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    Still really appreciating the Firehawk 1500. I'm going through the process of creating usable patches of my favorite amps. I try to find youtube videos of the actual amps that are mic'd and played through a DAW/mixer, instead of a mic in a room. That way I get the best recording possible to emulate. The videos sound great through FH and I can get a really close a/b of the actual amp tone and the FH tone. I'm sure all of this will change when I move from the bedroom to the rehearsal studio and change again from the rehearsal studio to the stage. I certainly plan to take advantage of the direct out on this thing and that might make all the difference in the wold to getting that close to perfect all around mix. It should work out in theory! Less an unanticipated bug shows up and renders my new toy useless! Speaking of bugs.... I have not experienced any bugs so far. I turn it on, plug in the Variax and I am off and running. The firmware update available at this point talks about fixing "various bugs". What does that mean? Can we name thes bugs? I'm totally afraid to update jack squat, cause my sheet is working purty darn good right now and I don't want no firmware upgrade screwing that up. Is this "update necessary if I am happy with what I got?
  2. Cool! Please keep us posted! I so want to believe in Line 6! I do believe in Line 6, but damn! Why is this forum filled with so many ugly stories of disappointment and "iffy" performance? Errrr!
  3. That sounds fine and well. Until you play a stage that does have a router near the stage. Or the router next door is close enough to cause an issue or there is one of those mega routers around, or, or, or.....There are very few places on earth that don't have a router nearby. So what we have is this bomb a$$ wireless gizmo that costs roughly $400. But be careful, because if it comes in close proximity to this other gizmo that EVERYBODY has, it ain't gonna work too well? Oh hells yeah! Sign me up!
  4. ....so are we to disable the routers of the places we play? That seems ridiculous. If routers are the issue, then this is an issue that ALL wireless units would suffer from and that ain't the case.
  5. Went to my local guitar shop today and played through a heavily discounted Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series limited edition anniversary model amp. Completely and totally UNDERWHELMED! Even at a discount, not worth it at a all! More importantly, the shop had Relay G 70's on sale! Like a blow out sale! I had a grand in my pocket that was burning a hole in it and given what I have read here, there is no way in hell I would purchase this thing! Is any one having success with these Relays? Not the "firmware update" circus Line 6 can put one through. But, straight out of the box, no hassle, works perfectly as advertised kind of success?
  6. Tboneous


    Was given a Firehawk 1500 as a gift and....WOW! I wouldn't have purchased one myself. Now that I have one I can say that I'm very impressed! Free can sometimes have that effect! Normally the factory presets in any gizmo are completely useless! There are quite a lot of usable presets in this thing. I might use a different reverb here or a different delay there, But usable straight out of the box for the most part. It's the splitting of the fx where you REALLY notice the quality! Well done Line 6!
  7. You are absolutely right! I Love my set up. The convienances of the pods flexibility far out weigh the minor pains in the tush. And I get it, you can program your Pod and Variax to turn on and off your homes sprinkler system while simutainiously opening and closing your garage door! You are preaching to the choir! My comments are far more elementary than that. I'm thinking in terms of using the pod in preset mode vs. pedalboard mode. One thing that has made me nervous about preset mode is this issue of tweaking things quickly. I could give more examples of why and when one would need/want quick access to fx perameters, but I think as giging guitarist, you can think of your own. I will say this, assigning multiple perameters to the expression pedal can be awesome and a hassle. It may sound great at home and then sound like crap when you get to the gig and the stage is a hollow riser that makes the drums sound boomy and you need to roll off the bass and roll up the treble on your fuzz face so your lead can be heard yet doing so really screws up the sound of the rotary that you have paired with the fuzz face, yada, yada, yada. Quickly now!..... Pull up the edit screen and get busy before your solo ends! Good luck! Like you, I really have simplified my fx chains. No to many fancy assignments. Just the occasional feedback of a delay assigned to the expression pedal. For me, far less headaches. How do you have your rig set up? Are you using a DT?
  8. Sure but how do you know where to put the cursor. In one venue you may want the cursor over the overdrive. The next venue, you may want it over the flanger. my point is that whatever you may want to do a quick tweak on, is not as easy as a pedal board full of individual stomps.
  9. Yikes! This thing sounds like a total piece of crap. Here is the thing I don't understand, Line 6 or any company for that matter develops a product. In this case the Relay G 70. I imagine that they test the product pretty thoroughly before giving it a thumbs up to move to production. I can't imagine that Line 6 tested the Relay, experienced these horrible drop outs/other issues and moved to production anyway. That would be like saying "F'ck it, we'll release a product that we know is severely flawed, collect the money from our vendors and work out the fix details later, money in hand." That just can't be what's happening here. Maybe it's that Line 6 developed and tested the G70 and it was flawless. No drops, no issues! Something must have gone terribly wrong during mass production. Who actually manufactures Line6 products? Is it Line 6 China or do they farm it out? I think they farm it out to some company in China. Either way, why screw around with these silly Firmware bug "fixes" that clearly don't work! Issue a recall! Give the vendors back their money, fix what needs to be fixed, find someone else to assemble the product. Test those products when they come off the boat and send the ones that perform flawlessly to vendors. Line 6 might go out of business following my business approach, but hey, they will be remembered as a company that made flawless gear and peoples G 70's will work! Quality control seems to be the Line 6 achillies heel.
