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pod hd 2.6 firmware feature


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I disagree, they still have not given us the "Chops" FX model that they have been secretly working on for over a decade...


But I think there is some big argument over the name (some want "Skills") and whether or not to make it global block....Then some bozo keeps going on and on about the DEPs on this model want to expose that changes the firmware too much  "Theory", "Sweep Factor", "Palm" and "Slop" (aka Hum on the conventional amp models)...The problem with this model is that it requires "The Pick of Destiny" in order to actually work correctly...

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I think this is the first time I've moaned about a free update, so I am sorry guys! But I am a little disappointed by this one. As a HD500 into DT25 player, the only thing it brings me that I can see is the ability to buy new amp packs. Oh well, moving on!

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I never complain about updates. I think every update is bonus after buying a great product.

They actually keep making it better, without it costing anything.

But, I was a bit disappointed to hear the Global EQ doesn't work over the Line 6 Link.

It's probably some technical thing they couldn't do anything about so I won't drag them through the mud for it (not my style anyway).

It's just very unfortunate that this great feature won't work for the Flag Ship Dream Rig.

Oh well. I'll just have to do without like I've done for years or get an external EQ and put it in the effects loop of the DT amp.

Still a happy camper :D

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