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  1. Will this one work: http://www.amazon.com/Power-Adapter-2-1mm-Regulated-Supply/dp/B006QZ7RG8
  2. Weird thing is when I'm playing "live" in a band...I have to have a pretty good amount of gain on my "crunch" sound and lead sound (talking about rock music). But when I sit down in my studio to record...it's a whole other situation. I go for tones with most of that gain dialed right back out again. lol
  3. robbieb61

    New PODhead!

    Heh-heh...when I saw the title of this thread I thought it was about some new POD "Head" (like a new amp head) Damn, wouldn't that have been cool if they had integrated the POD HD 500 right into the physical cabinet of the DT 50? So all you'd need would be a midi & expression pedal and your "amp" would be a self-contained monster.
  4. I don't think it was neccessarily the amount of gain. More than likely it was them turning all the mids down and pegging the highs and lows all the way up (scooped). Every time I hear an amp sounding thin and harsh...that's usually the culprit.
  5. Playing last night with my band. Had the weirdest thing happen. Twice during the set the volume suddenly jacked way up. I looked down and the "view" had changed to show the amp settings as if I had called them up. I thought maybe I had somehow accidentally touched the volume knob on the HD500. But when you do that, it only brings up that view temporarily. The view of the amp parameters was there and staying there. I had to quickly change to another patch and then back again. As I said, it did it twice about 30 minutes apart. Never had that happen before.
  6. Just started happening to me since the 2.62 update on my HD500
  7. robbieb61


    Meiannatee said: "If I use the parametric, if Q is not too high, I'll only be attenuating frequencies around 3kHz, while leaving the higher frequencies alone." Hang on...I read that the "Q" on a parametric eq is the opposite of what Meiannatee said. Lower Q encompasses more frequencies, and higher Q would be a narrow range. So wouldn't he want a high number on the Q (100%) to isolate just the 3k (which according to that vid is around the 82% mark on the Frequency adjustment?
  8. And I'm saying that in my opinion...you can get damn CLOSE to true tube feel. By the way...I sold my Bogner Ecstasy head when I got the hd500 and the DT50 together. The two together sound real, real good and have that tube sound because it has...tubes. :) But everyone's ears are different. And like I said...at the moment I'm just using my hd500 directly to the board. Sounds great. Sounds "better" with the DT50 but the situation I'm playing in at this moment needs to keep stage volume to a minimum and needs quick changeouts of gear.
  9. Oh I agree that the modeling is very good. I'm using my HD500 with my band at the moment without my DT50 just straight to the board and it sounds awesome! BUT...not as awesome as it does with the tubes of the DT50 involved. Just like in those vids of the 5150 and Mesa Treadplate side by side of the real thing. The models sound real good...until you play the tube head right next to it. Then that little something extra of the vacuum tube comes into play. Tweaking EQ and other things can get you real close on the models. But then again, having all these models of various tube amps at your disposal with modeling on the HD500 is freakin' great! :) And when it comes to playing "live" through a big P.A. system in a big room...the whole addition of the tubes becomes pretty moot. I'm pretty sure that you can get a "better" sound in that situation with just the HD500 going straight to the board as opposed to the "real" amp with a microphone on it and running through the board out to the mains.
  10. I'd like to hear both of those tests using a DT50 with the L6 link. There really isn't anyway for a solid state computer model of an amp to have that real tube sound without adding tubes. :)
  11. Dang, and your trust was all I was wanting. :) I get your point. But I'm still telling you that the first thing I do with a high gain amp is try it out cranking it up. If you don't...that's cool. I've owned a lot of amps in my pro playing years (first gig in 1978...last one was last week). Everything from the Mesa Boogie Mk 2 to the Seymour Duncan Convertible to the Peavey Satriani amp to the Marshall JCM200 TSL to the Bogner Ecstasy and everything in between. And the FIRST thing I did with every amp was turn the gain up all the way and see what it sounded like. Every amp I actually bought and owned sounded good. The ones that didn't sound good, I didn't buy. That's been my real life professional experience. Maybe you have had different experiences. I'm simply on here sharing my experience and my thoughts on the 5150 amp model. I don't think any of the straight ahead models like the 5150 should be difficult to dial in. Forgive me if I'd like to see amp models sound a little closer to the way they do when you actually try out an amp. And most "good" amps can be dialed in in just a few seconds in the real world. I'm not talking about the Variac'ed stuff or other hot rodded amps. I'm talking about amps like the 5150. The model version of it just doesn't sound like the real one. (but it's just ONE model...many of the other ones are very good and I have no regrets buying the full model packs.) I'd also like to point out that a lof of the guys I heard trying to use the amp back in the day would immediately go for the "scoop" sound by cranking the highs and lows all the way up and turning the mids all the way down. I NEVER do that. I was always trying to go for that coveted "brown" sound without having to use a tube screamer or rat pedal in front of the amp for leads. So I never scooped my eq on any amp I owned. I usually end up with the bass and highs about halfway up and the mids anywhere from halfway to 75% up. That alone makes a huge difference when you have the gain jacked up all the way. But everyone's ears are different. And I'm just talking about the tone I liked to use for heavy rock sounds. I'm not a metal player and I hate those scooped tone sounds. I also don't like a lot of fizzy sounding stuff. The real 5150 could easily get "fizzy" and nasty sounding. But again, I like mids. So it never gave me that problem. Sorry you don't "trust" me. But that's what I experienced.
  12. One of the things I was trying to say about my original 5150 is...it didn't require a lot of "dialing in". Pretty much I got mine out of the box. Hooked it up to a Marshall cab. Put the gain all the way and started playing. Sounded great on both channels. The whole "dialing in" took about 30 seconds of time. Granted, I was using a good guitar with Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers. I think that's what has thrown people off about some of the models like the 5150. You should be able to select it. Put the tone controls at halfway, crank the drive and then tweak it from there according to your guitar and pickups. Shouldn't take a lot of time to get the basic "out of the box" tone. Anyway, I'm not really crying over the 5150 model. I thought it would be pretty cool to have, but it turns out it isn't correct. No big deal for me...I've already "been there and done that" with the real thing and moved on anyway in my search for the "holy grail" lol What I think would really be a big step forward would be to have a floor unit that would allow you to pick an amp, and that amp model would have all the channels of the original. And then have a "channel switching" button on the bottom row so you wouldn't have to try to stomp a top row button to get to it. That way you could switch from rhythm to lead channels and not lose the trailing delay of an effect when you went from lead back to rhythm (just like on a real rig) I find that playing live in a heavy rock band...you really pretty much settle down to one amp/sound. For me right now, I'm using the Bogner Shiva for crunch and lead and the "Pete's Black Face" for a less heavy distortion straight ahead rock sound. That's pretty much all I need for live gigs. Now in the studio? I love having all those sounds and amp models. Makes for a very cool sonic pallette.
  13. I bought one of the first 5150 amps when they first came out back in 1992 and gigged with it for about 4 years. MIne never sounded like the model in the Metal Pack. It sounded big with lots of bottom and pretty damn warm. "Right out of the box." :) I plugged the head in and "boom", there was the sound I was looking for. And it was replacing the rig I had before which was the Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp and Mesa Boogie stereo Simuclass power amp. I was playing in a band doing rock and playing 7 nights a week around the country. Everything from "Magic Man" by Heart to "Dr. FeelGood" by Motley Crue. And the 5150 sounded full and warm with tons of sustain and pleasant distortion. I was kinda hoping for that sound from the model. But it's just not there. Fortunately there are lots of other amp models in the model packs that do sound great! So I'm happy in that respect.
  14. I'm just very happy that they are doing updates again. After Yamaha bought the company, there was nothing happening on that front at all. I'm guessing that things were a little crazy with new owners and everything. But it sure looks like they have gotten settled down and are now kicking lollipop again.
  15. Yes, when you save the preset you will notice that you can change the setlist when you are saving it. Once you choose a different setlist then pick the new destination.
  16. Earlier I babbled on about how great the Variax Plexi sounded and said it was the new "king" for me. Well, scratch that. I just put the Mandarin 80 (The Orange Amp model) in my lead guitar patch. I cranked up the drive all the way on it with a tube screamer sitting in front of it...and damn it sounds GREAT! By tomorrow I may have changed my mind again. lol
  17. Yeah, the power transformer is gonna be an "upgrade" And it comes with a 10 year warranty as well as being able to handle far more than the DT 50 can ever put on it. :)
  18. robbieb61

