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  1. Yeah I have both the Mark V:25 and Rectoverb 25 and have no problem switching channels from the Helix. I only use a 1/4 inch instrument cable for both (just to switch channels, not to use the EQ switching on the Mark). I remember this thread from before I got the Helix and I was expecting to run into problems but it always just worked for me.
  2. Is there a further mono/stereo folder under legacy or are they only mono version of the effects?
  3. Quick question - do you have to setup a preset with the various inputs enabled and routed in order to record them? I tried using the Helix as an interface in Reaper and I see the 8 inputs but I only get a signal on 1/2 - I tried running my Amplifire into Return 2 and I can only record it if I add a return block in the preset (and again only on input 1/2) - shouldn't I be able to get the input with an empty preset?
  4. Have the presets for the Shuriken been made available to download yet? More importantly, are they compatible with the other JTV guitars?
  5. I'm not going to hardwire it as I don't want to mod my unit while it is still under warranty. I figure this solution will at least minimize the amount of plugging/unplugging of the usb since it will be stationary on my board with the added benefit of being able to power it from a common power supply.
  6. I ordered these two items which will hopefully provide the same result as that board: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RWY32A2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QJAW9F4/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3VN1CAY0GAB&coliid=I5B6LSZKP0A2J It will take a while to arrive but I'll report back with results.
  7. Have you tried this on a daisy chain (onespot etc?) - just wondering if it generates noise or has to have isolated power.
  8. The left mono line input should work fine. Just set that to your input in your global settings and you should be good to go - no cables up front :)
  9. Did you try using the amp at the repair shop with the HD? Or somewhere besides your house?
  10. I think the second is the amp as well - that rolled back clean tone has a lot more body to it, where the Pod tends to get a little thin and flat. I'd love to be wrong and either way both sounds are totally gigable and sound good!
  11. What cable are you using to connect your phone directly? Remember that the speaker is mono so a stereo signal might get a little funky depending on the mix and how you are connecting it.
  12. That is a weird one. When you unplug the cable from the the Pod that sound goes away completely?
  13. Just finished my first "custom" board build (custom meaning plywood and paint :D ). Got a great heavy duty case but the board it came with was too small. I prefer a lift out style case like this so I can swap back and forth with an alternate board with regular stomps. Heavy as hell but should be a lot quicker to setup!
  14. Ooh a KM-7 is on my wish list!
  15. My favorite pickups right now are the stock ones in my PRS Tremonti Custom SE - I think they are essentially lower end versions of Mark Tremonti's signature pickup set. I used to prefer active EMGs, but now I prefer hi-gain passive pickups that clean up good when rolling the volume back. These do that really well and are very expressive. I may spring for some Bare Knuckle Juggernauts at some point.
  16. Super clean setup! I like it!
  17. What pedal case is that Ben? My HD500 gig bag is about done, and thinking of going the hard case route.
  18. Where do you have the FX block in your preset? Try moving it right after the Mixer block and see if that helps. There are a few ways to set it up, but also try boosting the mixer by 3db for both path A and path B since there is a little bit of a level drop on the FX send.
  19. 4CM works great with my Mesa amps - Stiletto, Rectoverb 25, Mark V:25. You should be good with any amp with a quality buffered series fx loop. I added a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher so that I can change amp channel via midi from the HD500.
  20. Sounds fun! Again the super flexible routing and dual stereo paths of the Pod HD500 wins!
  21. That is a cool setup - nice idea using the ipad for video stuff!
  22. I would not want to have to move that rig to a gig PerS :D
  23. Here's my Pod HD500 4CM with my Mesa Mark V:25. Not pictured is my Voodoo Lab Control Switcher (at our rehearsal space).
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