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Firehawk 1500 or PowerCab 212 plus with Helix


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Firehawk is purely FRFR device when used as an amp for the Helix, and its a "2.1" stereo system with a center woofer and side speakers. Powercab 212+ is meant to be more like a guitar cab in its projection with coaxial speakers (tweeter centered on the woofer) and offers speaker modeling built in. It's also way overpriced IMO. 

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The Powercab 212 is way too heavy for me to lift on a regular basis. I use two Powercab 112s linked together via L6 Link. Sounds really good to my ears.


I don’t know the Firehawk but if, as gunpointmetal says, it is purely FRFFR then you won’t have all of the sound options that come with the Powercab such as FRFR, LFRAW etc. ... not to mention the built-in speaker emulations and ir capabilities that can reduce the processing load in your Helix.

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I own a 1500. I love it .... BUT ...


I bought it before the Powercab came out. If I could do it over, I think I'd go Powercab mainly because (in order of reasons):


1. 1500 is WAY heavier. You really have to add $200 for the case to the price if you want to gig with it.

2. "Amp in the Room" emulation is from the Powercab is pretty cool. 

3. For the most part, I never need the Firehawk's modeling abilities (and I'm a Stomp user, I can't imagine if I had a full Helix).


The plus for the 1500 is the bluetooth streaming is awesome, and it makes a great stereo. Serious, it's REALLY nice, I just think the Powercab edges past it.

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21 hours ago, dannepop said:

Seems like the Firehawk is cheaper, but what´s the difference?


If you plan on using it with your Helix... the Powercab is the perfect compliment in terms of options/features. 

The Firehawk 1500 is a modeling amp (HD modeling).... and with a Helix you wouldn't have any use for those models and will just bypass them to reach the power & speakers. 


As for speaker compliment.... that depends on your preference. I tend to like 10's or 12's with my guitar on a stage... not a 2.1 stereo setup with smaller mid focus speakers. YMMV.

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I"d go Powercab 212 Plus ...

I own a 112 plus which sounds awesome and don't think the 212 is much heavier as it's loaded with  2 onboard 12 in  Eminence Neodymium speakers..... 

That can be paired-up or swapped out with one of the 12 speaker models as of the  2.00.1....   

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