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  1. Hi Guys, Can someone let me know the length of power supply cable that comes with the HX Stomp? Thanks
  2. Interesting thread, what is the Midi Channel that we need to select to use Helix to control Amplitube. Any info on the set up of Helix to control Amplitube would be good. I know I got it working some years back with a Boss GT10.
  3. Hi Guys, A request if anyone is willing. Can anyone upload the Factory set-lists (Factory 1 and 2) from v3.0 for HX Stomp. I would like to try some on the Helix so I can see how I would set up a Stomp I am getting soon. Thanks!
  4. Thanks I was wondering how you guys are using this as it is a preamp. I will try this!
  5. All you need is a USB cable, the kind that you use for a printer; Plug this into Spider V and the other end into your computer. Make sure that your OS has the correct ASIO driver installed or else your DAW will never see the amp. You can get the right driver from here:
  6. Hi, Can you try installing the latest Driver and seeing if that helps. I attached a screenshot. I do know that if i don't install the driver on my Mac I am forced to use at 48kHz only. So maybe installing the driver will help your setup.
  7. Thanks guys! and thanks to Line 6. Helix is just a lot of fun. Every time i plug into it I just smile at the depth of tone!
  8. I am using the Helix version 2.12.0, stock patch 12B 'Plexi Monster' on this cover. It needed no tweaking for my rhythm versus lead guitars. All guitars you hear on this are from the Helix and guitar used was a Ibanez RG1XXV. All I did in the mix stage was add some Soundtoys Echoboy to the lead guitar tracks. Quite incredible how responsive this unit is. The mileage that I got from this 1 stock preset is incredible, kudos to Line 6! Now I need to take some time out and do my Helix Firmware update, I am definitely saving that 'Plexi Monster preset.
  9. THank you very much for this. Always love that lead tone on 'Pretending' and you got that and his other tones dialed in beautifully. Great job!
  10. That be, Right and wrong; Joe Jackson. The first 4 notes of this riff are the same as a Zeppelin song, are they not. Do y'all hear that.... Your tone is spot on to the original, nice work!
  11. I also use these with the Helix and I have zero complaints. Nice headphones!
  12. @ QuickDraw, jaminjimlp & arislaf Thank you guys, glad you like it. I will have more patches in the works soon. I still need to delve into IR's, so far I am just having way too much fun with the Helix and it's built in sounds and capabilities.
  13. Wow, great sounding patch Scott !!
  14. Thank you very much! Enjoy the Helix patch and the Backing Track.
  15. Same for me, Logic Pro X, super easy :)
  16. Here is a free Helix patch and a free Backing Track I made for Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers. The patch uses Snapshots. I denote in the video which snapshots were used. No IR's used just Helix stock cabs on this one. Dropbox link to patch and BT in the YouTube video description: This is my first real recording project with the Helix.
  17. I have owned my Helix a month now. I was a little hesitant on spending the money on it but, I can happily say it is a game changer. I sold my Pod HD bean within a week of owning the Helix. I do lot of home recording and the Helix is a thing of beauty. For me it responds like a real amp and I find that makes me want to play more. I have had no issues recording into Logic Pro X with the Helix. Sure, the Pod HD was good, but I can tell you that I do not miss it and I have not looked back. Patch creation on the Helix is very easy and intuitive. If you enjoy tone building and tweaking then I think the Helix is the way to go, it really is a nice unit. I am glad I purchased it and the good news is I feel no need to look at other gear, so for me (at least till now) it is a GAS remedy.
  18. Yep, I feel exactly the same way. Day # 3 on my new Helix and I have not moved off the 2204 Mod amp....It for me is the tone i remember as being great! In one preset using 2004 amp I can go from 70's up to modern day tones on the same amp model using Snapshots, just awesome. Lovely guitar Chris and a great video. I have watched all your videos over the years but you are at a whole new level now, very pro! Yep, I can see how that would be the case for those of you that have had the Helix for a while. Agreed :)
  19. OK, I have a question, this must have been asked 1000 times before. I have a new Helix incoming :) Question: What is the protocol for setting it up on the computer? Do I upgrade firmware etc before I do anything on the Mac with it. I am guessing I do that, as I would be needing to install the driver etc. If anyone has a nice easy step by step guide for setup of a new Helix (computer seeing it for first time) I would be very grateful. Thanks guys.
  20. This volume aspect over USB is of concern to me. I love the Pod HD as recording over USB is easy in terms of getting a nice signal into the DAW. I want to buy the Helix but want to record over USB as i do my Pod HD. I don't want to go out of Helix to my Audio Interface as that defeats the purpose of having USB off the Helix. What's the latest on this USB audio volume off the Helix? any thoughts , experiences. I use a Mac and Logic Pro X mainly as my DAW.
  21. Guys, Recording USB from helix to the Mac and the issues described. Is this only an issue with El Capitan OSX. Does USB recording from Helix into DAW (Logic, etc) work ok on Mavericks OSX? I am still on Mavericks. Would like to know before I buy.
  22. Hi Chris I really liked your video here, it is very helpful. In Presonus Studio One Version 3, Device Audio Setup, what did/do you have your "Device Block Size" setting for the Helix? Using Helix as the Audio Interface, we monitor off the Helix itself, so we can set this fairly high, that at least is my understanding. Just curious as to what you have yours set to. Thanks, Mark
  23. Hi Tony Out of interest what "Guitar IN-Z" setting worked best for you with your stratocaster? I have same setup with Pod HD and be curious to know. thanks
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