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  1. For Position 2 do the following: 1. Grab the neck PU and draw it somewhat towards the bridge 2. Grab the bridge PU and draw it to the old position of the neck PU. 3. Grab the PU from step 1 again and draw it to the original first position of the bridge PU. 4. For this PU edit the value for position to 1.7" and the angle to 10.7. Level at 0db is quite good. 5. Now change the PU type of this PU to spank bridge. 6. Activate the middle and the bridge PU. 7. Upload to variax. Done. These steps worked for me and everything works as expected.
  2. Obviously a bug. But swapping the neck with the bridge PU and changing the models for the PUs solved it for me. Now that axe is fully working. Seems more like a solution than a workaround.
  3. As the expression pedal needs a potemtiometer from 0 to 10k, you can build a switch which bypasses on one position. On the other it has a 10k resistor. _____10k___ °------------X___________|---------°
  4. Hi starkjo, loosing the last state of a preset is a bug of the timeline, which is fixed now. Try the new beta firmware (1.43) for the timeline. If you switch to a other program the timeline will remember the last bypass/on state.
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