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Powering the Variax Standard


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My standard arrives tomorrow


Does the standard come with workbench ?


Also what are my options for power? I will be using the standard in my studio so charging the battery all the time will become tiresome.


I don't need loads of fx as I already have an Eleven rack I something cheap I can power the guitar with would be good...



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Hi Gagsmdia, 


Congrats on your new Variax Standard!


Workbench is a free download from our website. In addition to downloading Variax Workbench, I also recommend downloading the Line 6 Monkey Updater. 

When on the Downloads page, select the Variax standard as your product and download both Monkey and Workbench HD.

The updater is used to update the firmware in your Variax Standard. I recommend checking your guitar to ensure its on the latest firmware. After registering your Variax, email notifications can be set to be informed on new and upcoming updates. 


As for powering, the battery used in Variax Standard will last up to 12 hours on a full charge. Extra batteries can be found here: also available at any Line 6 Dealer.


Using the VDI cable that comes with your Variax can be used to connect to Line 6 processors such as  POD HD, Firehawk, or HELIX. Longer and more robust VDI cables are also available: or at any Line 6 dealer. 


I also recommend checking out the users manual as it has a complete model list of the guitars accessible on variax, as well cool features like 'Virtual Capo' :


Let us know if you have any more questions!

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On 6/26/2020 at 12:46 PM, Booboo4378 said:

I have a Variax 300 and an HD500 and am having difficulty using the VDI input. What is the correct procedures and settings to make this work? Everything works ok with the 1/4 inch connection.


Thank You 

Jeff Jordan

SET "VARIAX" as INPUT on your pod

PRESS and HOLD SAVE and navigate to the inputs settings

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Yesterday my Spark arrived. I tried to use my 700 with a wireless cable. Then I tried a regular cable. Neither worked. Don't know if it was coincidence or not, but 700 only works at all with power supply connected. Do I just take it to a service center? I know I have registered it, but it was so long ago, I think I have 2 different user names and can't get into either. Now it says contact user support, then User Support says you have to have a user name and password to contact them. I'm going in circles. How do I recover a user support account? Also, I don't know as much about the 700 as I probably should. For instance, I do not know if I can download/use Workbench?

Can anyone answer any of my questions?

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