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Line 6 Stagesource L2t And Hd500 - Is This The Best You Can Sound Without An Amp?


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"Paul Hindmarsh from Line 6 shows us how the Line6 L2t Loudspeakers can be used alongside the POD HD500 to create an amazingly versatile setup that can be used in variety of scenarios"



This Video was the Reason I upgraded my setup to include a L2t, I wanted to be able to get the amazing electric guitar sounds from my HD500X and the Amazing Variax Acoustic sounds in one single setup, I do own a DT25 Which I love but I have never figured out how to get a decent Variax acoustic sound to the FOH Mixer. Now that I have this setup, I have issues and questions to make it sound right.


My main concern here is to find an answer or best advise on how to send a signal to the FOH Mixer for both the Electric Guitar Sounds and the Variax Acoustic Sounds. In a real life situation ( Live Setting )


When I connect the HD500X to the L2t via L6 Link, the default behavior HD500 to "Combo" and L2t to "Electric Guitar".

- I am sure this is for a Reason.


On that Video, Paul talks about programing both units for the desired sound behavior, for example:

- He was using the L2t as an Electric Guitar mode and when changing to acoustic the L2t would reconfigure to Acoustic      Guitar Mode.

- I wonder what would be the ideal Output mode on the HD500 for this..


One thing that confuses me the most, he was MIKING the L2t!!..

So, This is telling me that there is not an easy way to get the best of both signals ( Electric & Variax Acoustic ) from the XLR outs of the HD500..


My questions is How can I Realisticaly use this setup in a Live situation and get the best of both worlds?


I know I have already posted about this topic but I must be persistent and be able to figure something out based on the   opinions and advise of what I think are some of the finest knowledgeable users and experts.


Please Help.



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I believe he mic'd the L2T in the video to simulate hearing it in the room with the band. In this case he is using it as a monitor only. I believe that he's running it in studio direct output mode but you may want to comment on his youtube video directly, he seems pretty responsive to questions on his different videos.


For your purpose I would think you would leave the L2T in FRFR mode so that you know what it will sound like through the mains.

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I've got the same question.

Ideally I'd like to have the ability to:


1. Apply different output settings to the Line6Link and XLR outs so I could go "combo-front" to the L2t and at the same time send "studio direct" to the live board or protools.  It's currently a global setting for all outputs.

2. Edit and save the L2t settings the HD500x Edit (I know I can manually save the settings in the patch so this just nice to have).  

3. Saving the HD's output settings per patch would be nice too.

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