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  1. AHA!! and i can change the midi program number on each ADA preset. By George i think i'm getting it. Can't try any of this until the cable comes in the mail What would be more convenient is if i could change the program number sent from each Pod Patch. I'm only looking to use maybe 3 to 4 presets on the ADA, so i don't want top have to duplicate the ADA patches up to patch 127 or whatever to match all my pod presets. Maybe i can assign multiple programs numbers to each ADA preset? i use pod patches 1a through 16d, many of which are duplicates. A,B, and C patches are always the same 3 tones - I use D for special tones per song in the setlist. and switch banks before each song
  2. Hmm according to the manual the pod automatically sends the program change via midi when you select a preset A,B,C,or D. So Bank 1a will send program change 0, Band 1b will send program change 1, 1C=2,1D=3,2A=4,2B=5 etc... Sounds like i just need hook up the midi cable, and arrange my patches on the ADA to correspond with pod patches program send (which is hard coded based on bank/patch) and the switching will happen. Is this correct?
  3. I have a POD HD Pro and recently acquired an ADA MP-1 preamp,. I have the MP1 in the FX loop of the Pod, and it's working quite well. I just ordered a midi cable. The ADA is a Midi preamp. Is it possible to set up MIDI to change the ADA preset based on my pod patches? So pod patch 1A the ADA is on preset 1, Pod patch 1b the ADa is on preset 2, etc? Would love some tips on how to do this if possible, but i'll also take "it's possible, read the manual" if anyone knows it can be done - thanks!
  4. ^^^ you know what? I didn't even think about the power factor at all. Great point. Not gonna happen then!! thanks for the response. Probably better that I can't start going down that rabbit hole anyway.
  5. Ive searched all over for this and found nothing useful. Has anyone successfully replaced their rj45 foot controller cable with a wireless solution? In other words, i want a wireless fbv shortboard. Is there a simple solution?
  6. haha this is pretty much it. If it's any help i switched from the pod XT to the HD pro and i gigged with it on day 3. By then my sounds were almost on par with my XT patches. Now, a few weeks later, the XT is gone and my patches are better, especially for gainy stuff. I had a killer clean going on the XT and i've matched or excelled that. I also have separate patches setup for both power amp/cab rig w/out cab modeling (sounds best) and FRFR w/ cab modeling, so if my power amp dies i can go FRFR by changing setlists
  7. I'm using the POD XT Pro for live use. I run the unbalanced out to a power amp and cabinet for stage volume I run the balanced out to the PA I want the cab sims ON for the PA and cab sims OFF for my power amp into a guitar cab- is this possible?? I'm using "Stack Power Amp" and the cabs are ON from the unbalanced out into my power amp - i thought they would be off? How should i set it up to use cab models for PA but no cab model for my power amp into guitar cab?
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