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  1. Thanks anon that does help. Ive read up a bit more in the manual. The patch messages are fixed, so no changing them. If i were to use pedalboard mode I could assign specific midi messages to the abcd buttons but i need my patches. I play in a coverband and have a bank for each song with any special fx. I think the only way to go is the midi translator device you noted. For no I will stick with using the gain channel on the pre, and models for cleans. That was my original intent anyway before i plugged in the MIDI cable, saw that i could change the preamp channel via the pod, and started tweaking like crazy! Thanks again.
  2. I just bought a hafler T3 tube preamp (sounds great in the pods FX loop BTW) and i'm sending channel switches to it from the pod HD pro for each bank. The default is 1A = 1 , 1B=2, 1C = 3 etc... is it possible to change what each patch sends as a midi signal, or am i stuck with the default? I really just want every patch to send either a 1 or 3 (clean or gain2), maybe a 2 for D, for the patches that i'll be using the preamp, the rest i'll still be using models so won't need MIDI. My banks all follow the same pattern, I use all 16 banks but with same general setup in each bank. What i don't want to do is send the MIDI signals by hitting a footswitch after changing patches- i want the T3 to go the correct channel when i hit footswitch a,b,c or d A=1, B=3,C=3,D=2 for every bank/setlist any help?
  3. Not well with Pod HD and the tube amp heads i've tried with it (5150, dual recto). Too much tone suck and other annoying issues. I found it easier to to just use the pod HD preamps (models) even though i would love to be running a real tube preamp. Life was just so much easier with all the tone shaping coming from the pod, and then amplifying it with a tube power amp. Way less cables, way less to go wrong, and much easier switching live.
  4. Not for firmware. It's the same product being sold, you just have to downoad the new firmware, which you will have to do anyway if you own the product for any length of time. This has been going on for any digital box with firmware - if you get an older one, just update it. The model packs will not be free for anyone. You are not getting tricked or receiving poor service. This is all normal.
  5. Nice - and totally agree a blank slate is the way to go with this type of gear, so you know exactly what is going on with your gear. Otherwise it's more like a crapshoot.
  6. Enjoy the Kemper OP, i've thought about getting one but the price is just too high right now. I think one of the problems people have with the Pod HD is bloated patches with too much EQ, boosts and such. My best patches just use the amp model and whatever FX i need. I don't use any mid focus or extra EQ's. They might sound good around the house but playing in a band the models sound great as-is. Once you are dealing with 12 different EQ's and tweaking a bunch of cab parameters, of course it's going to be rocket science to perfect your tone. Not all the models are great, but the ones that are sound good "right out of the box".
  7. I just want to know when these updates/models will be available, anyone have an idea?
  8. I use a mesa 50/50 tube power amp. After trying alot of SS power amps, this just sounds better. I just did a bias mod to it which really has changed the tone for the better I think, will know for sure next gig but it was great before this. It's not too pricey, reliable, not crazy heavy, and sounds great.
  9. @cclement thanks! exactly the info I was after, much appreciated.
  10. I cant test right now but need to know...can i run all 4 line outs at once? I want to run the 2 1/4" oits to my power amp, and another xlr for my direct box. So really 3 at once. But curious if you can use both xlr AND 1/4" on the same side. Thanks!
  11. I've considered it, but really need a rack power amp. Just really convenient for me right now to use my 6u rack for everything. If they made a rack version, i'd definitely be considering it. I tried some different preamp models at rehearsal last night. I was pretty impressed with both the Soldano and a boosted JCM800 patch i made (vs my usual recto model for rhythm). That helps a little with the GAS knowing other models can work well live for me. I think getting the 50/50 modded with the bias pot is the way to go.
  12. Thank bill - If i didn't already have my cabs all worked out i'd consider the Atomic - I like the all in one idea for sure, but love my 3 Randall 1x12's stacked behind me on stage! Thanks again Joel - all good info. I have decided to bring it to a tech once we have a break in our gig schedule to have him install the bias pot. By the way i've always had good experiences with JJ's, at least for the glassy cleans and punchy distortion I normally go for. But i have not tried that many brands. They were an improvement over the stock Mesa tubes - which were pretty old, and I liked them in a few other amps. I try not to get to much into rolling tubes honestly but it sounds like the bias can make a really big impact - plus i should learn this anyway. In the meantime, it's hard not to drool over VHT power amps - people seem to rave about them like they are the greatest thing ever.