    More Model Packs?

    The Dumble (if that's even possible to model) and all 3 channels of the Bogner Ecstasy Matter of fact...maybe go back to the amps already modeled and offer the different channels available on each amp? That would be nice to be able to use the same amp model for clean, crunch, and rhythm for consistency at a gig.
  19. I have no idea. I just know it showed up in the new models for the HD 500. I'm just going with my ears on this one. :) But I'm sure that in my eternal quest for the "Holy Grail" I'll still be searching. lol Right now I'm just running my HD 500 direct. My DT 50 finally had the dreaded power transformer failure that has been reported so many times. I'm in Vegas so I took it to Cowtown Guitars and Roy in the back at "Roy's Repair-O-Rama" (the guy that does tube amp restoration for the show "Pawn Stars" on History Channel) He told me that the Tawain made power transformers on the DT50 aren't that good. And he's worked on a few of them. He's putting in some new American made power transformers that will more than handle the DT50 and re-tubing it. Said it will sound far better than it did even when it was brand new. So I'm excited about that too. And can't wait to hear this Variax Plexi through the DT50 with the L6 link. Also...I have found that if I use a guitar model on the JTV 89f while using a "heavy" tone...the "chunk" kinda loses it's tone. Especially when palm muting. I experimented with all the guitar models and pickup models (including the "high output" pickup model), but when I went straight to the pickups in the JTV 89f it blew away the guitar models. The guitar itself sounds really, really good. So if you try out the tube screamer in front of the Variax Plexi...make sure to use a guitar with fairly high output humbuckers. I set up 3 patches for my rock guitar sound. A "crunch" with just the Variax Plexi with the original settings. A "rock-n-roll" sound with the Variax Plex drive turned down to "50", and my lead sound with the tube screamer drive and output on "80" in front of the Variax Plexi with original settings except the volume which I turned up from 50 to 60 and a little bit of delay at the end of the chain.
  20. spawn2031, I ran it the first time and chose to keep my current patches. But that kept me from getting the new preset banks. So I re-ran it and chose not to keep them. That got me the new banks but I had to rename them accordingly. Having said that...the new Variax, L6Link DT banks of patches really had nothing in them for me. Some of the patches are so low in volume that I at first thought I didn't have the volume up. lol I was thinking that maybe the new 5150 model would be really good. But to my ears...it's not as "good" sounding as the original Treadplate (Mesa Boogie) amp model. But then I noticed the new Variac Plexi model. I put that one on with a tube screamer in front of it...and HELL YES! It has taken the TreadPlate off the throne for me. The 5150 is just too "fuzzy" for my liking. But the Variac Plexi with the tube screamer has sustain for days AND still retains "woody" tone in the bottom end so the notes don't become just a bunch of fuzzy nonsense. Also, since I use a "dream rig" (JTV 89f -> 500 HD ->DT50), the new Acoustic amp was something I'd been needing badly. Now I FINALLY have that beautiful acoustic sound. So I'm very happy with the update and the model packs. Looking forward to trying out the new bass amp models in the studio as well.
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