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  1. I took delivery of my new JTV-69US. Its a pretty darn good guitar. I did a video of the differences I noticed between the two guitars. Hopefully it is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Yeah. I didn't pay $4K either! Nowhere near $4K! It was the color combo of this particular guitar and the maple neck that sold me! My guitar will be delivered sometime early next week. Cant wait! Question: What made your purchase a "no brainer" aside from the good deal you got on the price? Were you able to play it prior to purchase? I have NEVER in my life purchased a guitar without playing it first. My thought is that it should feel as good as my Korean but better. Is that too much to expect?
  3. Thanx! How do you like your JTV-69US compared to the Korean?
  4. Yep! It's 'Merican! Looking forward to getting it. I wish Line 6 offered a gold bridge. That, with gold tuners?....Now we're talking Mary Kaye!
  5. Picking this one up.Got it for a decent price. Will share my thoughts. I like the color and the maple. Fingers crossed!
  6. Line 6 seems to be all about high gain chugga chugga detuned to Q flat players. How's bout something for those who like nothing better than a cranked up Bassman and a tube screamer? Hows bout a Tele configured guitar or maybe even a semi hollow?
  7. Tboneous

    Saving Tones

    That sucks! I know what I want in the next update!
  8. Tboneous

    Saving Tones

    Is there a way to rearrange the order of patches on the Firehawk without having to overwrite the patch?
  9. What does the "position" slider actually do on the Firehawk wah? Doesnt seem to adjust anything.
  10. I bit the bullet and purchased a G70. Glad I did. Have not had a sing problem with it. Not to undermine those who are experiencing issues. I know how incredibly frustrating that is! Not sure why so many are experiencing issues and I am not. I've been on both sides of the "why won't my line 6 gear work as advertised" street. Truly maddening!
  11. I just heard that Sean Halley is no longer with Line 6. Sean has been a great friend to all of us guitfddle geeks! I will miss his videos and the humor that he brought to them. A great player that has influenced me in 3 min video increments. I will miss him! Bon Voyage Monsieur Halley! Pretty good huh?!?...and I speak 'merican as a native tongue!
  12. FBV does a good job. Though I keep my iPad on a stand for quick editing in the gig situation. It works really well.
  13. Two gigs done on the FH1500. Here are my observations... The setup: Stereo out to P.A. FH is on the floor in front of me facing me like a floor monitor. FBV 3 with an additional exp pedal. iPad is mounted on my mic stand. Variax JTV 69 SSH via VDI 2nd guitar via Relay G70 (not a single drop out BTW) The Sound: Very impressive! I typically use 1 patch per song. So any lead work I do is me turning on a distortion pedal in the patch. I also typically use 1 amp for all songs and use different fx (delays, modulation, reverbs) FOH: The reverbs and the delays sound really full and convincing. Distortions sound really good. Again, very impressive. The wha is a little off to me. I think it I can make it useable by playing with the mix. We'll see on the next gig. Overall, I'm really enjoying the amp. With the iPad close by, it gives me the ability to tweak my tones as needed on the fly. You can't do that with the POD HD's No negative QC issues. Turn it on and it works every time. The app connects without issue. I really like the simplicity of it all. I am tweaking far less than I did with the POD. Which means I'm playing guitar way more! So far, there is nothing I can't achieve with this set up. Very exciting!
  14. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! I will spread the word about your gear.
  15. I bit the bullet and got a G70. Don't know why given the horror stories on this thread. Did an outdoor gig and it performed flawlessly. Works flawlessly around my house. (house full if wifi tech) We'll see on our next gig in a club.
  16. Did you miss this part of my post?... "(No offense cruisinon2! I know exactly where you were coming from. I got it!)" Or... "I use a quote from my man "C" because I know he can take it" I guess I was wrong. I knew you didn't bang on a string for an hour. I knew you didn't think the excersize was musical I knew you didn't discover this issue in this manner. I knew you don't spend a lot of time looking for Variax flaws I knew exactly that you were contributing to the discussion in the helpful manner that you always do. Which is why I included "(No offense cruisinon2! I know exactly where you were coming from. I got it!)" So cool your jets mister! ;0D Obviously, I failed to communicate that I think that too many people have a tendency to do do what I described earlier. Not YOU personally, not everyone, but too many. I am probably wrong about that. It's just a gut feeling based on very minimal evidence. I'm no more musical than anyone else on this forum and it's not a competition. I was trying to contribute just like you. Forgive my ineloquence. You win. To come full circle....The Variax is a great guitar and concept. I find it to be a usable and musical (clearly important to me) guitar. It's not perfect. I hope that Line 6 will continue to explore ways to make it better. To scrap it would be a shame.
