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  1. Yeah, like much of Rocktron rack gear, the velocity 300 has a very marshall-EL34 vibe to it, ESPECIALLY noticeable as you turn up the "definition" control. You really start to hear the wooly upper mid marshally focus. I find keeping the reactance from 12 o'clock to 9 o'clock give you the warm tubeness and girth, and keeping the definition around 12 o'clock, and moving it up very, very sparingly from there keeps that in check. If you get your presence/upper mids from the pod, and not from the poweramp definition control, it is indeed glorious. Set the controls wrong, and I agree, it does colour your tone pretty heavily, and in a potentially undesirable way.
  2. Use Pre only; Pro into a velocity 300, into a 4x12 cab. It's glorious.
  3. It's true. I'm over it now, but it still sucks. When there will be a gsp successor, who knows...
  4. Just over on the checking on the thread about Digitech's new flagship line, as I have been for weeks now, and how the rep for the company for the past month/month-and-a-half has been saying-without-saying that they were going to announce it, and here they've gone and reneged the whole " we don't wait for NAMM to do our announcements" and have pussied-out and said they won't be announcing anything until the next NAMM. Bullsh*t. Utter bullsh*t. I'm not interested in waiting another 3 months for them to just ANNOUNCE it, and then see when it's going to ship. I, and everyone else is going to be looking at what they can get in that interim timeframe. I can see why L6 doesn't announce, because this just killed my goodwill towards Digitech. Seriously, a month and a half of building hype, then a 180 and a 3 month delay. Pfft.
  5. While I could be wrong, I don't believe Peavey is forward thinking enough to implement the Revalver software into a hardware unit. There's no hint of that in the peavey forums, and I think they're still doing quite well with the Vyper line. It's certainly going to be a killer piece of software, but that's where it will end. A new flagship rack unit from digitech will be a game changer. Even when the GSP1101 was first introduced, it was 499.99, which was, and is, still two hundred bucks cheaper than the HD Pro, and it's a single rack space. When you're working with a 6U shallow rack, that makes a difference. Granted, before all the firmware side project updating going on, it probably was only worth that price, but still, not bad by any means. Pretty sure they'll be doing user IRs again, since it became a big deal during the must-be-beta project, so big bonus there. And considering what they were able to achieve through all those firmware updates in that program (which pretty much wrapped at V63 about a year and a half ago - about the time I got my HD Pro) I'm sure they've taken all that data and produced something to take note of. Whether they keep the 499.99 price tag, or something closer to the L6 699.99, it's going to be good. Very good. I'm excited again.
  6. Yeah, I'm REALLY curious as to the successor of the gsp1101, and how that will measure up. I sold my GSP1101 to buy an HD PRO because I wanted dual amp setups, and the modeling on the amps it does have is better, but MAN O' MAN do I miss all the functionality of that unit. If the HD PRO's amp models weren't so good I would've switched back immediate. The midi implementation on the GSP1101 was leaps and bounds better than HD PRO's. You could pick any parameter, and set it to the expression pedal or a cc on/off button and be good to go, and I mean ANY parameter, and any number of parameters to a single button, or multiple buttons. The sky's the limit. And thanks to "Stan" and the must-be-beta program, there were SO MANY amp models, and they were good too, not quite as good as the HD equivalents, but more than respectable. Not to mention global EQ, 3-band selectable parametric EQ, all with actual Hz, db, and Q bandwith parameters... *edit* forgot to mention that with the unofficial firmware update, it does USER IRs. Which is a game-changer in itself. And if memory serves me, you can actually send a the full amp signal + IR out via the XLRs, and just-preamp out to a poweramp/combo amp via the 1/4" outs. Friggin' awesome. lol, I'm gushing over it. :P Anyways, if they've made a new rack mount unit, with modeling as-good-or-better-than the HD series... Well, I'll have to take a good hard look at it, because other than dual amps, slightly better amp models, and the flexible FX routing options of my HD PRO, I'd still be rocking that GSP1101. I mean, it's still a contender and has an MSRP a good 200 bucks less than the HD PRO does, and you're not sacrificing that much with the price drop. Like I said before, I'm waiting with baited-breath; it's a good time to be in the modeling community. Digitech bringing all this healthy competition to the affordable preamp/FX arena means that Line 6 will have to "nut up, or shut up." :D
  7. Whose taking bets on whether the new firmware will drop around then? I mean, being the neurotics that we are, there's significance in the anniversary of the update and high (albeit groundless and without any real reason) anticipation over it. I'm personally curious as to whether the firmware will advance the platform, but have my ear to the ground as to what other companies (i.e. digitech pretty much said they're releasing new flagship floorboards/FX processors shortly) and starting a new gear fund, putting up guitars for sale, etc. for a kemper, axe ultra/II, whatever. I love my HD PRO, and shortly it will either become my backup rig, or depending on the next update, maintain its place as my go-to processor. I'm waiting with baited-breath to see what's going to happen in the weeks to come.
