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  1. rzumwalt

    Expression pedal works on every snapshot??????

    You might also try setting the "mix" parameter on the wah to 0% for the snapshots you don't want it on. I also don't have the unit in front of me, but I'm pretty sure mix is a parameter on all the wah pedals, but I don't know about the whammy.
  2. rzumwalt

    Snapshots & Presets

    Yeah, I know. I'm just saying this would be a little more useful. For my purposes, anyway. And you may not consider it tap-dancing, but look...I'm really lazy, so pouring a bowl of Cap'n Cruch is at least a Fox Trot to me. Pressing the mode button, choosing a footswitch, and then pressing the mode button again...I'm sweating just thinking about it. But if I find the multi-preset approach useful, I'll be sure to post an update.
  3. rzumwalt

    Snapshots & Presets

    I was about to start a new post about pretty much this, and I think I know what you mean by using a non-snapshot preset. I would like to be able to change which four stomps are displayed in the 4 snaps x 4 stomps configuration when I change snapshots in the same preset. I only use one snapshot for most songs I play, and I prefer to use the stomps for changes within a song as much as possible. I would also like to be able to use just one preset during a set and use snapshots and stomps to hit every tone I need. It keeps me from worrying about wildly inconsistent volumes between presets or using new presets I'm not familiar with and forgetting whether my "Gain 2" snapshot is the one with a bunch of delay I don't want. The obvious downside is that I need to wear tap dancing shoes if I want to use more than 4 stomps in a set. So I was thinking about just making several copies of the preset I want to use during a set with the main difference between them being which four stomps are visible in the 4x4 configuration. I was going to start a new post asking if anyone has tried this, how it worked out, and any tips they can share. But I'll just ask it here.
  4. Yes, but I don't think of the Placater Clean and Texas Ch 1 as very vintage sounding, although I admit its a pretty subjective term. And I think Line 6's goal with the Marshalls is to say, "Hey, remember when you and your idiot friends put together that crappy garage band in high school and you spent all your money on the loudest amp possible and all you managed to do was get the cops called on your friend's lame house party that weekend his parents were out of town?...No?...Well, here's three more Marshall models...now do you remember?"
  5. I like that idea. Does anybody know if there a way to do something like this already using the Cosmic Delay by setting the feedback to 0% and the direct bypass parameter to "off" (I think I'm using the correct names for the Roland Space Echo model and its parameters, but please feel free to correct me if not). Does the tape delay have something similar to the direct bypass?
  6. I agree. I don't think a vintage-style clean amp has been added since the Matchless were added. I know I'm probably wrong about that, but it just seems like there's been a lot of new modern high gain and dirty models recently, and a lot of those were very cool, but maybe they'll swing back in the other direction for a while. Also, I would be personally happy to see some new refinements to the snapshot interface, from a preset construction point of view. I love using snapshots, but there are a few small things that would just make this process a lot smoother for me: (1) When I add a new block, let me decide whether it should be on or off for the rest of the snapshots; (2) maybe a section of the bypass control submenu lets you quickly set which snapshots the block is bypassed in; (3) let me change the footswitch layout between snapshots. I like the 4 snapshot/4 stomp layout, but it would open things up a lot more if those 4 stomps could be set per snapshot. Now that I think of it, for my purposes this could be pretty well handled using multiple presets. But those would just be to suit my personal preferences.
  7. rzumwalt

    Using Multi-Band Compressor To Cut Instead Of High/Low EQ Cuts

    Ha ha, I'm not about to frag the dozens of hours spent hunched over my guitar A/B comparing the difference between treble = 3.2 vs treble = 3.6, either. But how dare you suggest that carrying on a philosophical debate over minutia elements of individual preset building preference having very little to no impact on anyone's actual enjoyment of their Helix isn't sensible? I must now retire to my bedchambers for the remainder of the night lest my dyspepsia become inflamed over this careless assault on Victorian manners. Good day, sir!
  8. rzumwalt

    Pattern to firmware releases?

    You forgot the two-times-per-cycle demands to improve the tuner in the next update. The first one around four months after the last update, and the second one within minutes after the semi-official announcement that the next update is in final beta testing. Other than that, NASA could probably set their mission clocks using your post.
  9. rzumwalt

    2nd path with amp & IR weakens sound?

  10. rzumwalt

    Using Multi-Band Compressor To Cut Instead Of High/Low EQ Cuts

    But it's still valid to suggest new and different ways to get to that subjective good sound. Wouldn't this sentiment undermine much of the purpose of this forum in the first place--i.e., discussing different ways to use the Helix?
  11. I may have noticed something similar to this, but I thought it was caused by something else. I don't know how many presets you tested your theory on, but it you might actually be seeing the baseline behavior of 'unedited" snapshots. So, this may or may not apply to what you are seeing. My observation a while back seemed to be that every snapshot above the highest numbered snapshot you have actually gone into and made a change to acts like a mirror of the highest snapshot ("SS") you have changed. If you have only made changes to the first three SSs in a preset, then SSs 4-8 will always mirror SS 3, until you change one of them. If you make a change to SS 3, the change will be reflected in SSs 4-8 without you doing anything. If you then make a change to SS 4, then SSs 5-8 will always match SS 4, until you change one. Even if you open SSs 5-8, but don't change them, they stay in a "mirroring" state. I don't know that I was interpreting the behavior accurately, it was just my observation a few months ago while editing a couple presets, and I didn't rigorously test it out. I'm curious if anyone else can confirm whether that is the case.
  12. rzumwalt

    HIRB, a Helix IR Browser

    Ha ha. I feel like that describes roughly 75% of anything I ever say. I'm glad to be in good company.
  13. I'm curious whether you've been able to implement that, or whether I'm just off on crackpot island?
  14. rzumwalt

    best way to connect helix in stereo with to 2 powercab 112 plus

    I'm with you in concept, but my understanding is that the powercab isn't amplifying "just guitar." Doesn't it have to reproduce higher and lower frequencies than a typical guitar amp in order to capture the pitch shifting and other effects Helix puts out?
  15. rzumwalt

    HIRB, a Helix IR Browser

    This is excellent. I'm thinking it would be impossible to get the actual IR names, since Helix presets only store the IR number and pull from whatever IR is currently loaded in that slot. I wonder if there would be a way to upload the backup file and get the IR information from there and cross reference it to the IR numbers in each preset. I realize I probably just asked the computing equivalent of, "Why don't you just make a car that gets 900 mpg and seats 15?" Have you thought of doing something similar with other effects blocks?