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  1. a year late!...... I am using the UX8 on windows 8 without issues. well.....it records and plays (im having some SPDIF output issues but thats pretty minor and might be something else causing the drop out.)
  2. The drop down menu changes as your UX unit is fed from your DAW software. If you open a new project and set your DAW up for 24bit/44.1.....and set your Render output at 24biut/44.1 for the "project/song" the UX unit will see that and adjust. then when you pull up your soundcard you will probably see the Driver Format change to you new setting. You can check the sound card playback&recording and the drop down selection list of bit/sample rate should offer different selections. also for this to work the two boxes have to be checked in the windows that allows "exlusive control"....if the boxes arent checked they will not change as the different projects change. most seem to recommend 44.1 or 48 for audio, it isnt a memory-hog and sounds as good to most ears. theres like 900 million threads about 44.1 offering 20khz which is the human ear etc....some say the 96khz puts invisible "eneergy" into places that effects the sound...and marketing likes new better improved to sell...aha
  3. I love the UX8 but am confused a bit on getting the HD software. UX8 isnt on the compatible list. I like the old GearBox layout and am pretty happy. I thought I had the PLatinum pack or something but now I dont? But its hsows I have the MS pack, and CC pack and FX pack I guess as its a list of gear with CCxxxxx or MSxxxxx. I hear so much about the HD really moving up a notch I was curious to try. I cant afford a HELIX at $3500....I think about a HD500 or HD300 but then think? why not just have software. I only gig in my room these days. Its nice just plugging into the interface UX8. off topic....can you get the Headphone 3-4 to work? I cant. also Gearbox doesnt work on anything but Mic 1 & 2 or Inst 1&2...is this correct? the faq page says it works on all 8 channels but I dont think that FAQ is correct.
  4. I think help for UX8 is dead. I rarely come to L6 forums and now I remember why..... no responses.
  5. I read the FAQ pages and it says Gearbox on all inputs, but I dont think this is true. Only 1 & 2 work with UX Gearbox. Can anyone confirm.. Also when the H! is Line 6 going to make another unit like this.....its such a great interface. It could have easily competed with the Apollo and other hi end gear. I might have to buy an old used one as a spare!
  6. Did you check out your Preferences and make sure nothing is linked stereo or anything? I dont know this issue. But can you at least get it to work in "dry mode" by unchecking the monitoring section boxes in Output? Might be something to try.
  7. click on Amp Models and there should be a selection of vocal, bass, guitar etc..
  8. In general, at work and at home, my USB dropout errors have 95% of the time been associated to WIndows Updates. One fix is to disable all Updates...(I did this on a tower and havent had an error in 3yrs) Others had explained Windows makes patches and updates for very generic public needs and those generic fixes often mess up "specific audio setups", becuase the WIndows Update is updating to fix some generic mp3 mass public crap, and in doing this they reset everyones USB drivers and audio / video / usb device stuff for a bunch of problems. Again, removing the WIndows Update has helped me too. At work the USB dropouts for a machine was also caused by Windows updates. as so many say, dont use your recording pc for internet stuff and a lot of problems go away.
  9. I hope GearBox lives forever.....why L6 has to rename it and constantly ignore it at times is a mystery, as its probably the strongest positive Ive read about Line 6....strange how businesses works sometimes? I guess reinventing yourself is required of all businesses, but is it that hard to keep something alive thats a foundation for a lot of happy customers, who then spread the word all over? I hope they maintain some type of free download of GEar Box, in addition to creating great new stuff. I was happy when I plugged in my X3Pro and kabooom!! theres my GearBox!!!! very good.
  10. I hope it comes out with one lefty even if it is a 4 week wait, direct order. if these are based off a common yamaha pacifica template, why cant they do a run and see. Maybe its too small a market, if so its too bad. Seems to route a few bodies is all thats needed, as the necks and everything is already made for Leftys at Yamaha for the Pacifica type models. If not buying a Lefty Pacifica and installing the L6 Variax gear might be a modders- challenge.
  11. geez...sorry to hear that, so its a Line 6 QC issue. ...4 of them! yikes... I got mine from Musicians Friend and it was in the same box, unopened. It had to have had some type of setup because it was still in tune! the action is a little lower than Im used to but that's my own issue.
  12. Ordering online is tricky, it offers Tax Free and Returns but no telling which one you will get. 3 guitars, I wouldn't buy another if it had cracks in the neck etc.. It seems you might be getting "B-stock" and its not Line 6 fault but your seller. Why doesn't the seller check this out before shipping? especially after 3 guitars? B-Stock is hit and miss, like Ross Dress for Less, defective stuff....sell it cheap, who cares if one arm is longer than the other, sometimes you save some $....... lol
  13. add- I checked my Blackie-Variax. Born 06-2013. it had no flaws , except the nut is smaller and there is a tiny bit of room at the edges. I went and checked my Fenders and Takimine and they both come off the edge too on the High/E..009 or .010". so this talk of the high E coming off the edge is probably the player. I guess most guitars this is the way it is because there isnt room to bend downward on that string. thats my opinion after trying the other two guitars. or another way to put it, at least the Variax I have doesnt have a e string problem, or if it does every guitar made probably has the same problem.
  14. I got in on a black-deal 69at $650 brand new variax (with the rebate). the reading here is making me nervous and thinking about sending mine back. I haven't check the serial #, but the nut is shrunk in on both ends, which I thought was off....but thought it was designed that way? Being so used to Fenders I wondered if Id like the guitar. I checked it out and everything seemed ok, the setup was low, so strumming softer helped, the electronics worked and the battery charger worked. I love the modelling and the guitar is cool, but the issues Im reading about has me concerned. For $1400 I would expect 110% perfection, for even $650 I would want to have everything as expected, and not defective! Maybe these issues are the 2% , but the OP has tried 3 guitars now....I'll be looking mine over with a magnifying glass tonight.
  15. I have Windows 8 and GearBox never has frozen for me. just a fyi... maybe your driver or OS+OEM?
  16. good news, I just icked one up because I loved the UX2, but the UX8 just had a bit more attraction and options...while keeping all the cool stuff of the UX2.
  17. I have a Tascam 1641 for sale for $100, its as good as the 1800. Its nothing compared to the UX2 or UX8 though because it doesnt have the software with it.
  18. I have a HP Windows 8 system, UX 2 and Reaper always works, but the media players sound disappears!! only "restarts" seemed to make the media players work again. I uninstalled drivers, and just now tried to disable the USB setting as mentioned above and hopefully this is the fix. I tried numerous Media players all had the same issue. On my system the songs, MP3 would play and the everything seemed fine except the UX 2 was silent. Then I checked the recording side and everytime this worked well....It is NOT the UX2 or Reaper DAW. This is a Windows 8 issue. 64 or 32 I dont know. Its a major pain in the ask... Sometimes the audio plays for 20seconds sometimes for a hour or so. I left the pc sitting for 10hrs and it didn't work when I came back and tried to play a MP3. (The internet was turned off the entire time. So its NOT the internet either and Not a Update issue) This seems to be a power setting issue and most likely USB port related, driver or sleep setting? I don't know. I put the USB power setting to High Performance and USB setting to DISABLE, as mentioned above. The good news is the Reaper and UX2 always work fine and all my MP3 can be played back in Reaper! No problem. This also makes me think the ASIO works and the media players /USB is the issue via Windows 8. My daughter hates Windows 8 so much she bought a Apple for the first time. If Microsoft trys charging me to fix their problems ....I'll be buying a MacBook too.
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