  8. Because it doesn't need the bandwith; usb 3 has something like 600plus mb/sec, usb 2 like 300 or 400 mb/sec, and guaranteed you're not using anywhere near the bandwidth allotted by USB 2.
  9. RipperShred

    Hd Pro X

    Better laughter than tears, I suppose. :P I could have missed the mark entirely, and perhaps line6's product refresh with the new X line IS their idea of a firmware update, new hardware and its launch has been what they've been working on all this time, and we're not likely to see a new firmware update for a long time yet. I mean, they're not directly making money with a firmware update, and people are buying new Xs, flipping their old models, or keeping them as backups. They're moving new hardware, making money, and it's gravy for them. Maybe their plan is to release new firmware months from now when all the new X buyers are bored with their new toy. Who knows? lol
  10. RipperShred

    Hd Pro X

    Maybe we'll finally see a firmware update now. :D
  11. Having recently been able to try an Axe, I need to let everyone know that tone match isn't some magic feature where you press a button and WHAMO; you've got the tone replicated. You've got to set the settings up so that you've already got it as close as possible with the right amp/cab/mic models, then you stick a mic connected to the axe in front of the rig and THEN it adds some EQ curves to finish the job. Nothing like the KPA where you just jam a mic in front of an amp and presto - got everything good to go.
  12. It's a good unit. A lot of what we b*tch and moan about not being in the HD are in there; 5 band fully adjustable PEQ, with shelving on the 1st and 5th bands; it's in there. Global EQ? It's in there. 10 band graphic EQ that doesn't take up an effects block tied to every amp model? It's in there. User IRs; check. DSP limit? None that I've found. And two instances of pretty much every effects typ is available, and the amount of effects you can put in the chain its like 20 something. It's a lot whatever it is. I don't use that many effects, but for those who do, it's got a lot of good quality effects. Stuff we'd love to have, but then again, we've got what we've paid for. And what we've paid for isn't a 2K box. And for the amp modeling, well, here's what surprised me. It's good. I'd say better than the POD HD. But not by as much as you'd think. It's a bit softer in the high frequency distiortion; where you might here digital aliasing in the POD - the squareness of the distortion waveform is more prevalent in the pod than the axe, and there seems to be a bit more overall harmonic content in the axe than the pod, but it still has digital aliasing artifacts if you have the acute ears to hear them. I'd liken it to an XT/X3 being a standard def TV, while the HD would a 720p, and the axe a 1080p. Anyone who does, or has owned a 720p TV can attest that the picture is in itself great, and far superior to a standard def TV. And on its own is very impressive. But scrutinize it up close next to a 1080p TV and you'll be able to see the difference. and by the same token, stand 10-20ft away from both the 720p and 1080p TVs and your eye would be hard pressed to choose one over the other. And it's the same with the pod and axe. The axe is the better audio "image", but without scrupulous side by side comparison, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference of the two in a live mix, save for being able to tell a VH4 in a busy mix, and knowing that an HD doesn't have that model. In truth, comparing comparable models, such as the fireball to the powerball ( I like the powerball better. It had more/better bass, and was punchier), the SLO (which I thought the HD held it's ground. I'd be happy to put my SLO presets up against someone's axe presets) and even like the dual rec red modern channel of the pod over the axe's. The fenders I thought were more than comparable. I REALLY like the VH4 channels 3 and 4, the "Das Metal" which is a fractal original take on the VH4, and would LOVE to see that in the POD, along with the Splawn Nitro, 6505 and 6505+ lead channels, as those were the only ones that weren't in the POD that I actually really like and wish that they were... Well, also the JCM800, as the one in the pod just doesn't sound right. But otherwise, those were the models that I felt were definitively missing. For a third of the price, the POD HD PRO holds its own. The axe is a formidable box, but it has a formidable price tag to boot. Now that I've tried one, if I could find one for the right price I'd grab it. That said, I don't know when I'd be in the position to drop 2K+ on any one piece again. Maybe when the Axe III drops and drives the prices down on the Axe IIs I'll pick one up, but in the mean time, the POD holds its own.
