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  1. rzumwalt

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Well...I think the visually impaired would be interested on any coffee machine related information, so that would be fair game, right? Maybe I haven't thought this all the way through yet.
  2. rzumwalt

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I have a sincere suggestion (below). I generally agree with opinions like the latter quoted above more than I do opinions like the former, but I am not altogether without sympathy for the visually impaired/disabled. Having read and contributed to this forum for a while now, I can tell you that this 2.80 thread is just like every the other user-posted firmware update threads: The first person on here who notices an upcoming firmware announcement quickly posts a new thread preposterously claiming that the wait has already been too long, followed either by spikey asking whether the editor will have a tuner or someone wondering why spikey hasn't chimed in yet and asked whether the editor will have a tuner. And a debate will always start by the end of page 2 about why we already have more than enough [clean/high gain] amps like the new models and and Line 6 should instead release more [clean/high gain] which we don'g have nearly enough of yet, The point is, regulars know these user-created firmware threads are part of a running gag where we blow off anticipation-related steam, joke around, debate the usefulness of the new features, generally mingle, have the occasional salient debate about music, and from time to time get tidbits of new information about expected release dates from DI, which most of us promptly, but respectfully, assume will also be overrun. Oh, and we also like to get real technical about when seasons begin and end. My suggestion is this: First, be aware that these threads are not intended by most users as genuine sources of new information. That said, I can only speak for myself, but if anyone wants to open a separate thread for the express purpose of hosting only germane information, if it is clearly labeled as such, I will respect that. If the thread title is something like "2.X firmware thread for visually impaired AND YOU ARE A MAJOR INSENSITIVE HOSER IF YOU DERAIL THIS ONE," I suspect most regulars would be happy to respect it as well.
  3. rzumwalt

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Speaking of the moon, it completely disappeared for about half the day every day this week...so did the Sun. Things are getting spooky around here.
  4. rzumwalt

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I think this is generally the best kind of response to the criticism, "How dare Company X add feature Y, which I don't want to use?" If it doesn't make your experience in a product you already purchased worse, let them do whatever they want with their product and let the market decide whether the new function is valuable. Very Rothbardian.
  5. rzumwalt

    Line 6, amp modeler philosophy, How do you tweak your tones?

    The quality of the IEMs is also important to remember. The best practice seems to be to set up your presets using an FRFR monitor and use a good pair of IEMs for performances, with the understand that the tone you hear in your head won't be exactly what your audience hears. Something I recently noticed is that there is a vast difference between a high quality pair of IEMs and a poor or even middle-of-the-road pair. I recently upgraded to a Sure 215 IEM from something I can't remember the brand name of right now, but nothing absolutely cheap. Even though the Sure 215 is one of the most affordable of that line, they are in a different league from moderately priced IEMs. My point is that the Helix through a cheaper pair of IEMs is going to sound much different from the same tone through an FRFR monitor, but a higher quality pair of IEMs gets you a lot closer. The point is not that the Sure IEMs and an FRFR are identical sounding. There is still a difference. If the OP, or anyone else with the same question, is using cheap IEMs, this is what I suggest: Follow the advice of those commentators above and create your presets using an FRFR monitor at as close to performance levels as possible. Then, use a high quality IEM during performances so that you are confident that what you are hearing is close to what the audience is hearing, and you won't be tempted to adjust your settings on the fly based on what you are hearing in the IEMs. But still expect that there will still be some difference, but that it will be minimal enough that you won't really notice a difference once you are in the middle of the gig.
  6. rzumwalt

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Somewhere, there is a thread identical to this one only arguing over whether the Carpenters would have sounded the same had they used a Hammond instead of a Wurlitzer.
  7. rzumwalt

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    They can’t account for something that was beaten out of them over three years of law school and careers trying to satisfy clients with unreasonable expectations.
  8. rzumwalt

    Am I the only one...... ?

    I also haven't used a traditional amp since the Helix, and I doubt I ever will. Like others who mentioned it above, I never really owned a high quality tube amp, so my comparison is only with crummy amps or the individual times I've played other people's good amps. For anyone who is interested, my take on the trade off is: 1. The only superior thing about a tube amp (in my opinion only), is the fact that it sounds exactly like the tube amp it is. Pretty obvious, but there is some ... thing ... about it that some guitarists really like that doesn't seem to be replicable. I haven't seen anyone do a really good job of describe what the difference actually is, but my theory is that a lot of what is going on is that you have to play a tube amp at much higher volumes than you can get away with on a modeler. And, despite what our parents told us all through high school, guitars really do sound better when louder. With Helix, and now with an easily annoyed wife and sleeping kid in the house, I usually play at much lower volumes and it definitely sounds worse. In fact, I only mess with settings for a preset to use in a performance when they are out of the house, so that I can play at full volume when I do. 2. Besides the obvious advantages of modelers (variety of sounds, light weight, etc.) I feel like they are more forgiving than tube amps; meaning, you have to be dialed in to just the right settings with a physical tube amp, and that setting is always too loud for the venue. Especially since I started using modelers, whenever I have played on a tube amp at appropriate volumes it has always felt delicate or out of control, like trying to put a sweater on a wet cat. You have to be real gentle and not make any sudden moves, and even then everyone in the room is still going to get scratched in the face.
  9. rzumwalt

    Back it UP NOW- boys and girls!

