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I used the Helix today!


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I know this a little late on the "why don't they post clips of just plain amp and cab tone?" debate, but it occurred to me that there may be a good reason why. While I salivate over every new youtube clip that comes out for whatever piece of gear I want to buy, I know the overall sound quality is limited by my computer speakers or headphones, the signal compression or bandwidth of my internet connection, and probably other factors of which I'm not even aware.


Now, I don't actually believe L6 is doing this, but it would be reasonable for someone who is in the business of manufacturing pure tone to be apprehensive of releasing clips so that they can be viewed on this commenter's crappy tablet pc speakers, stock iPhone headphones, overpriced earbuds with way more bass than should be legal, or otherwise nice over-ear headphones with inexplicable buzzing in the left ear, all streamed over an excruciatingly slow rural internet connection. My point is just that I'm happy they are even releasing clips ahead of release given the likelihood that the end output heard by many will be compromised to some degree. 


To put it another way, suppose I watch a youtube clip of someone holding out long open chords through just an amp and cab model. If my internet connection is a little slow that day and the sound is a little more compressed than usual, I might think, "this sounds totally processed and fake." If I'm trying to listen during the workday without my boss noticing that I'm watching youtube videos at the office and I have my unaccountably bassey earbuds just in the one ear that faces away from my door while awkwardly resting my head in my hand so that it hides the earbud, I might think, "man, that thing is farty and bloated sounding." Now, I'm not stupid, so I probably won't think those things, but I am neurotic enough to worry that people listening to things I've recorded will.

(Again, I don't actually think this was a factor for L6 in this case. In fact, I actually seem to recall some decent examples of relatively unaffected tone in several of the videos.)


But anyway, I understand the fear of the unknown. Just because someone isn't willing to let their product be compromised by a bad internet connection doesn't mean you should be willing to fork over your hard earned money to buy it before hearing it played the way you want to hear it. You have much more self-respect than me.


But to drew_fx and everyone who took their time to post their hands-on experiences, post audio examples, and sub-moderate this thread, you're heroes in my book. Thanks for taking your time to help everyone else.

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Share on other sites can find tons of youtube clips of actual amplifier manufacturers putting out clips of their amp with holding out long chords and playing notes and letting them sustain and catch harmonics.

If they can do it and it sounds great on our computers...then why can't Line 6?​

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