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Use Firehawk Remote with your pc


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Hi eljingy,


Last time I tried to use the bluestack emulator, it was not possible to setup the BT connection. Did you succeed in it or do you suppose it should run ?


If it does run and if the BT connection is stable, it will be a nice answer for all the FH users expecting a PC interface.


Thank you for sharing your experience,



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On 11/8/2020 at 2:33 PM, coltsaylors said:

Can someone from Line 6 answer this question???

Why is there not an easy way to download the firehawk remote to PC?

Because there is no Windows editing app. The USB to PC allows you to update and record but not edit patches etc. Unless I'm wrong but I don't think so.


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On 8/19/2023 at 1:11 PM, benagoh74 said:

You would figure with the question being out there, and Windows being one of the main operating systems, that Line 6 would have figured out a solution by now.

You’re right. If Line 6 intended to develop a PC/Mac editing program for Firehawk they would have done so by now. So the conclusion is…..

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