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  1. Has anyone found a non line6 brand speaker bag to use with the l3ts? I own three of the line6 brands and all have either lost a wheel or have broken zippers now.
  2. the x32 mixer has midi in and out. you can send program change data to it and switch "snipits" the snippets can contain any data changes saved to them. I created different snippets with different vocal effects and used the helix to send the program data cc changes. was hoping I could use one switch to send program 1 (reverb) and then hit same switch again and send program 2 (dry) Thanks for getting back to me!
  3. Thanks in advance. Anyway to have one switch send a cc command with midi cc 1 then if you click it a second time send cc2 ? essentially switching back between cc1 and cc2? currently I have to use two switchs to turn on and off my rack effect
  4. ya could be worse. I already took a small chunk out of the aluminum case.
  5. anyone try recording via usb to daw vocals from helix yet? have a few questions. 1. does helix have a gain adjustment for the preamp and does it show when the mic is clipping? 2. how does the actual preamp sound by itself with a nice mic? 3. are you guys finding use of the modeled pre amps in the helix? I know they have a studio preamp model.
  6. just add a gain block either first in line or after the amp. if you add it before amp it will drive the input and create more break up. if it is after then it will just boost volume. then touch toggle switch and assign the gain block , adjust the gain boost to something like 3db.
  7. with the hd500 if u were using L6 link what ever the mode the speakers were in when u save the preset patch on the hd500 it would revert back to .
  8. ya just use the whammy effect and set it half step down
  9. So anyone load up a nice quality IR yet? night and day difference? interested in hearing peoples results
  10. Any update on the ETA for this fw release? thank you
  11. also, the current firmware has a bug with changing variax models with a preset. i used the gibson acoustic model
  12. I put together one today with the mic preamp, eq , comp , verb. let me see if i can figure out how to post it on custom tone
  13. see if they will cross ship you one when its available. that way you can keep the current one in the mean time?
  14. just got a call :) shipping tonight. ordered on 7/2
  15. ill be so sad if I missed the first batch ahhh
  16. Did you order from sweetwater? what date did you preorder? I orderd on 7/2 but haven't got a email or call yet :/
  17. Doesn't quite sound as good as other clips. most likely not dialed in as well as paul and sean
  18. GOOGLE CNB PDC-4100G TN FLIGHT CASE HEAVEY DUTY. I couldn't paste the link. this fits the helix
  19. I would try flashing the firmware of the speaker by hooking it up via L6 link to the m20d and downloading the firmware from line6 downloads. never seen this before but I would be concerned it may be a error code.
  20. anyone know the total amount of fx per patch? The hd500 is 8
  21. I just noticed the amount of distortion pedals for the helix is limited. believe it or not I liked the boss metal zone model on the hd500x. Im thinking I will need to use amp distortion to get that heavy alternative/metal tone on helix. any chance you care to elaborate on how I would set this up?
  22. Anyway to be able to use the lead and clean channel of a amp in one patch? . I hate the delay between patchs with a variax and hd500x... Im wondering if you can setup a dual amp patch and use a foot switch to switch between the two amp models so there is no delay.
  23. hey were you plugging in any xlr ,sd card, or 1/4 during boot up? that's the only time ive had that issue
  24. Is it still best practice to leave the speakers at half moon when using a non l6 link and a different mixer ?(venues still a proud owner of the m20d but need more inputs on this gig) I imagine using p.a reference and monitor eq curves are still ideal as well as enabling feed back suppression on the speakers them self since the x32 does not provide that. thank you for any assistance!
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