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Help a young musician get his speaker for helix


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So I am planning on getting an amp because currently I play in a orchestra but I always connect the helix lt directly to the pa, they have a really expensive sound system so I didn't think I needed anything else. But now I am going to start to play with a band to go on tour and I'm thinking that I will probably be playing most of the time in small places, where the PA system will be much worse, and not only that, I think the group gains in sound quality if I have my own amp, don't think I want to connect the pedalboard to the speakers that the singer will be using for the voice, I prefer an amp for all possible scenarios.


What happens is that I am pretty noob to amp and speakers, I've learnt quite a lot using the helix but I really have no idea where to begging.


For example, will I lose sound quality if I use the helix only for effects connected to the amp I buy?


Also, should I get an amp or a speaker? (I don't even know what a Poweramp is for so you can figure out how lost I am), I've worked quite a lot in my helix presets and I do have a good organic sound, but I don't know if I should get now an amp and bypass amps at the helix or get an speaker which I don't even know the name of which I can use without bypassing the map. Also, what about the cab? I'm guessing I would have to get one, and what's that even for? Is it like an amp? Lol, and a mic.


I frankly would appreciate some help to guide me on this change

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If you are looking to keep things simple and stick with the presets you've already created in Helix, your best bet is a PA style or FRFR speaker. FRFR = full range flat response. FRFR is great for modeling units like Helix. There are quite a few on the market. Line 6 makes it's own FRFR solution, the PowerCab series. PowerCabs can provide a full range for use with Helix. Powercab also has built in speaker models to give you more of the "amp in the room feel". Essentially speaker modeling lets you disable the cab model in Helix and run an amp model straight into Powercab's physical cab and speaker(s). Powercab + models can also be controlled by Helix via an L6 Link cable.

I would look into some FRFR options. Adding an analog amp is a possibility, but IMO the setup can get more complex with 4 cable method. You may want to check out the facebook group "Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL" - there's near 30k members, who all hang out and talk Helix and are very helpful. They will definitely share their thoughts on different FRFR speakers and more. 

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Well, let's start with this. The way to think about modelers is not as what you would hear plugged into an amp. It's what you would hear with a miced amp in a studio on a speaker in the control room. So, plugging a Helix into the front of a guitar amp would be like plugging in your smart phone to listen to music through a guitar amp. It would not sound good. You want something that reproduces all frequencies as equally well as possible. This is commonly referred to as FRFR which stands for Full Range, Flat Response. Not that there aren't ways to do to use a regular guitar amp but that's a different rabbit hole.


RE: a power amp. These days you don't need one if you don't want to use one. Keep in mind this is a term that is thrown around in several ways. A guitar amp usually has what's refered to as a power amp in it along with a preamp. And keep in mind, in the interest of expediency, I will be skipping over some things. It's kind of like a computer. There's always hundreds of ways to do even a simiple task. So it sounds like you plan on there being a strong possibility of using the amp instead of the PA for the room. I would recommend the powercab from Line 6 then. It will give you the best simulation of what you would hear just playing next to a guitar amp. Here's thie big one.


Otherwise you can get a powered FRFR PA speaker. This eliminates the need for a power amp. It's already integrated into the speaker unit. I'm guessing that's what you might want. Line 6 has a line of expensive ones that have all kinds of bells and whistles. This seems to be the one many guitar players get if they get one.


This one I would call your average powered speaker.It is just an example. Some like this one some do not. It was also supposedly designed for amp modellers.


There are so many,  I couldn't begin to start recommending any one. FYI I've not tried any of the products I've mentioned.


One thing to consider is whether you're planning using this just to monitor yourself or for essentially no PA, all of the sound coming from your amp. This plays into it as well. These are just a couple of thoughts on this. This is a big rabbit hole. There are many options. These are just a couple that I think could work in your situation.



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I recommend looking into the Line 6 Powercab and running it in FRFR mode.  Guitar Center has some good prices on used, and they have a great return policy if you don't like it.  30 days; just drop it off at a Guitar Center.   I take it back.  The prices for used on Guitar Center are close to the same as new on Sweetwater.  That's really odd, based on my experience with GC.  I got my 112 plus  used through them in excellent condition for $200 less than new just 4 months back.


I have one and absolutely love it.  So smooth/real.  And this from an owner of many tube amps including Mesa, Marshall and Fender.


But there are many options to consider so take in all the advice and ponder.  I personally would not go with integrating the Helix into a regular guitar amp.  Added cables, complexity, clunkiness.





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1 hour ago, PiFromBRC said:

A Helix, two towers, a Power cab, a subwoofer, a Variax, 2 Gibsons, 2 Teles, and a Gretsch.  Might want to rethink your name there.



Well it's not like a lot of thought went into it.  I was trying to find an unused name for an extra email account and I was thinking of George Thorogood's 'Homesick Boy' and got the lyrics wrong. :)


You gotta admit, GAS can leave you poor, and possibly even alone.

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For Home: Pawn shop- look for a pair of some old FRFR speakers like "Event Project Studio 6" speakers. 

For playing out in small places/venues, you can't beat the Power Cab + series. 

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