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  1. Hi MonCGuitar, I would recommend using POD Go Wireless' FX loop. For the trad chain set up, move the FX Loop block to the beginning of the signal flow in POD Go. Connect POD Go's FX Loop SEND to the Banshee's GUITAR IN. Then connect the Banshee's TO AMP out to POD Go's FX Loop Return. With this set up, you can leave the Banshee always on and control its bypass via the assigned footswitch for the FX Loop. You also have the ability to move the FX Loop block anywhere in the signal chain.
  2. NBell

    Volume pedal

    Hi xchefdino, When saving a preset, all blocks and their parameters are saved. So if you save a preset with the volume block at 5%, it will recall at 5% every time you select that preset, regardless of the position of the expression pedal. I recommend that you save each preset with the volume block at the desired level for the preset. Additionally, to have even more control with the volume block, you can set minimum and maximum values for the volume level parameter. With the Volume block selected, press and hold Knob 1 until the screen changes, then make adjustments to the min/max values.
  3. Hi rofus, You can transfer presets by either exporting the setlist of presets (or individual presets) from your XL to a file on your computer and then import those to your Stomp. Or you can connect both Stomp and Stomp XL to your computer and have two HX Edit windows open and click and drag from one to the other. Snapshot settings however will not transfer over.
  4. Hi gitapik, First, I recommend to run the 'Rebuild Presets' procedure: With HX Stomp turned off, press and hold the upper and lower knobs while powering on, wait for "Will rebuild presets.." and let go. The HX Stomp will rebuild all presets. Moving forward, always ensure your HX Stomp and HX Edit are both up to date, current FW is 3.11. If your HX Stomp is on old firmware there may be models in the downloaded presets that are not installed on your HX Stomp, and if your HX Edit is on different FW than your Stomp, you may experience odd behavior after transferring presets. HX Edit should prompt a message indicating an update is available, but you can always double check its version by selecting "About HX Edit" while the application is open. After you update your HX Edit you then should update your HX Stomp (if need be) via the Edit application. Ensure to save a back-up of your Stomp so you can have all your work saved.
  5. You are very welcome! In addition to the resources found on our product pages, we also offer free seminars and virtual one on one lessons with Line 6 Product Specialists, to learn more please visit https://line6.com/events/ Thanks!
  6. Ah bummer! They can also be found on amazon by searching: "Pair Half Wavelength Antennas with BNC Connectors for Line 6 Wireless Receivers", free shipping with Prime.
  7. You're most welcome! The USB-out volume will always be unity regardless of settings in Global Settings.
  8. Hi Rachmaninoff, Yes, this is possible with Helix LT. When you go into Global Settings > Ins/Outs and set 'Volume Knob Control' to 'Digital', only the Headphone volume will be effected by the Volume Knob while the 1/4" and XLR outs are set to unity. You would then adjust your preset levels by adjusting the 'Ch Volume' parameter of the amp block (as well as the output block).
  9. Hi Joeydego, I recommend using the stock antennas for optimal performance as they were designed to be used specifically with the G50 digital wireless system. These can be found on our web-store here: https://shop.line6.com/accessories/wireless-accessories/relay-g50-antenna-pair.html Thanks!
  10. Hi Scottbalcer14, I would recommend that the FRFR108's contour setting is set to FLAT. Connect POD Go to the speaker using the L/MONO main output.
  11. Hi Kenny202, You can connect POD Go into either input 1 or 2 as there is only about a 6 db difference between the two inputs. Since you only want to use effects from POD Go, bypassing the amp and cab block is a great method. Connecting POD Go to your amp via the Amp Out is also ideal, although the Main Out can also be used. Here's the differences between the two outputs: The Main Outs are balanced outputs that pass all audio being sent over USB and all blocks within a preset in stereo (to send to a mixing board or studio monitors) or mono summed when using only the Left/MONO jack (to send to your amp or single speaker). The 'Amp Out' is an unbalanced mono output that by default, reflects the same output as the MAIN outputs minus USB audio. What's great about the 'Amp Out' is that it can be switched in Global Settings (Press Bank Left/Bank Right simultaneously > press Knob 5) to be tapped off directly before the Cab block, meaning that you can play through all presets without any cabinet modeling, just ensure blocks you want included in your preset are placed before the cab block. This is a great option if you would like to have additional amp voicing's, you can even dig deeper and swap the amp model for only its pre-amp (with the amp block selected, press down on the lower knob > select 'Pre-Amp.')
  12. Hi Kane21014, I would suggest ensuring that the 'Contour' setting on the back of your Headrush Monitor is set to flat, as well as ensuring your signal to the speaker isn't clipping the input. If you are still concerned regarding the quality of playback with distortion models; I would then recommend auditioning tones through a quality set of headphones or another FRFR speaker to help determine the culprit.
  13. Hi Cristt, When set to pre-cab/IR; this feature is beneficial when the user doesn't have an amp with an effects loop and works well when setting the amp to its cleanest setting. If you do have an 'effects loop/power-amp in' then I recommend sending the AMP OUT signal to this input. When doing either the above, you can also switch out the complete amp model in the preset to just the Pre-Amp so you don't add any 'color' of the modeled power amp to your traditional amp.
  14. Hi Sylvain, Yes, the TBP12 runs on the same technology as the TBP06 and will work on channels 1-6 when paired with a Relay G30 receiver. Thanks!
  15. I Phil, If I understand correctly, it sounds like you are using the Line 6 EX1 Expression pedal which does not have a 'Toe Switch' like the built in expression pedal on POD Go, thus not being able to turn off. It sounds like you would like the ability to turn off the control from the EX1 expression pedal. To do this with your current settings; Select the delay block > press Page Right/Page Left > select Knob 1 (Bypass/Control) > use Knob 2 to select EXP1 or 2 (opposite of currently used EXP on POD Go) You will now see Position at 5% on Knob 3 and a Wait time of 300ms on Knob 5. This means that when the expression pedal is at 5% or lower, it will Bypass the effect after 300ms. Although the current settings work great, feel free to move those parameters around for your playing style. Then press the home view button to return to the preset and save. In addition to this screen, you can also use Knob 1 to select other parameters within the effect block. For example, use Knob 1 to select 'Time' and set the minimum and maximum values for the expression pedal as well as the feedback; so now with the expression pedal moving from Heel to Toe, the Time and Feedback parameters can each shift to any specified setting. Cheers! Nick
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