  13. I'm not going to lie; A year's fast approaching, and I'm jonsin' for an update! If anyone here's like me, they're checking this forum every couple a days, if not at least once a week hoping to see something. They're obviously still supporting the platform, so something's coming, but my G.A.S./A.D.D. is starting to get to me. :P
  14. Yeah, you might want to reflash the firmware, because while the midi implementation sucks, changing from one patch to the next should work at least. and it's more like 1=1A, 2=1B, 3=1C, 4=1D, 5=2A, etc. when it comes to changing presets/patches, so perhaps you changing patches expecting it work in banks of 10 like your foot controller, but it's banks of 4. Once you wrap your head around that logic, that it's banks of 4 from A-D, it's easy to set up patches in a way that works for you, and it will make more sense to you as well as your presets will be where you want/expect them.
  15. Just select Ab(flat), then select minor, and/or Eb. Don't remember the key, but it's one of those two. The harmonic minor raised 6th won't confuse the harmonizer in a way that you would notice when/if you play that note, and I haven't used the harmonizer in a while so it might actually have "harmonic minor" as an option. You'll be very pleased with the results. As for picking a specific key, well, you kind of have to since it's a "smart" harmonizer, otherwise it would be a static interval and just be a plain ol' pitch shifter (which the pod also has if that's what you're looking for.) Good luck, have fun, and don't hurt yourself. :D
  16. I've played the XT pro, but never got to try the X3 pro, so perhaps other than being able to do 2 amps at once / twice the processing power it could sound "twice as good", but if the X3 is anything like the XT than I'd have to say the HD is by far the better sounding preamp for the following reason; With the XT it sounds like a vetta on every model. And while I really dig the Vetta sound, it's stamp is all over that preamp, so everything sounded like model-x... through/by a Vetta. It has a certain response/attack/tonal-quality/vibe/mojo/etc that is the Vetta sonic signature. If THAT'S what you mean by "sounds better than the HD", than I would agree on the grounds that you really like the Vetta sound. Whereas I can honestly say that HD doesn't have that giant sonic stamp all over ever amp model. From day one I never thought " this amp models sounds good (caveat) through/by a POD HD..." the response, tone stacks, gain characteristics, etc., are wholly different from one amp model to another. The fenders feel/sound like a fender ought to, ballpark of course, as does the dual rec, plexi, etc. Also let me say that this is through a "live" rig - separate poweramp, real 4x12 cab. So recorded it might very well be that the Vetta juice isn't so obvious direct to board. That said, being that I used them both as "live" preamps/FX units HD is the winner in my books since it sounds/feels more like the amps it emulates. That being said, do what I do; put a tube screamer model in front with the TS bass parameter down a few points, the "tone" parameter up between 60 and 75, and lower the treble parameter a few points as well, then eq the amp how you like, then put a "mid focus" EQ on the other end and shave off the top end to taste, and you should have a defined tone, instead of muddy, and also have the top end sizzle you want (or don't want) that suits you as well.
  17. Closer to a year - remember that they dropped the HD300/400 update (as a sign of goodwill, remember?) a good two or three months before the 500/pro/bean, and they didn't really add anything new other than some minor dream rig functionality to it, so really it's been like a year since the last update. That's a LONG time in terms of software.
