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  1. Yeah your only option is to set the pedal on the other effects to not change using heal toe in same place.
  2. Yes I believe you do. Something else I have noticed that if you have the M13 off the signal to the front of amp is not there. The signal to the return is.
  3. Is it the proper power supply that came with the device? You can buy the correct power supply on its own if needed. There isn't much user serviceable stuff in there.
  4. Do you have the advanced user guide? There are some midi details in there. You can download from line 6. Cheers.
  5. 2 things: - put the m5 in Omni to rule out mismatched midi channel. - the program change also uses a memory location with it. Like Bank/Patch. What memory address and program change are you sending? I wonder if the other device is sending a program change but not the bank etc. The table of midi addresses and CCs is in the user guide.
  6. +1. The M's are such an amazing device. If you think of the box as a platform with new effects being added every so often, this thing could live forever.
  7. On the M's it is so easy to edit on the device, I can see why there is no computer editor. Interesting that the tweak a parameter, and compare didn't work. I made a patch print utility years ago for the x3l bundle file and did that exact thing to find the params. You had to do both ends of the range of values. I guess it's because it's a dump and not a structured file.
  8. I don't know honestly. Rack exists. Not sure about bean. I just don't understand switching banks with the manual interface whan you can use the foots witches on yhe left. Up and down. Combined with the large patch name view I can get around with my feet. I don't use a bunch of patches in a session and I group them close to each other.
  9. Cool. Are you using the bean and not the floor model? If so It might be worth adding the shortboard. I'm not 100% sure but I believe they work together and makes switching patches easier.
  10. Either I am misreading terminology or something is amiss in this topic. The thread title says it all. I use the foot version. - setlists contain banks of presets. I have one for guitar and one for bass. - switching patches requires a dsp memory reload so it is not ideal in a song where there is continuous playing through the patch change. - In 1-8 mode you get all 8 switches to turn different stomps on and off. - in 1-8 mode, to switch patches you simply tap the bank down switch with your foot (the first tap does not swith banks yet) and then tap a, b, c, d. To switch patches in that bank. - in 1-8 mode, to switch to a patch in another bank, tap the bank up or down twice and then a, b, c, d. - if you arrange your banks and patches right you should not need to view the screen to move around to dramatically to get to the next needed patch. - if seeing the patch number, letter are a problem standing up, switch to the large patch name view. I am very near sighted and this works for even me. - rather then dialing in complicated single song variances across patches use the stomp boxes on and off with 1-8 setup. - you can assign more then 1 stomp to a switch - now that you are simplifying yoir tone variants with 1-8 you get more out of a single patch meaning in a bank you get more out of a, b, c, d switching without switching banks. - keep other options one bank away so they are easy to switch to without viewing screen up close or having to use a knob with fingers. - switching set lists is rare for me using this approach. This is the only time I have to get close to a screen.
  11. I partially did this for x3l bundle files. You can read patch names and byte values. I actually did it as a website and people would print oit patch names. I did a few core values but did not fight through every param. What you have to do is make a minor change the see where the change in the file is. Repeat watching min and max. For that bundle it was predictable where the params were. I bet the newer files are the same. It's just more effort than it was worth for me. But it can be done. I can tell you there is lots of stated interest for it but you will not make much money. Like pizza money. For ine family. One meal. It was fun but I wouldn't want to do it again. Read the bytes in the file, parse based on what younsee change.
  12. Yeah. Single user not a good justification for how much work this would take.
  13. If anyone is curious the way you figure out where params are in the file is to tweak them one at a time and compare the changes in a hex/byte viewer. You do a param at 0, some value and max value. This is very tedious and a ton of work.
  14. I have some experience with this. I created a website for the x3l that you uploaded your bundle to. It read the bundle and gave you back the patch list and some basic params you could then print. Line6 could have easily added a print function in the librarian but has not. Someone with lots of free time could do the same thing and parse the file. I went far enough to know that it's possible. However, the use case of people uploading patches to a shared site, so some other user can enter in params by hand is so small it should never be considered. Like the patch name print function, it should be a part of the official librarian to parse and export the individual settings. Even better the custim tone site could display all of the params on the website. It would make sime of its users more productive but probably wouldn't have any impact on the company's success. They are probably going to stear everything towards Helix and less expensive boards that you replace more often rather then the HD line. Having partially done what the OP has requested I can say the effort is not worth it as an outside party. Perhaps NTH but not worth the effort.
  15. I think these approaches are working for me. Now if I could find an equivalent for a BBE Sonic Maximizer I'd have everything in the box. Any thoughts there? I am currently using the pod as effects only in the front end to my bass combo. I am sure I am limiting my choices because of that. I just love how my Fender Rumble sounds and the simplicity of the setup. I do use the pod as a guitar setup occasionally.
  16. I am searching for this same thing. FWIW: I am currently using (for bass) Tube Comp, eq flat, drive low 35% and oitput at 54%. This provides volume limiting for extreme hits, does not bring up quieter parts much, does not sound driven and doesn't color the tone.
  17. I prefer the "guitar -> pod guitar in -> front of amp" because you can more easily keep the pod near you and have one cable run back to the amp instead of 3 or more cables running to amp. More flexible for using in different rooms and for my setup it doesn't sound any different.
  18. It's just an observation that the output may be overstated in numbers. It is enough for me in practice situations. The point was possibly it might not compare to other amps output spec'd at 200w. I'm no expert but i use it momo and don't believe using stereo out to two channels would benefit output or bass tone with alto in any way.
  19. I have the 1.12 and use for bass. I roll off the bass and presence a decent amount with an EQ at end of chain. It's not really a compromise at all as the patches are generally setup for low volume 'bed-room' sound. For louder use it is good to cut down the bass and a presence quite a bit. There as an achilies heal thread on here that you can read that discusses this well. I was considering getting the 15. I read a review online somewhere that said the stated 200 watts (400 is peak only) is a bit overstated and it's actually like a 75w amp in use. Regardless of the numbers I get a loud full bass tone with my 12 which I believe shares the same amp as yours.
  20. Related: Noticed that the 700 has no visible pickups. I know it uses the piezo's in the bridge. That's perfectly fine. Seems to work great and I don't care about the visual aspect of missing pickups. But it makes me wonder why all of the other Variax guitars have various styles of real pickups. Question: Is the piezo bridge pickup not as good / flexible as the real style pickups the other (and all recent) Variax guitars have? Cheers.
  21. Hello All, I have an hd500x. I have a chance to get a Variax 700. I know that the 700 doesn't work with the new HD Workbench and that I can plug the 700 into my HD500x and use it but not have the HD workbench to edit the 700. I can't quite afford the newer Variax models (yet) and would love to take the opportunity of getting the used 700 if possible. I am open to getting used device to support the legacy interface but I have a few questions about what that would allow me to do. Questions: - What is the minimum L6 product I could get so that I could use the unsupported legacy workbench? I would buy it used for the sole purpose of connecting the 700 to legacy workbench. - If I edit the 700 tunings and other settings using the legacy workbench, can I then plug the 700 into the hd500x and use the modified 700 patch and tunings? Cheers. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  22. DRIVERS UPDATED!!!! Install works great for me. I still can't see the device and model packs in License Manager through. Easy enough to work around using a Windows machine since you only have to do this once. Thanks L6!!!
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