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  1. That probably explains why I've never heard any benefit in dual amps. I'm always playing live and in mono. So instead of setting up one dark and one bright...I set up a "goldilocks" sound (Just Right). :)
  2. Am I the only one that didn't think the two amps together sounded any better than just one of them? I had one of the first Helix Floors that shipped out of Sweetwater back in October of 2015. (now I have a Stomp instead) And no matter what I did...I was never able to get two amps together to ever sound as good as just one amp dialed in correctly. And I don't hear it sounding any better in that guys video either.
  3. The compact only has "tone match" for an acoustic guitar...the compact isn't the full L1 I only use the un-filtered straight in 1/4" input on the compact. I don't even use the XLR input at all as it has a compressor and feedback suppressor built in (it's designed for vocals) that you can't turn off. So to hear your tone in an FRFR manner...use only the 1/4" input without the "acoustic guitar" switch. I want to hear what my tone sounds like as un-colored by the amplification as possible.
  4. Back in the 1990's when I first started using modeling...I had the Boss GT 5 And the way they did it was you could tweak an amp model or an effect and save that "Block" (though that's not what they were called) and it showed up in your choices of amps and effects (with the name you gave it...I would just add my first name to them lol "Robbie Marshall" or "Robbie Delay") Always wondered why the Line 6 stuff didn't do that too. Not my old Vetta or the HD 500 or the Helix. :(
  5. Yes, you would have just enough juice total to do that.
  6. Definitely need more snaps. I just got the Morningstar MC6 MKII midi controller. And I have it set up to access 5 snaps and the tuner. It's awesome. But of course 2 of the snaps are on a different preset so I lose trails from the delay with them. I could easily put all of them on one preset, but being limited to 3 snaps screws me. :( I'd also like to see the name of the snapshot displayed on the Stomp screen instead of the name of the preset when in stomp view. Having the preset name and just a number for the snap sucks visually.
  7. I'd like to get more snapshots (5 would do for me) and the ability to use an external footswitch to choose snapshots. That would give me 5 buttons and 5 snapshots.
  8. Used mine last night onstage subbing on guitar with The Tenors Of Rock show at Planet Hollywood on the Vegas Strip. Set up an external 2 switches. One switch for preset up and one for down. Worked great and sounded awesome EDIT: I use snapshot mode on the HX Stomp by the way. Thus the external switches for Preset Up & Down.
  9. Ugh...I was hoping to be able to make that happen. :( Sounds like it would require buying a midi controller that has the ability to name the snapshots on it's screen instead. Kinda makes the portability of the HX Stomp lose it's appeal if I have to add another floorboard.
  10. Anybody? I'd love to be able to see the name of the snapshot on the display of the HX Stomp. You know: Crunch, Lead, Clean for instance instead of just the preset name (which I don't need) and the snapshot "number" I could use just the Preset number along with the Snapshot Name on the Stomp display. That makes a whole lot more sense for use in a live setting onstage.
  11. Can the morningstar mc6 switch snapshots instead of presets? In other words could I have it set up so that the 6 buttons on the mc6 select the three snapshots of preset 1 on the lower 3 buttons and the 3 snapshots of preset 2 on the upper 3 buttons of the unit? That way I have 6 sounds at my feet with the HX Stomp without having to do any "dancing" on the Stomp itself.
  12. Got that done. Now my question is: How do I make the name of the Snapshots display on the HX screen instead of the name of the Preset?
  13. To each their own. But I found that the hd 500 sounds best with a tube amp. No fake EQ'ing to get rid of fizz or mud. It just sounds "right". And the DT50 sounds awesome all by itself with it's HD amp models built into it then hitting those tubes. I felt like the Helix came real close for me to sounding like a tube amp. I used a Bose L1 compact for FRFR for a few years with it. So yeah...I do think they can come close. And I enjoyed it. But the real tubes change the equation so much better. I even used an ART tube preamp with my Helix in one of the effects loops to "warm" up it's sound. But anyway...my point to the thread is: Compared to Helix, and compared to full on tube amp...the HD 500 with the DT50 holds it's own rather nicely and is perfect for my backup rig.
