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Periphery - Helix Tones


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Greetings everyone and Happy Holidays!



Today I released a bunch of Periphery Tones on my website and I'm also running a Holiday offer for these!



Here are some samples for my tones:



And here are some reviews from my customers:



I would be glad if you could check them out! I worked very hard for these!


Kind regards,


-SB Soundlab

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I think I have a better merigold sound, maybe not even so much as the tone but, I'm using two rigs because they have so many guitarists and I want that full rig sound. Here's a little peak.



Well, can only post one image. Pv Panama through 4x12 greenback 25 57dynamic 1inch and a lin6 2204 mod(Marshall jcm mod I think) through4x12 Mandarin em 4038 ribbon 2.5 inches, hard gate,low and high cut 22hz 19.9khz and another hard gate, both to taste. Up top is tube drive, hard gate, la studio comp or kinky, depending on the mood. Jackson soloist using Omega pup with audio Technica m50s headphones so consider that as well. 


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Eh, "full rig sound" doesn't make sense to me, unless you are trying to play a gig with only 1 guitarist.


I strictly went for their album tone, which is a main rhythm tone and they only tweaked it a bit depending on the tuning. (6/7string songs).


As for my tones, I am lucky enough to own an Axe FX II as well (which is what they used on the album too). So I was able to get very close to their tone by using the same exact amp sims that they used. After that, I made some patches with my Helix Native to match my Axe FX tones and now they sound almost identical.


Sooo I don't know if it can get THAT much better :P  





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