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  1. I run into a problem where I can;t place the same FX loop in Path 1 and 2. I have a Digitech Drop and I want to use in both chain. I know I can split path 1 into 2 or 1a and 1b... but I hit DSP limit. Here is the simplified diagram. Path 1: FX loop 1 ----- Amp -----delay----- ------output Path 2: FX loop 1-------Amp-----distortion-------output
  2. archisc

    snapshot mode instead of stomp mode

    Anyone figure out how to display snapshots instead of stomps after activing "mode" I understand helix can display snapshots instead of presets or stomps or combo in default setting. But I really just want to snapshots instead stomps when I step on "mode"
  3. archisc

    Helix effects and drives order

    Should Helix effects and drives etc be placed between amp and cab as is real world? I see a lot of ppl place amp and cab next to each other instead.
  4. archisc

    Unity Gain Setting - signal to noise

    Any idea on the best setting for physical Volume nob, levels, etc. In PODHD, the manual says the best setting for signal to noise is to set to max on vol. But this info is missed out.
  5. archisc

    Brand new to Helix - device not found

    reinstall USB drivers. Make sure u unplug it. For some reason, even if you pull out the USB cable, you have to reinstall the driver on window 7.
  6. archisc

    V2.3 - Overall Sound improvements

    ​Anyone found the overall sound improved in the latest update?
  7. archisc

    V2.3 - Overall Sound improvements

    I really don;t want to reload the previous version as it might mess up my unit. We never know. But at least the sound is not worse. :) Thanks for all of your input.
  8. archisc

    V2.3 - Overall Sound improvements

    Thanks guy... just in my head I guess
  9. Variax HD came out so long ago. Since than, Helix had been developed. I love my Helix. By now, they should be able to refine the models with newer cpus without increasing cost.. Moore's law? I bought the guitar twice and returned twice. The models just doesn't have the feel. Pod HD to Helix is a huge jump. If they can make such a quantum jump with the variax model, Line 6 will rule.
  10. archisc

    HELIX, When will we get a new firmware update??

    As much as I m lookign forward to Helix updates... I wish they are coming out with new variax hardware. Sorry for jumping topic.. but can't shut my mouth.
  11. archisc

    Is this normal for L2T? Buzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fan issue.. I had this problem... Line 6 knows about this problem.
  12. archisc

    Helix 2.20 sound improvment

    I read few people saying 2.20 changes amp and cab sound in a better way. is that True??
  13. archisc

    sample rate

    What sample rate do people use for live gig only? I find 96Khz produce more clearer sound but hurts DSP. Higher sample rate requires less treble and presence setting.. and less muddy... Any work around?
  14. archisc

    Paying for patches and the "sense of community"

    If people don't buy it... great... understood... For the rest of us: Thank you to all people selling top notch patches...
  15. archisc

    Input Pad

    How do I replicate guitar pad in the effects chain? I have a les paul and strat. I find my les paul sound better with guitar pad on but sounds worse/thin with my strat. I read somewhere is the equivalent to -6db in the gain block. Is that true? No other eq adjustment. Wish there are meters inside Helix.
  16. archisc

    Input Pad

    Thanks a lot guys..
  17. archisc

    Helix and L2T

    For Helix output to L2T, do you guys uses global Eq? Please share your settings. Thank you.
  18. archisc

    Helix and L2T

    Thx guys.... I knew I was doing something wrong....
  19. Is there a sound a difference between vertical vs horizontal position?
  20. archisc

    Helix and stagesource L2t

    Please advice: 1) Connection between Helix and stagesource speakers. 2) Settings in Helix. Global eq needed? I connect between them using 1/4", leaving all L2T preamp eq flat and selected PA mode. Helix is set to line out. However, I find there are some harsh high frequency that is hard to get rid of. it sounds wonderful with acoustic guitar and regular audio input.
  21. archisc

    Snapshot in Helix App

    How can I create snapshot and change setting and save snapshot using Helix app only? I manage to change setting using the actual Helix physical controls. But when I start from scratch using the app only, it does't save settings. e.g amp drive. Although I can get snapshot to remember on/off, tempo, etc. Am I missing something?
  22. Hi, After V2 update, tap tempo in Helix app seems to be way off. Anyone else have this problem.. Also, the tap tempo screen on the physical machine goes away very quickly. In podhd.. it stays there until inactivity for few seconds. In Helix.. its gone in less than 1 second.. anyone else have the same problem?
  23. archisc

    Snapshot in Helix App

    Thanks Pob41 But its strange that you can on/off is saved to snapshot automatically while each setting is not.
  24. archisc

    Helix cab vs third party IR Cabs?

    Anyone compare Helix cabs vs third party cabs?
  25. archisc

    Just tried Red Wire IRs - Helix Heaven

    Its interesting that you viewed Helix was on par with Gt100.... My experiences with GT-10, GT100 and Podhd were that Helix was a lot better than others even without IR.. I wonder how other people test out so many IR files on Helix....