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Forum is losing my login status....


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This just started happening recently (over the past week or two) so I'm not sure if it began with the slight forum design change, or if a recent browser update is causing it.


I'll visit the forums and will be logged in... I visit a post or two, return to the forum (via the breadcrumb, not the back button) and I am no longer logged in. Sometimes a simple refresh will work, sometimes I have to click the "sign in" button near the upper right to get back in. I never have to enter my credentials.... just clicking "sign in" is often enough. 


There is no set pattern.... it is very random and frustrating! 

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Does anyone know if anything is being done to rectify the issue of the forum log in/out situation.

We are now in August and it is still happening to beyond the point of annoyance.

Who/where do we contact to protest?

It's really **$%£@£$%^^^(_+@!£$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not at all amusing.

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