  10. Yep!! I like it! Though, I gotta have an amp behind me. Its more of a security blanket to me than anything else! You are right, on stage IS play time, not tweak time. But it is nice to be able to quickly reach down to my Xotic BB preamp/compressor and turn a knob a skosh to get that little extra whatever I am needing at the moment. Not so easy on the POD.
  11. I am finding that I really only need 1 amp model. I have been using the JTM 45. I can get it clean enough without loosing body and it crunches up really well. The rest of my Pod fx are usually a pair of delays, modulation a distortion for leads. Usually a Fuzz face or a tube driver. I also run an Eventide H9 Max, an EH Super Ego (very cool pedal btw) in the fx loop of the Pod. I also run an Xotic EP booster and an Xotic BB Preamp w/comp for crunch in front of the Pod. No DSP issues for me. The attractive aspect of using the preset mode is the probable decrease in pedal dancing. In pedal mode, the I can set multiple fx to one foot switch but sometimes I might not want all fx on at one time. And the idea of switching patches say between a clean tone to a lead tone is too much for my little brain. I mean how do you make quick volume edits in a live setting for 2 separate patches? What about the Clicks, pops and delay in patch loading? I'm gonna give the preset mode a try. I'll report back what I like/dislike. Any other input will be fun!
  12. Thanx. What fx do you use on the top row? What kind of music are you playing?
  13. Good for you... The pod adds a lot of fleability. Almost too much flexibility. By all means, have fun going through the Pod presets. Some are usable most are terrible to my ears. What helped me the most was pulling up a blank patch. Pick an amp model wit no effects and use the knobs on the top of the amp to dial in your tone as you would with any amp. If at this point, if your tone is still missing something, then try some of the other editing possibilities. More times then not, I can get what I need from simple bass treble middle and presence. All of the other editing perameters can create a rabbit hole that can lead to never ending tone tweaking if you aren't careful. Just because you can play with the bias doesn't mean you have to. Have fun!
  14. Dream rig user here. This is an old question but worth re-asking. How are people setting up their Pods for live use? I'm a blues/funk/rock guitarist. I have not found a use for high gain models yet. I connect the pod via L6 link I have a few effects running through the Fx loop of the POD I run the Pod in "pedalboard mode" So far I only use a small handful of amp models I make a single preset for every song we do. The problem I have with this "Preset per song" approach is when I am doing an improv. I'm wrestling with clearing it all out (after backing up the bundle) and taking each amp model and creating a clean, crunch, lead for each. How are you guys approaching this?
  15. Hmmm , Can you provide a sound sample?
  16. Please clarify... what kind of guitar what topology are you using is your amp new or used Thanx
  17. Yep! definitely overthinking it! Point of clarification, There is no implication. I only mentioned "satisfaction" because you mentioned "satisfaction" and I wasn't sure what you meant. clear as mud now! 50,003?
  18. ??? Not sure what you mean by this. Either you are saying that: You indeed can get what you need from what Helix has to offer, but it doesn't mean you should be satisfied with that? or You know that Line 6 will reveal more with Helix but that is not something one should be satisfied with? So you like what you get from Helix but you are not satisfied and you know that more is coming and you are not satisfied? hmmm, Would 50,002 work?
  19. Line 6 unveiled Helix in June 2015. Released Helix some time later in that year. Bug fixes aside. (bugs should be fix ASAP) Are people really serious in complaining that 40+ amp models aren't enough? If you can't get a great sound out of 40 amps and ALL of the other things that Helix offers, what is having another 40 amp models going to do but give those people who want 86 different amp models something to complain about. I'm still rocking the POD HD 500, and I find something new every time I sit and experiment with it. It's like we got the corvette for a birthday gift but complain that it's not the Z06. Updates and new models will come when they come. Let's focus on what's in front us. Dig deep into all that Helix offers. If you are STILL bored and needing something new, something other, then I'll be glad to take that useless piece of gear off you hands whil you spen $$$$$ on the new and improved Megalomaniac Azteca Riffmaster Pro X complete with 50,000 amp models! Something tells me that someone out there is going to want 50,001.
  20. Yahoo!!!! One of us! One of us! One of us! Congrats! Now get to playin!
  21. Attention Line 6 Users...... Don't eat yellow snow! Now where is my Free Helix?!?!
  22. Dents or distress? I dunno, the Fender custom shop makes a killing banging up new guitars and selling them for way too much Money! Question Can you have mutiple transmitters on one receiver? You know... One runs out of charge, you pop in another and keep the party rockin!
  23. Only 200 amps models? Shhhhoooottt man! What were they thinking! I've got a Megalomaniac Azteca 1500 Riff Master X that has 20,000 amp models, a lyric generator and espresso press with built in grinder! Line 6 really needs to get it together!
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