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  1. congrats!! It does kick major rear end when your tone comes together nicely for a gig. Even if there's 3 drunks in the audience, if my tone is rockin I can enjoy a gig. Lately with the Pod HD, that's every gig for me.
  2. Man i used to use their $15 FAB chorus - the little blue plastic box - still one of the best choruses i've used. The controls were great - the mix knob worked beautifully. no tone suck - what more do you need? Hell they even threw in a pedal bag for the $15 asking price.
  3. Check the pod through headphones first so you can rule out everything up to the end of pod signal chain. Then id try the same unbalanced out into a known working combo amp just to see if you get a signal. If you do, you know somethings not right with power amp or cables/connections.
  4. I use my Pod HD pro into a Mesa 50/50 power amp and then a Splawn 4x12 with great success. I've found the speakers in the cabinet made a big difference with dirt tones. V30s go great with the pod. Once i switched to them and G12T75 (x-pattern) they really added to the realism for my dirt patches vs the emi big blocks i was using stock in the cab. I love the mesa power amp. At band volumes, it sounds great. At home volumes, you'd be hard pressed to tell it apart from a SS power amp.
  5. I couldnt have said this better myself. just got back from gig#2. Another winner, now my only issue is not having anything left that needs an upgrade in my rack! just kidding ill find sometrhing
  6. Joel - yeah I have just got to that point too. I've been satisfied with the pod for some time now, but i was always scratching my head a little at the gigs with the aforementioned clarity issue. After last night, i'm 100% loving my tone from the Pod HD and mesa 50/50. Having used a Mesa dual recto before going to the pod, i feel like my tone is as good as it was then, only now i can cover all the tones and crazy effects (we cover Rage against the machine) in our cover band with one box, not to mention lead boosts, all with the push of a single button - no tap dancing.. Set up and breakdown is simple, i only have one cable on stage for the FBV controller, tone is now top freakin notch. Also, since i run my cab in stereo i use the side that's not miced as a stage monitor i can turn up without affecting the PA mix. I couldn't do that with a mono amp head. We have another gig tonight. I worked out all my volume matching issues last night at our regular gig, so i'm ready to kill it at a new venue tonight!! HAIL THE POD HD!!!! Yup, i'm that happy with it by the way joel - those settiings you mentioned are in the cab block right? I keep the cab models off.
  7. Update - last night i used the pre-amp only models at a gig for the first time. no contest, totally slays the full amp models at high volume. again I'm using a mesa tube power amp for power into a splawn 4x12. I had always used the full models since they sound amazing at low volume, but once things got loud they kinda lost definition and low end. With the preamp-only models, my rhythm distortion sounded clear as a bell, killer low end, totally amp like. :yesway: Still use the full models for SRV type tones, but for everything else, including cleans, i've gone to preamp only - not looking back.
  8. Hello gchaddock! Yeah i've messed with the Sag, Bias etc quite a bit. It does make a nice difference. I like getting the sag just enough to add that tube feel without compromising the attack too much. So you are basically modelling the whole rig before the flextone speaker, whereas i am using my power amp and real cab to shape the tone as well. I bought v30's specifically for that reason. I hear the carvin TS100 is pretty transparent so that makes sense the way you are using it. Like you said, as long as you find somethign that sounds good to you that's all that matters - there are so many options, especially once you start using cab models and dual amps, there can be no "right" way. I'm gonna give the preonly models a whirl at next gig, and if I'm not blown away, i'll go back to tweaking the full models, turning the master down a little to ease up on the power modeling. I've got to try it with the band to really judge the tone. Can't wait to try out my current patches at band volume! thats one of the joys of using a modeler - almost like showing up with a new amp everyweek sometimes.
  9. I've changed my tune on this.Havent tried it live yet, but im pretty sure the Pres are going to sound better in a band setting. Last gig i was getting a bit too much "high end noise" from the full models. Not humming or anything, just within the tone there was more processed sound than i'd like. I've set all my patches to pre amp only, and the results are good so far. Lacks some of the tube type feel, but ithink up loud that will change with my 50/50 cranked up. Will report back after next weekends gig
  10. Sorry for starting an apparent sh*t storm!! Bad idea!! Wireless bad! Cables good! honestly, i dont think i'd want another wireless to deal with after considering all this. 1 cable on stage i can handle. Beats 4 for pedal board, effects send, effects return, footswitch, etc. At one point i had 5 going back and forth due to dual amp set up. now with the pod, mesa 50/50, and splawn cab, i have ONE for the controller. I'll take it
  11. I think this sums it up for me - makes sense. Its already a proprietary product (mostly), then who wants to go wireless among the current owners? probably not a huge consumer base for that. Frankly, i should have thought more about it before i posted. At this point it just sounds like more trouble than it's worth! Right now the RJ-45 is the only cable on stage for me - not bad really.
  12. Yup, couldnt have said it better myself. Definitely one of the things i love about using the pod, or a modeler in general.
