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  1. rzumwalt

    Helix 2.9 Update

    I can attest to having this exact dilemma all the time. Especially when I am really busy and don't have time to prepare before a gig, I know I could sound better, but using one preset is good enough, so why bother. With your idea, it wouldn't be such a bother.
  2. No...the ink is the part that causes cancer.
  3. All good insights. I've been telling a friend for a while to get an HX Stomp. He never would, but is suddenly interested in the Iridum. There are just some guys who need physical knobs I guess. For some people, everything I think makes the Helix platform superior, they think of as a detraction. It reminds me of those mobile phones they made maybe 10 years ago that were marketed to older people on the grounds that they didn't have a touchscreen or any apps and just had big number pad buttons and a few speed dial buttons your kids could pre-program for you. There would be an old guy saying, "I remember when you just used your phone to call people," and a lady using a walker saying, "now I can call my grandkids without all those confusing apps."
  4. Agreed. If I were to buy one it would be for practicing in my bedroom when I don't have access to my Helix or informal practice/jam at a bandmate's house and not wanting to lug my Helix (and everything I have hooked to it) with me, and just want to be able to plug in and play. After owning the Helix, it would feel extremely limiting. But I wonder whether running it in an effects loop as a parallel amp would have any obvious problems, like phasing, totally incompatible tone, unintended slapback effect, etc.
  5. I've seen some reviews for the Strymon Iridium saying it might be an alternative for some players to the HX Stomp. I'd be curious if anyone has tried it and found any use for it in conjunction with the HX Stomp, HX Effects, or even Helix. If I were in the HX Stomp/Iridium market, I know I would choose the HX Stomp, but I could also see it being used sort of like "extra DSP" where you want two or three parallel amps that are too DSP intensive to use in the same preset. It's use with HX Effects is obvious, but I feel like it is marketed toward physical pedalboard guys.
  6. Strongly agree with this. Case in point, I love the Tube Screamer in front of any of the Fender type amps, but I also like to use the Lonestar ch 2 model and, to my ears the Tube Screamer muddles it up real quickly, and I find a clean boost works best. What I love about that model is how well it reacts to input volume, so, more often than not, my "lead" setting is just to push my volume pedal all the way up. On other models, I have found setting the tone knobs per snapshot like you indicated can render a good lead switch. But making minor tone adjustments becomes more tedious, because you have to adjust the same settings on every snapshot. Though, that may just be a consequence of my style of doing things, yours may work just fine with that method. The last thing I find useful is an EQ pedal toward the end, after the cab, connected to an expression pedal. I think I've been using the 5-channel EQ lately. In addition to increasing the overall volume, it also reduces some of the lows and increases some of the highs (I think 2khz). It's been a while since I looked at it but I think I usually set it up so volume increases by 4.5db, the lowest or second lowest EQ slider decreases by no more than 3db, and the 2k EQ slider increases by no more than 2db. Since I have it on the on-board expression pedal, I can use it regardless of the snapshot state or whether snapshots or stomps are displayed on the footswitches, and I can boost as much or little as needed. And since the firmware update, the scribble script for the pedal now shows the percent up or down it is set at, so it is easier to tell exactly how much I am boosting, or not.
  7. I've had just about the same experience. I also have a two-year old who likes to pound on buttons and anything shiny in indiscriminate manner when his dad isn't looking. I have one footswitch that needs to be pressed juuuuuuuuuuust right. Otherwise no problems since I got it when it was first released.
  8. A little off topic, but I found the Helix model of the Whammy pedal to be better than the simple pitch for that application. But I still generally agree with everyone else that the DigiTech pedals actually do a better job. The reason I figured this out is interesting and might help someone out if they ever get in a jam like I did. During a runthrough before a show, one of the screws that held the springs on my guitar's floating bridge broke and I couldn't tighten the other screw or the tuning pegs enough to compensate, so my guitar flat without any way to tune it the rest of the way up. The best I could do was about 0.6 of a step flat. So I set up a block with the Whammy model at the front of the signal chain and set the effect pedal so that heel down was a step down and heel up was neutral (no pitch change). I was able to get it roughly in tune, and it was good enough for the runthrough. I ran home to get another guitar before the gig though.
  9. rzumwalt

