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Can you get a strat to sound like a PRS?


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hey guys, so i know the possibilities are endless with the 500x but i was wondering.. is it possible to have your guitar sound like another one.. i currently have a strat but I'm a PRS lover.. do you guys think it's possible to get my strat to get somewhat of a prs tone.. almost like an SE custom 24.. any help would be appreciated! thanks! 

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10 hours ago, kyleernest said:

hey guys, so i know the possibilities are endless with the 500x but i was wondering...


Well no, not quite... lol. There are myriad options in the POD for mimicking amplifiers, but if you want to make your guitar sound like something other than what it is,  you'll need a Variax... but even those don't have any PRS models onboard. 

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PRS guitar are usually loaded with high output humbuckers, in my experience anyway. You cannot copy that exactly, but you can try to shape the tone to varying degrees of success. 

  • Put the strat in the bridge position. 
  • Insert the Graphic EQ at the front of the chain
  • Roll off the highs a little  (subtle is best)
  • Boost the mids a little (subtle is best)
  • Boost the overall gain about 3 db. I don't recall if that EQ has an output gain... if not you may need to add a gain block after it. 

I'm not saying this will work as expected... but it doesn't hurt to try


35 minutes ago, pianoguyy said:

Of all the guitars one may want to sound like... a cheap import?


I'm fine with the PRS part of the question but the exact model listed does leave me scratching my head as well.


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