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  1. Put your screamer in the fx loop. Done deal!
  2. Completely Insane! I purchased a Fender Select Strat. Supposedly a "bridge" instrument between the American Deluxe Strat and the custom shop. American made and beautiful. Birds eye maple neck with a channeled rosewood fretboard. The most beautiful flame maple top. Select pups that are only found on these Select guitars. Locking tuners and a Select Badge embedded in the back of the headstock. Came with a classic tweed case with one of a kind maroon velvet interior and a Select badge inside the case. The only con that Premire Guitar could find when reviewing the guitar was the hefty price tag of $2000. I got mine for $1500. My point here is this....$4000 gets you no fancy pickups, no fancy models, no fancy birds eye maple, no fancy flame maple top no fancy branded case, no fancy badges. Nothing! It doesn't even get you a guitar made by the person whose name is on the frikkin head stock! And it is no more "custom" than my Select Strat. Sure, a badge embedded in the back of the headstock does'nt mean squat. But at least Fender gave me a decent head fake and a guitar that shares absolutely nothing with their Korean made guitars. Line 6 says " Give me $4000 and we will paint it Orange if you want!" Pitiful!
  3. I am still wondering why a JTVUS, where the neck and body are made by Wildwood manufacturing in Northern California (not James Tyler) shipped to some place in Southern California for paint (not James Tyler) and then shipped to be assembled and set up by some dude who used to work for Jackson guitars (Not James Tyler) with the exact same pups and the exact same modeling capability as the Korean made counterpart, should cost $4000. Talk about paying extra for shipping and handling! Sheesh! You can get a guitar made by James Tyler himself for that kind of money. I hope they don't discontinue the Variax. I hope that the partnership with Yamaha will produce a Top tier Variax for serious players Not this glorified entry level Pacifica. I played one....it was horrible.
  4. Pretty lights? That's it? No wonder no one has anything to say about the difference between the two!
  5. Is this thing on? Check, check one, two.....
  6. Thanx for the reply! You are all over this forum with in depth advice and tips. When I didn't hear from you, I got worried!
  7. Aside from the pretty colors, does the FBV 3 offer more functionality over the MKII Shortboard? And does anyone know where you can get a more robust road worthy CAT 5 cable to hook the pedal board to the FH1500? The cable that is shipped with the MKII is total garbage.
  8. I love this type of question! It gives every one of us guitar geeks an opp to talk about our guitars! To me, there is a fundamental flaw in the question. One doesn't necessarily purchase one guitar with the expressed purpose of replacing another guitar. That's why one poster in this thread has 20 guitars. Each one is unique. Even if they are made by the same manufacturer and are the same model. One doesn't purchase a Swiss Army knife to replace their other knives. One shouldn't purchase a Variax with the hopes that it will sound exactly like your Les Paul so that you can now retire your Les Paul. It's just a guitar that has the options that it has and does what it does. And given all that it is capable of doing, it doesn't do what my Roman Pearlcaster does. The question should be "is the Variax a good guitar?" I'd say yes it is. And in concert with my POD HD500 or my FH1500 it becomes a great guitar. I spend absolutely ZERO time wondering whether the Variax Les Paul sounds like a Gibson Lea Paul. I try to focus only on sculpting a tone that is going to convey the emotion of the song I'm playing. Sometimes the Variax delivers exactly what I need. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the Roman delivers, sometimes it doesn't. My favorite guitar is the one that gives me what I need at any given moment. Bottom line...I'm not replacing anything because I have a Variax. It's just another tool in the toolbox.
  9. Wow! Even those who simply mention the G70 drop out!
  10. How much more functionality does the FBV 3 give you over the FBv Shortboqrd MKII? Is it worth purchasing?
  11. Here is another Line 6 sighting in Napa California!
  12. The Variax + FH1500 = Oooo-la-la! I swapped out the PU's in my Variax, so I can't true report on how they sound. The models, however, sound better than they ever did through my DT-HD500. The app makes assigning Variax models to presets really easy. The sliders the app uses for tuning the Variax is brilliant! You can strum your guitar, and slide the tuners while the chord is ringing. Get your tuning by ear, press save, voila! Done deal. I find that if I am struggling to get an a amp tone to soften, I'll play with rolling off the treble on the amp and increasing the presence or increasing the treble and rolling off the presence or you can roll off the Variax tone just a bit and it makes a big difference. Another thing that I find very helpful in sculpting tones is YouTube. I try to find video review/profile of the amps inside of FH1500. I will only use those videos that demo the amps using direct input into a DAW or mixer. I will not use a video where there is just a mic in the room. You want the best possible sound quality you can get. It will sound great through the FH and you can really dial in the FH tone. If they use a tele in the video, then use a Tele model on the Variax. My Variax is like a new instrument in the FH. Very quick and easy to use. Well done!
  13. Maybe dropout issues are reserved for the G70 unit. Have you read the night mare dropout stories over there?
  14. Not where you plug it in it ain't!
  15. That was my thought as well. When I read "it gets in the way" I'm thinking in the way of you being able to use your bar. Though, I can dig not wanting to hear my bar banging into the plastic casing. It wouldn't be an issue for me cause I don't like a loose term arm. I don't like it wiggling around when I move and hitting my guitar cable.
  16. The Gibson SG Derek Trucks Signature model? Is this different than any other SG? I'll try not to step on those names you just dropped! ;0)Just poking fun at ya! But seriously folks..... No problems with drop outs? Do you have any other devices competing on the 2.4 ghz frequency? (Routers, cell phones etc) I'm worried about 2.4ghz interference. It seems to plague the G 70.
  17. In the way of what? Where does your bar normally sit when you play? It doesn't look in the way to me from your pics.
  18. One more time....Do you experience any dropouts with your G70? That seems to be an often reported problem.
  19. Wrong forum. Try posting in the Pod Forum. You might get a better response.
  20. This is the Dream Rig forum. For those of us who have a Variax, DT50 or L-Series speaker and a Pod HD 500(x). You might get a better response in the Pod HD specific forum.
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