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Reverse Guitar Effect


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Hi everyone,


I am trying to create a Reverse Guitar Effect like here:


Now I know there is some stomp box out there which does just that, but how can you do something like that in Helix? I tried the Reverse Delay, but since it is a delay, the outcome is not really what I wished for.


Thanks for your help and input!


Best Regards

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Unfortunately, the problem with all reverse effects is that they can't go into the future and find out how a note is going to decay, so the reversed sound will always be delayed. AFAIK it pretty much requires a non-real-time process to get it right.


However...if you end up doing it with in the studio with a DAW in non-real-time, here's a hint. Make a premix, reverse it, and play along with that. Then when the guitar is reversed, it at least follows along with the song. 

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On the Helix there's "reverse delay".  Try if that works for you.  If you just want to make random noises, yeah that will work.  But to play a shred part with the reverse guitar sound may be more tricky.... and maybe you will have to use the fade-in effect instead.  But first try the reverse delay.

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On 8/2/2022 at 8:57 PM, HelixUser333 said:

I am trying to create a Reverse Guitar Effect like here:

Hi, “HelixUser333” (only half way to 666) LOL!

Some say it is the devil’s work, and loaded with dark Satanic Messages (pass the bullsh!t repellent, and then Google “back masking”), but it’s simple enough - it’s just studio trickery- record your guitar then flip it over to play in reverse. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and many, many more people (including me) were a big fans of this stuff, only in their day you had to physically print the audio to tape and then turn it over to play it backwards and record it again.


If you’re not a genuine “Time Lord”, just follow the guidance offered by “craiganderton” in his post above.

I know we have predictive text, but predictive musical notes? Yeah, right, let me know when that pedal hits the streets.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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It's already been addressed... I'm just piling on with my my 2 cents. 


Studio trickery (and relatively easy "in the studio").... but simply not possible (realistically) in real time. 


The closest you can get (live/real time) is to learn the part in reverse... and use a volume pedal to swell in the lines so it seems authentic. Sadly... you can't swell in all the nuances and/or effects in reverse... which is a big part of the sound. A simple "fixed" fade in won't work (ie: Slow Gear effect or reverse delay)... as each note would require a different duration to fade in. Some would be really fast, others really slow. 


To imagine how hard this would be to create... imagine a vocal processor that could reverse a vocal, full words and inflections... before the vocalist actually sings the line. IMO... modeling company's might get this effect down about the same time a travel company perfects the "transporter". 


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Hi everyone, thanks for the input!


I know that you cannot predict the future - but, what I aim for is a sound that simply places the initial pick sound at the end of a note and creates a swell after hitting the strings.


And I didn't lie, there is a stomp box here, which does kinda that:


In the rehearsal room complex I was playing in a guy was around who had another pedal which worked quite similarily. Unfortunately that was a long time ago in a different place, so I cannot ask him what he used.


So if it sounded a bit like that above thing, I'd be happy. It's for live stuff. I know that I can reverse my recordings for the same sound in studio.


@craiganderton yeah, i tried it as well, switching output of the delay to 100%, and playing 1 bar earlier. but hitting the exact timing needs quite some practice. Plus having no immediate feedback of what you are actually playing through the output. It feels kinda weird.


@datacommando: Half way to hell, that's the purpose of it ;-) plus being not very creative on my Username before that number :DD . And no, I don't want to use it for backward messages. What backward message could I deliver that could shock people in these times??? Maybe 'Family plans are to be reconsidered very carefully'.

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On 8/11/2022 at 7:57 AM, carlosvladi said:

codamedia Vai - In my dreams with you

If you meant to reference this video - it’s still studio trickery, video studio trickery just the same.




I really admire Mr. Vai and Heavy Devvy, but once again, nothing new here as far as a music promo video.


The Beatles were doing this sort of stuff with film, way back in 1967.




Maybe the OP should buy an E-Bow.



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On 8/20/2022 at 5:57 AM, HelixUser333 said:

@brue58ski Thanks for the hint, that comes close to what I want. I set it up in my Helix and while you have to play very consistent to make the threshold work, It sounds great.


Yes. As I recall you had to have a smidge of silence between notes so it would "reset" itself and give you the fade in.

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On 8/23/2022 at 10:16 AM, theElevators said:

Instead, try this legacy effect.  I place it after the amp/cab.  The best thing about this block is that it doesn't need to be "reset" between notes.  This setting works for me for distorted sound, for long-ish notes. 


Like the previous post, I'm also in the "better late than never" category. Of course, the sound can't give that "snap" at the end of the decay like real backwards guitar, but it's a very cool effect on its own. I'm glad you posted this. 


Clearly, I need to spend more time checking into the legacy effects :)

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On 11/23/2023 at 3:43 PM, HelixUser333 said:

Thank you! I only saw your post now, omg. But not too late for a credit! I will post if that worked for me. Thanks again!


You are that guy?

Watched that vid today, awesome! Creds to you! Remembered your profile pic.

yes, that is indeed me!

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