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True stereo with two amps, how to...


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Hi all

I have been to all factory presets and did not heard any true stereo dual amps like in my old hd 500

Let say :

Starting with a single mono line with comp dist... splitting to L side on a plexi and the R side in a Whowatt then merging to a stereo line adding only stereo delay and reverb to LR output.

Could not find a way to do this with true L and R dual amp setup with stereo delay ...

Any ideas?


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Drop the blocks in just like you describe and it should work. Use mono effects before your amps, merge after the cabs, then put in a stereo delay and reverb after the merge.

Did just that and it's not what I expected...

I wanted hard pan on L side the Fender amps truly separated of the R side with the Marshall tone.


This is a blend of the two amps together equally spread on the stereo bus.


The only way to do that ( of my very little experience) is to have an one amp on path 1a and one amp on path 2a with each of those path with its guitar input.

Is that correct?

Is there a better way to achieve that ?

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There are lots of ways to do it, but the easiest method is probably this:

  • Build your "left" sound on Path 1. Set its Output > Multi block's Pan parameter to Left 100.
  • Build your "right" sound on Path 2. Set its Output > Multi block's Pan parameter to Right 100.

If you want to build everything on the same path, you can:

  • Select one of your two Amp blocks, press ACTION, and use the joystick to move it down. This creates Split and Merge blocks.
  • If necessary, move your Amp, Split, and Merge blocks accordingly. The Split should be to the left of the first Amp and the Merge should be to the right of both Amps.
  • Select the Merge block and set its A Pan parameter to Left 100 and its B Pan parameter to Right 100.

Note that all paths are fully stereo, so if you have, say, a Ping Pong delay before the split and want it to bounce back and forth between Paths 1A and 1B, it won't sound stereo because both the left and right sides are being sent to both paths equally before being merged to mono at the Amp block. You can still accomplish this, but you have to select the Split > Y block and set Balance A to Left 100 and Balance B to Right 100.

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Digital Igloo


I have setup the attached stereo setup, however I cannot seem to be able to use the 1/4 L and R outputs and assign each of these separate paths to pan R and L.


I am in essence trying to maximise the DSP and run 2 modelled amps out into 2 power amps and then ISO cabs. The ISO cabs are then mic'd to the PA and panned L/R for a stereo setup


The chain is setup to have drives feed into both amps and then delays post amps going separate outputs


Is there a way to do this using the L/R 1/4 inch outs?


It works as I have setup, however the master volume only affects the 1/4 out (Left signal) and not the Send/Ret out (Right signal)



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2 hours ago, brue58ski said:

If I'm reading Johnam71's post correctly, he wants path 2A going to one  power amp and 2B going to another amp. I would make both paths outputs 1/4" and pan one hard left and the other hard right. That would solve what I think he's trying to do.


Yep that should do the trick..

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