  13. Radatat - thanks for the insight. I always go with no Cab models. I recently swapped the Emi big blocks in my Splawn cab for a V30/G12T75 X pattern. This combo is great for distorted guitar and the pod is no different. I just got back from practice and frankly it SLAYED!!! No problem sounding good next to my other guitarists Splawn Quickrod. Plus i have killer cleans from the pod too.We play alot of covers with many effects (rage against the machine for example) and the Pod is pulling it all off with flying colors. The physical cabinet can really make or break the tones coming from the pod. I'm sticking with the full models. After todays practice, I was clear as a bell in the mix (2 guitar band) with my new speakers, sounds great. Also - got a dead on SRV tone with the Fender vibrolux model. Full amp models, no cab models --> Tube power --> good cabinet = Great live tone
  14. Thats kinda what i'm hearing, the pre models kinda lack some girth, but they are way more "In your face". I think they will cut through the mix better, but they just don't sound as authentic and reactive to me. Even after using the full models with the master turned down, i went back to my old patches with the master turned up. Turns out i just prefer it, just proves there is no right and wrong way By the way, the 50/50 is nice, but was not a huge improvement over the velocity 300. I was just hell bent on getting some tubes in the chain. I can't even pinpoint the improvement, it just sounded slightly better. I did miss the reactance control of the 300.
  15. Thanks for the responses. Ill probably try a preamp patch next practice just to see how it sounds in the band mix. I had the velocity 300 for a bit and i think it may have actually colored my tone more than the 50/50 which seems pretty neutral...maybe part of reason the power sims work well for me. I tend to use the recto as my main rhythm tone, and prefer the full amp, so yeah, up to taste i guess - plus so much of our other gear affects the tone...cabs, power, etc Think i found a good mix of the two settings tonight by running the master volume on the full amp model lower, its almost like a "mix" knob for the power amp sim, allows me to dial in just enough of the power amp portion to taste. The pod just keeps getting better. On thing i really dig about the pod is getting my tone tweaked a bit better, then testing it with the band each time and hearing the improvement at volume....last practice was indeed "glorious"!!!!
  16. So i run my Pod HD Pro into a Mesa 50/50 power amp and a 4x12 V30/G12T75 Cab. On my pod, i run in stack pwr amp mode with the cab modeling off. When setting my tones up, i've always felt like i get a better tone using the full models (power amp included) vs preamp only models, but i have not tried the pre-only models yet in a band setting. Once i get to practice, i'm always wanting to test my latest tweaks to my usual full amp model patches - and i never really tweak at the gig. GRanted, i really feel like i'm getting some great, realistic tones from the full models, but i'm always looking to improve my tone. I realize in theory the "pre-only" models make more sense with my setup, but i'm going by my ears. So my question for those using the pod live with a power amp and cab - do you use the full models or preamp only models. Would love to hear some other folks' experience on this and what you think of each. Thanks!
  17. Hopefully you at least gig with it!!! Actually if not, that's just fine as well :)
  18. NinoScholz

    Deleted Patch

    I do this all the time. I have the same patch for say "A" across all my banks, because i try to keep my banks all the same with only one different tone in 'D'. So when i change my main rhythm patch 'A', i have to copy it to 'A' in all 16 banks. I may have one bank that i decided to add some flange for my rhythm patch. As i copy to all 16 banks at warp 12, it invariably gets copied over....crap!
  19. Yeah i'd agree it certainly can be done. Was hoping for an easy solution, as in someone selling a transmitter/receiver for $30 or something. Line 6 - you should be seeing $$$$$$$$$$$$. then again, it's one more thing to go wrong at the gig.
  20. One solution to this is use the line input on the rear of the unit set to the higher gain setting (4db i think it is). Made a world of difference for me - both in tone and touch sensitivity
  21. I use benscotts method posted above. No amp, just comnpression for volume control, some chorus maybe, reverb ,etc, Works well - I use for our "No Excuses" cover
  22. My G30 wireless is continually having about 1 second quick drop outs, on all 6 channels. It happens both at home and at gigs, every few minutes at least. I've had enough, and would like to get a new unit from line 6 or my money back - how do i go about using the warranty? It's been less than a year, have the receipt, etc. Anyone else exchanged theirs? Any luck?
  23. that should be way more than enough power. Is your cab 16 ohms? Running that power amp from one channel (not in stereo i mean) into 16ohms will result in WAY less than 500watts, probably more like 200watts at best - still enough power but not what you signed up for. Can you run in stereo? L/R to power map L/R, then L/R speaker outs to each side of cab? Edit: if the amp is bridged, disregard above - then you've got a one channel amp. Also, gotta ask since you never mentioned - is the master volume on the pod turned up? I run my master around 50%, patches are around 60% channel volume, power amp (mesa 50/50) around 40% - loud as hell. I've use a velocity 100 with similar results too though
  24. yeah it can be done (i've dont it, using dual amps) but there is no universal setting, has to be done in the patch itself. Frankly, i've found it easiest and best sounding to just mic my cab. That way i know exactly what my tone will sound like at the source at least, rather than going direct, hearing it through the sound guy's PA, and thinking "that sounds nothing like what i dialed in earlier"
  25. I use it on my HD Pro, works fine. I use the shortboard tuner for quick tuning checks, and when i want more precision i just go over to my rack and use the actual POD HD Pro unit, which is very accurate and easy to use.
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