  18. A global EQ would be good, but I think the SLO 100 set the bar so high for the High-Gain models that they need some more just to catch up and feel balanced again. For me, the only one that still stands up other than the SLO is the Dual Rectifier. The others feel kind of weak by comparison now. It needs the XTC Red channel, and the Diezel VH4 channels, Herbert, and 6505/6505+ Lead channels to beef up the high gain end of it. It's crazy, 'cause the clean and overdriven tones are amazing - I just spent last night wailin' away on the various fender models and was in awe at how big they sound, and how inspiring they are... We need some more high gain models that are as inspiring as the SLO and dual rec, and as equally inspiring as those amazing fender models.
  19. Is it gaining any significant traction? Are there enough people checking it out to make a difference to L6, or is it just there to pacify the vocal minority?
  20. That would be more effective if I didn't have to register again and create a new ID/password. I've got enough user ids and passwords and sites that I have to remember as it is. It would be more effective if it used the same combo for this support site.
  21. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the chorus pedals/FX on offer are weak/lacking/sound-like-@ss. Lately I find if I use two or three (stick one in front with the mix set about 50-60%, and one or two post amp with mix set the same) I can get a decent sound, but holy-jumpins IT TAKES TWO OR THREE of them to get something going. Also cool to see people's choice of amp models they'd like to see. keep it comin' people.
  22. Everybody's wishlist seems focused around the XT Metal add-on pack, and models that were in the X3, like the VH4, Ecstasy, etc. Hope L6 is listening...
  23. Yeah, a dedicated FX loop that isn't an FX block would make the world of difference! And being able to put it directly in front or behind the amp in a dual signal chain would be the balm! If it's a stereo processor and you want to place it directly after the amp model, AND THEN split the signal the POD can't do it. The loop gets dumped in either the left or right signal chain! What a pain in the arse!
  24. Well, now we know why they've been silent on the firmware updates for so long. Now that the HD500X is out of the bag, maybe we can look forward to a firmware update in the not too distant future. Here's a list of amps that I'd like to see make the POD; A 6505/5150 lead channel would still be a good idea for starters. As awesome as the SLO Overdrive model is, it's authenticity makes it problematic at times. Turning up the gain adds low end, but at the expense of tightness ( true to the original apparently. I thought it was me, but doing some research and L6 really nailed the nuances of how the EQ and Gain controls interact with each other). It's also tonally different enough that it would be a welcome addition. A 6505+ lead channel model would be great too. It's darker and bolder than the 6505, and a bit more aggressive sounding. It's different enough from the original 6505 sound to warrant its own model. It's a great sound for any hard rock or metal style and is a staple of the genre. Bogner Ecstasy Blue and Red channel models would be spectacular; If you haven't heard the Ecstasy, listen to some clips right now and tell me we don't want/need these two channels in the POD! Not to mention that L6 modeled it on the X3, so no reason they can't give it the HD treatment. Same goes for the Diezel VH4; Channels 2 through 4 need make an appearance. They were in the X3, and it's another FANTASTIC sounding high gain amp. A staple of high gain tone if ever there was one. A Diezel Herbert needs to make an appearance. Awesome amp. 'nough said. A JC120 is high on the list, only because people are still clamoring for it. I was a big proponent a while back for it, but I've come to really enjoy the fenders, voxes, and the SLO 100 clean. I really could care less if it ever made it onto the POD now, but I know other people can't live without it so it needs to be on this list. Other great amps that I really wanted to see on the POD, but have since stop jonsin' for because I've learned to live with the current line up and have come up with patches that sound close enough; JCM900/2000, Silver Jubilee, and Mk IIc+. They're great amps, and would be great on the HD, but I personally can live without them now. If we got the previous 6 I listed, and no others, I could not only live with, but thoroughly enjoy my POD HD Pro from here on out indefinitely. When it comes to effects, I've come to grips with everything on offer, except the choruses. I find them kind of weak. A potent chorus or two, and I could live with the rest of the FX.
  25. According to findings on other threads on the forum here it's only 20-25% more powerful... so big whoop really. Just waiting for some more amp models.
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