  13. I did something similar for an acoustic song we did (still using electric guitar). I used a patch with no amp model and a bit of compressor to control my overall levels for that patch. Worked nicely. Should probably be useful for what OP is trying to do.
  14. Joel - I've got JJ's from Eurotubes in there now, I bought the retube kit when i first got it but they were plug and play. I've been wanting to be able to bias amps for awhile now so this may be a good time to get the gear required and learn how. I do the typical soldering and other tweaking so I think with some patience and alot of caution I should be OK - The only thing is I think you have to install a bias pot on these amps as it's fixed - i'd get a tech to do that I think. Maybe I can bias it a little hotter or something and see how it responds. Also could be nice to replace one side with some different tubes - would be great if it took EL34's but as far as I know just 6L6's
  15. Space...thanks for suggestion. That may be getting a bit out of my price range but if one shows up under a grand ill be checking it out for sure. Joel - interesting you say that since that is what the little angel on my shoulder says. Its the little cartoon devil telling me I need a new power amp. Ive already gone through a ton of cabs and speakers and found the ones i like, so that part is set. The 5150 model coming soon interests me for sure. Will keep your advice in mind when contemplating hitting that "buy it now" button. So, anyone else upgraded from a 50/50?
  16. So i'm getting some spending money to play with from my tax return shortly, and i'm considering upgrading my Mesa 50/50 power amp. I'm pretty happy with my tone and the 50/50, but sounds like other tube power amps could be better. I generally run Pod HD preamp models into the 50/50 then into V30 loaded Randall cabs, so i'm using the Pod like a preamp with built FX. Has anyone in Pod HD land out there upgraded from the Mesa 50/50? I'm considering the following... - Mesa 2/90 -Sounds like this may have the tone i'm after, but also over 10lbs heavier than 50/50 - Randall RT-250 - Intriguing choice - El34 and 6L6 in same amp. Mixed reviews. I do like Randall as a brand. - VHT2/50/2 - This gets rave reviews, but is also supposedly the most transparent, not necessarily what i'm after. I like what the 50/50 adds to my tone. - Any EL84 20 watt power amp - never liked EL84's so probably won't go this route - but a light 1U power amp is attractive. - Matrix solid state - not likely, but i'm open to listen to reviews. I'm open to any other suggestions and would especially like to hear from those with rack tube power experience...thanks! Oh yeah, no 3u or 4u monsters, gotta be 2u or smaller
  17. I just use a separate patch with the patch volume (amp volume knob) raised a little over my rhythm patches. Probably about 6-7% increase on the dial, can't recall off hand. I also use a separate model solos too (JCM800) and also keep the presence way down and treble in check with the bass and mids very high. My lead tones are the last thing to sound really really good, but almost there with this.
  18. I used to use velocity 100, then velocity 300, and now mesa 50/50 tube power. The tube power is a pretty big improvement for band/gig use. Up at high volumes it shines vs the solid state amps, and lets you use the HD Pre-amps vs full models. Since i've been using the preamp models with the 50/50 my rig really sounds like any other all tube head (i play in a band with another guitarist using a soldano HR50 and various marshalls), only way more versatile. Good speakers help a ton too - V30's were the finishing touch to my tone - really put it over the top.
  19. a good polyphonic whammy/detune would be great (even if it uses all fx dsp after the amp), as would a proper autowah!!! I would dump my wallet out for those two FX!
  20. Yes, without a 4k resolution LCD these units are garbage! Need to able to watch UHD video on the 3" screen during gigs, dammit
  21. I'm not sure on this but sounds like you are running a stereo cable from the pod to the spider, so L/R outputs from the pod (2 outputs, left and right out) into the stereo line in on the spider, which would be correct, since you'll be using just the power amp on the spider that way and the spider is a stereo amp. Now you have to set up your pod patches in stereo to output to both L and R channels, and make sure you spider is connected to your speaker cab in stereo as well.
  22. Right, we've probably all seen guys with tons of high $$$ gear all over the place, hooked up in crazy ways and producing a sound that could tear the skin off a cat, obliviously jamming away like it's the best sound ever. :wacko: It's all in how you use what you've got :)
  23. I'm going to get a bit cheeky here, but the best way to avoid the tone suck is to ditch the amp altogether and go with the Pod's preamp models and run the pod into a tube power amp. I did this after fighting 4cm for way to long and getting fed up, and am glad i did!
  24. exact same choice for me - I use those as my main tones, then JCM800 for leads
  25. ^^^ Yes, i did tweak that setting and found the 1M and 230K to both be to my liking, can't remember which i settled on! Thanks again for the help
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