  14. The tubes are definitely the secret sauce
  15. So I used to have the original "Dream Rig" setup that I bought back in 2009. In 2015 I sold my HD 500 and got a Helix. Sold that a few months ago and got myself the Mesa TC-50 amp. Back to using a 4x12 and tubes and it sounds so damn good. Anyway, I've had this DT50 amp sitting here for forever. And I figured...."Make a backup rig, just in case". So I plugged the DT50 in and played through it. Sounds great! So I went and bought a new HD500X so I could have effects and clean, crunch, and lead amp sounds. I forgot how damn good the HD500 sounds when combined with the DT50 tubes. And "no", I'm not using the L6 link. It sounds okay...but "muffled" and "fizzy" all at the same time. I'm running straight into the effects return of the DT50 and just leaving the topography of the amp set on "IV". Using the preamp only models with cabs turned off. Sounds gorgeous!
  16. Selling my Helix Floor. It's in perfect shape and was factory serviced earlier this year by Line 6. Letting it go for $950. If you're interested just P.M. me. Accepting Paypal.
  17. As an admitted sufferer of G.A.S., my motto is:"You only live once" Do it!
  18. Just can't say enough about the tuner now. It is finally not only "useable" in a live band...but preferable! No more having to use other tuners. I've had my Helix since Oct. of 2015 and I can FINALLY use the awesome display for tuning on the Helix! Thank you Line 6 for finally getting this right! Awesome job!
  19. The tuner is finally...GREAT!!!! Used it last night at a gig here in Vegas and showed it off to several musicians (using the new Strobe tuner)...everybody was super impressed! :)
  20. I did this last night. Even though I now use my mesa tc50 for my amp sounds, I still keep my old presets with amp models as well for backup or for doing a showcase type gig where we might only play 30 minutes. Anyway, I tried it out on those amp model presets and immediately LOVED it. Been fiddling with high and low cuts since I first got my helix in Oct. Of 2015. This method did the trick, kept me from losing harmonic content in the high frequencies while getting rid of the harshness. I only used it on my crunch and lead sounds. Not on my cleans. Took me less than a couple of minutes to dial it in using the suggested parameters above. MUCH easier and far more natural sounding than eq cuts
  21. I have several Rat pedals (including a cool modded one that sounds awesome). I used to use them with a Marshall head. And no...I never used single coil or weak PAF pickups. Always Duncan JB's and more recently Bare Knuckles Rebel Yell (in my Les Paul). I don't use them anymore because I moved on to a Bogner Ecstasy head and now to a Mesa TC-50 rack head that I'm using with my Helix now for my amp sounds in the chain instead of the models (the real tubes just have that sound and feel). But anyway...I can tell you that the Vermin Distortion in the Helix isn't close to the tone that a real Rat pedal (or even better the modded one) gets you in front of a Marshall head. I tried every conceivable way to put the Vermin in front of the Plexi in the Helix and it just didn't have that tone. But when I slipped my real Rat pedal in the loop and put it in front...it came alive. That's what I would suggest you do. Put a real Rat pedal in and forget about it. Let me know if you want to buy one of mine. I could even sell you the modded one with the built in power jack so you can hook it up to a power supply instead of a battery.
  22. Warmth also comes from harmonics. Tubes have even ordered harmonics in tone. Solid state has odd numbered harmonics. That alone changes the equation, and it's one of the reasons that solid state amps of the past always sounded harsh in comparison to a tube amp. I'm assuming that the even numbered harmonics of a tube amp are able to be modeled with the rest of the amp...which would help explain why amp modeling sounds so much better than a solid state amp.
  23. I agree with that. And I got some awesome sounds out of my Helix's amp models. But they still aren't the same when you have a guitar in your hand and a tube amp side by side with the same amp modeled and running through any of the best speaker combos you want to use. If they were...then companies would model other amp models instead of tube amps. You can't beat it though for being able to tuck a Helix under your arm, walk into a venue and play. But no...it's not the same as a tube amp in feel and sound.
  24. Unfortunately and ironically...that's probably true!
  25. Also...as nice as some of the amp models sound...none of them can feel the same way as playing a tube amp.
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