    Tomorrow would be the least convenient possible day for me as well. So it's looking like it's pretty much guaranteed to drop tomorrow.
  10. rzumwalt

    Multiple IRs in Presets?

    You may need to provide more info, or a screenshot of your signal path to get a good answer. I have a couple guesses: 1. The default level for an IR block is -18db. If you have both IR blocks in serial the second one may be attenuating the overall volume below the volume you can hear it. I've enver had this happen to me, but try increasing the levels on one or both IRs. If you reach 0db on both and still don't hear anything, then this definitely isn't it. 2. Does it un-mute when either of the IR blocks are the one that is on? Maybe one of the IRs is bad or was intended for something other than a cab, like a reverb. 3. I assume it isn't a DSP limit, because you wouldn't be able to load the second IR if that were the case. But maybe I'm missing something. Have you tried using the 1024 IR block (instead of the 2048, I think), which uses fewer DSP resources. I'm not sure number 2 is possible, and I'm pretty sure number 3 isn't possible, so my best guess would be it's number 1. But try posting more details if you can.
  11. rzumwalt

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    Thanks. Strymon had a very simple librarian program when I bought the BigSky several years ago now. This looks like it kicks the old program in the butte.
  12. rzumwalt

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    That looks useful, what is Nixie and how do I download it? Thanks.
  13. rzumwalt

    Helix Translation

    Did your singer previously use physical guitar amplifiers on stage? He may believe he "knows" what amp settings are right based on the settings he used to use on a physical amp. It could be that when he plugs in your very good speakers to listen to the amp settings he "knows" are right, but doesn't get the sound he wants, he feels justified in claiming it is the speakers that suck, because his amp settings are obviously correct. From what people have said on this forum, its seems like some of Helix's amps behave more similarly to their real-world counterparts than others with respect to tone settings. It sounds like you have the right idea though. As for volume leveling between presets, that is a pain. You just have to spend the time in front of your speakers, at performance volumes playing and switching between presets (and the guitar that goes with each preset) and working them until they are at the right levels relative to one another. Again, it sounds like you have a handle on this, but your singer is the one making the classic mistake, either relying on in ears or the acoustic amp to get a feel for his levels. Someone may know the answer to this, but acoustic amps might have some natural compression to them, which would make it seem like the presets are closer to one another than they really are when going through the non-compressed PA. (Then again, maybe the lazy answer is for the sound guy to just throw a compressor on his channel?) I can sympathize with the nuisance of playing multiple guitars, I only switch between two and occasionally an acoustic guitar. At least for me, the acoustic always has to be boosted way beyond what you would think is right, so it sounds like that part of his problem is normal. You can use the mic preamp or an IR that models acoustic guitars for additional places to add gain. You can also make all of your electric guitar presets a little quieter and turn up your master volume. If he can't boost the acoustic any further, and it is still quieter than the electric channels, this might be what's going on. But kudos to him for "knowing" that the proper amp settings are dimed across the board. Last tip: on each preset, create one snapshot that is set up to be just a straigtforward, middle-of-the-road type of sound you would use for the most basic verse on your setlist, whether you would ever actually use that snapshot in a gig or not. Set the levels of all the other snapshots relative to this snapshot (using your speaker, not his acoustic amp). Then, when you cycle through the presets, adjust levels at the output block so that this "standard" snapshot is the same volume for each preset. Obviously there may be presets for which this just doesn't work, but it should be worth trying.
  14. rzumwalt

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    You're going to enjoy that Big Sky. I use it for my main or only reverb on every preset, but I have the MIDI connected. I recommend doing that. I believe my default Big Sky preset is a subtle setting using the "Reflections" mode, but I use snapshots to change presets. That way I can change to any type of reverb, plate, spring, bloom, etc., and I only use the one FX Loop block in the Helix. Alternatively you would have to either use additional reverb blocks in the Helix or manually change presets on the Big Sky. But it's a great unit either way.
  15. rzumwalt

    Expression pedal works on every snapshot??????

    You might also try setting the "mix" parameter on the wah to 0% for the snapshots you don't want it on. I also don't have the unit in front of me, but I'm pretty sure mix is a parameter on all the wah pedals, but I don't know about the whammy.