    Double Tracking

    I meant to ask Peter why he used a ducked delay, but I only remembered to quote ppoceiro in my previous post?
  10. rzumwalt

    Double Tracking

    I noticed you use a ducked delay with the ducking at 0%. Any reason for this? If there is any ducking effect actually happening, I would imagine the volume of that path would go in and out since the mix is at 100%. Is it because the ducked delay has a low and high cut? I don't recall getting a chorus effect when I used the pitch delay. I think I had the pitch setting at maybe just a 2 or 3 cents. Just enough to widen the sound a bit, but not so much anyone would know there was any pitch effect going on at all. I also don't recall ever getting any noticeable artifacts. My guess was that, with the pitch delay, since the processor has those couple of milliseconds to process the signal, it has time to apply a more powerful process to changing the pitch than it could with the simple pitch, which is required to process the signal almost instantaneously. But I don't know whether any of that is true.
  11. rzumwalt

    Double Tracking

    A couple years ago someone on here posted an idea to use the pitch delay to mimic a double track. It worked pretty well, but I can't seem to find the thread. You set the feedback to 0% (or 1%, whatever gives you just one repeat), delay to maybe 3 ms, and pitch to about 5 cents. I think you were supposed to set the mix at 50%, but I tended to set it at a little less to make the effect less apparent. I'm now interested in combining that with Peter's idea... ...but using the pitch delay.
  12. Wondering whether anyone has seen this issue after updating to 2.80. My presets with MIDI program and CC outgoing messages in the control center were all reset from channels 2 and 3 to base channel. Interestingly, when I looked at them in HX Edit, they showed still being on channels 2 and 3, until I changed a snapshot, and then it would show base. So it still knew they used to be 2 and 3 before forgetting. Also, all the other information, e.g., program and CC numbers, are unchanged. Im not sure whether I did something to cause it. I did play with the global settings while I was fixing those after the update, so it’s possible I did something that caused it. Not a big deal, just a pain going through every preset with MIDI messages and changing the channel numbers for every snapshot. But I’d like to get to the bottom of whatever it was so maybe others won’t do the same thing.
  13. Well...I think the visually impaired would be interested on any coffee machine related information, so that would be fair game, right? Maybe I haven't thought this all the way through yet.
  14. I have a sincere suggestion (below). I generally agree with opinions like the latter quoted above more than I do opinions like the former, but I am not altogether without sympathy for the visually impaired/disabled. Having read and contributed to this forum for a while now, I can tell you that this 2.80 thread is just like every the other user-posted firmware update threads: The first person on here who notices an upcoming firmware announcement quickly posts a new thread preposterously claiming that the wait has already been too long, followed either by spikey asking whether the editor will have a tuner or someone wondering why spikey hasn't chimed in yet and asked whether the editor will have a tuner. And a debate will always start by the end of page 2 about why we already have more than enough [clean/high gain] amps like the new models and and Line 6 should instead release more [clean/high gain] which we don'g have nearly enough of yet, The point is, regulars know these user-created firmware threads are part of a running gag where we blow off anticipation-related steam, joke around, debate the usefulness of the new features, generally mingle, have the occasional salient debate about music, and from time to time get tidbits of new information about expected release dates from DI, which most of us promptly, but respectfully, assume will also be overrun. Oh, and we also like to get real technical about when seasons begin and end. My suggestion is this: First, be aware that these threads are not intended by most users as genuine sources of new information. That said, I can only speak for myself, but if anyone wants to open a separate thread for the express purpose of hosting only germane information, if it is clearly labeled as such, I will respect that. If the thread title is something like "2.X firmware thread for visually impaired AND YOU ARE A MAJOR INSENSITIVE HOSER IF YOU DERAIL THIS ONE," I suspect most regulars would be happy to respect it as well.
  15. Speaking of the moon, it completely disappeared for about half the day every day this week...so did the Sun. Things are getting spooky around here.
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