso box as mentioned and issue solved.
  6. For me just using a Lehle P Split to isolate the amp input completely solved the issue. If there is still a ground loop after using an isolation transformer on the audio, it might be related to power. Could be a pedal in front that is powered by the same supply as a pedal in the loop or in a loop of the Helix? Technically it makes no sense that there could still be hum in 4CM after using a good iso transformer to break the loop.
  7. This is fun! The 2203 (wrong in the video, this is a 2203, so 100W) is from 1978, so exaxctly 40 years old. The cab is a 73 Greenback 4x12. I was surprised how good the delay (Transistor Tape) works into the front end of the Marshall. Dirt comes from a Fulltone OCD that I am boosting with an EP Booster. Not visible in the video: I run the head into a Marshall Powerbrake to make the monster volume bearable, otherwise the neighbours would lynch me :-D
  8. Rather than using templates it is always better to understand what you're doing and start with a blank preset. First: What level is your Rockerverb FX Loop, is it Instrument or Line? Let me assume it's instrument level (for pedals), then you would: Preparation (Global Settings): Set Send1/Return1 on the Helix to Instrument Level. Set the main out on the Helix to Instrument Level. Run guitar in through main guitar input. Use Send 1 to go to the front in of the amp. Go from the amp FX Loop SEND, to your Helix Return 1. Go from your Main out Left to the FX Loop RETURN of the Orange. Now with a blank patch, your guitar will directly play into the poweramp of the Orange, because the Send/Return is not used yet, you basically cut out the Orange Preamp. To get the Orange back in, you place a Send/Return block somewhere in the middle of your empty patch. Send1/Return1. If you activate it, you will again hear the preamp of your Orange. Place any pre effects (OD, Comp, Wah, ...) left from the send/return block, all post fx (delay, reverb, ...) right from it. Let me know if you can figure it out. Good luck!
  9. Any in or out on the helix can go between line and instrument level. Obviously the output for the cable going from helix to your amp in should be instrument, now the cables from and to your loop, they should be instrument or line, depending on what the effects loop is built for, pedals (instrument) or rack gear (line)
  10. The issue is not when using the digital side of the Variax. The big diffrence is when using the magnetic pickups, which are still my favorite sound from my JTV59. The Mags sound miles better when connected with a guitar cable rather than the Ethernet one, which I attribute to: 1. the impedance circuit on the guitar in 2. Higher quality A/D converters for the mag signal in the Helix compared to the Variax (connecting through guitar cable sends an analog signal to the Helix, connecting via ethernet means the mags are A/D converted in the older tech Variax.
  11. Overwhelmed/satisfied with: -I/O quality and flexibility -majority of the FX -IRs -usability/programming Content/Ok with: -Amp Modeling sounds -Delays Underwhelmed with: -Pitch/harmonizing -Lack of some of the more exotic FX -Reverbs -Stock Cabs I am happily waiting for more updates and more fun.
  12. Yeah finally a new delay that sounds like an old one and also behaves like an old one when changing delay times, with the realtime pitch effect. This is so cool!
  13. Oh by the way, some awesome guy (me, myself and I) made a video comparing the Helix Wahs to a CAE 404 (this was when the Helix was really fresh still).
  14. The Wahs in the Helix are really great. Usually I prefer most of them with the upper frequency dialed down a bit, but they are really close to the real deal. I tend to like the Chrome most, but they are all good. And I think there is a Morley model there, too. Just try them out, they rock!
  15. It sounded kinda better to me too. But maybe that was because I was imagining total breakdown explosion self destruction stuff to happen when during the update suddenly some extraterrestrian looking characters were all over my screen. Having the update go through anyways and being able to play the Helix again after that shock felt so much better. Maybe that's why I thought it sounded so good :-P
  16. It all matters not. Tone is in the fingers. :lol:
  17. I am very happy with the L6 2204 Mod, it is exactly what I thought was missing, kick lollipop gain but with more Marshall flavour than the SLO. And the Vintage Digital Delay, sounds AWESOME. I might just be able to sell my Korg DL8000R now, maybe :)
  18. New Variax?? I like the sound of that. I REALLY like the sound of that B) B) B)
  19. I'm sure the world has been waiting for this feature :D What I as a Variax user would be more interested in would be impedance and proper load for a Variax that is connected with VDI. Has that been added by any chance?
  20. Depending on wether your fx loop is line or inst level you might be better using two fx loops on helix. For example send 1 set to inst level to go to amp input, and return 2 set to line to connect fx send of the Blackstar. Then main out set line level (default) to Blackstar fx return. Otherwise, if BS loop is inst you can use send1/return1 all set inst level but make sure the main out is set to inst level, too. If there is a choice in the amp if you can run either, line or inst, usually line is the better signal quality.
  21. If you listen through the Jack out while editing with the JTV interface, make sure you disable the input pad on the guitar in, or use an FX return set to Inst level. This accounts for most of the sound difference. Unfortunately there is no Pad/Impedance feature on the VDI in (yet). For me this is the actual issue, and I would rate development of guitar input impedance setting on the VDI in like it is on the jack guitar in much higher in priority.
  22. I agree with what Phil said- Helix does not really have competitors in terms of features. Its I/O and routing capabilities are far superior to Fractal and Kemper. If you only use 1 In and 1 out, like I believe many people do, they are competitors. I think Helix has a fine set of amps and FX already. Falls short a bit on the Highend Rack league FX like Eventide level Harmonizer or Lexicon level Reverb. Also it would be great to have global modifiers/modulation sources, but that might be against the philosophy of ease of use. That and a Friedman BE100 obviously ;)
  23. If you connect the speaker out of your amp to Helix you will most likely fry the Helix, and after some time running without speaker load, your amp will go, too.
  24. Maybe for some dudes it's beneficial to squat down for editing and back up for playing. No pain no gain. You don't use it you lose it. We're all sitting on our lazy asses too much anyways.
  25. Oh thank you. The info would be better in here than on a separate website.
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