  17. Tomwhitworth- No offense taken my man! I took an hour and played with my Variax to see if I could hear "crosstalk" with no luck. I played solo on a clean patch through my Amplifi and headphones. I played the same thing in all of the dropped tunings. The only one that got weird was the Baritone tuning. I didn't get cross talk but I did get some warble. I then pulled up some backing tracks and played along I used lead tones and clean tones, through all the models and tunings that were appropriate. No crosstalk. None at all. What I didn't do was this... "Play any riff with moderate to high gain and lots of palm-muted notes, but only on the A string...keep the low E muted. Single note lines and/or 5th string root bar chords...doesn't matter. Listen close, and toggle back and forth between drop D and standard tuning, just chugging on the open A string (muting the 6th string)"- cruisinon2 (No offense cruisinon2! I know exactly where you were coming from. I got it!) I use a quote from my man "C" because I know he can take it and to illustrate the non musical way I spoke of prior that I believe some of us test the Variax with. We bang on one string until we hear clearly the thing that some are talking about. I'm sure if I cranked up the gain and palm muted and banged on one string for an hour, I'd hear it too. But I don't play guitar like that. Ever! I don't play music like that. Ever! When I play my Variax in the context of creating music, it sounds wonderful. I have always had this hypothesis. I think it is the hi gain guitarists that experience the most unpleasant issues with the Variax. I have minimal proof of this based on what I read on this forum. I'd be curious to find out. But if I have to turn up the gain, palm mute and chug on the A string in drop D to experience this problem, then my minimal proof has increased by 1 post. Thanx C! Hee-hee!
  18. Uh....I never said anything about you attacking anything. I did think you owned a Variax though. Thanx for the clarification. I still would be interested in the answers to the questions I posed. I wonder if there is any common denominator that we can explore.
  19. That makes sense! I haven't experienced "cross talk" with my Variax. The first time I heard about it was from you. I can see how that would be horrible. Just out curiosity, what kind of music do you play? Funk, metal, rock, R&B? And more importantly, what kind of guitarist are you? Are you a Simon and Garfunkle guitarist or a Steve Vai? Clean tones or dirty tones? Are you a Virtuoso style player out front (Bonamassa, Robben Ford, etc) or are you a rhythm guy? What are you doing specifically when the crosstalk is the worst and what are you doing specifically when the cross talk is not as discernible? I know it's a lot of questions, but it is fascinating the 2 totally different experiences you and I are having with the Variax. I would love to be able to pin point it better.
  20. Ok, Then I'd go for the Firehawk 1500 and G10. I have all of them. (Fire hawk 1500, HD500, DT50 2x12, DT25 and L2M, G70) You will be able to get fun tones at a decent volume with the Firehawk easier than with a DT/HD setup. The HD/DT is great for running multiple amps, splitting the signal and running Acoustic tones one way and electric tones the other (provided you have a Variax), Vocoders and a slew of other stuff. But for the home office?...The Firehawk to me is just easier to navigate.
  21. Yep! And if I alter my picking attack, the warble is undetectable. Sometimes I can picture people sitting in their bedroom with their Variax in hand cycling through the models and alt tuning while playing open triads in the most non musical way and listening very carefully to detect why the Variax is a flawed piece of equipment. Listening very carefully at the HD or Helix tube screamer in a complete non musical vacuum and determining that the Helix Tube screamer sucks cause it don't sound like THIS tube screamer that I own. "This Variax Tele doesn't sound like MY Tele!" they will proclaim. I don't worry about what they call the models, I try to create what I hear in my head. I adjusted how I approach playing my Variax with the Variax in mind, not with a Tele in mind. When I'm in alt tuning, my attack is different, what I play is different because how the Variax responds to that input is different. I go back to a point that I truly believe. I learned this from my Jr High school music teacher. "Anyone can play a fast scale, making that scale musical is a whole different story!" I need tools to help me create music. To create a vibe an emotion through music. I have found the Variax to be a very usable and musical guitar. Warble, cross talk, warts and all! But that's just me.
  22. If you are just playing at your office, go for an Amplifi with the G10 wireless. The Amplifi is small, has great tone capability and the wireless is great because there are no wires!
  23. I purchased the Variax specifically for the alt tuning. If perfection is the benchmark, then you are going to have a hard time on this planet. Plug any guitar into a strobe tuner and check every fret. I guarantee it won't be perfect. Personally, I'm not concerned with perfection. I only care if the instrument is musical. Is the instrument usable? Can I convey emotion with it? Does it inspire me? For me the answer is yes. Without a doubt! I have an old Harmony guitar that is a bear to play. All bets are off if you want to play a chord above the 7-8 th fret. Far from perfect but musical as hell!
  24. I hope they don't discontinue the guitar! I hope they continue to innovate. I don't have an issue with crosstalk. That's not to say that it doesn't exist. It's just not a problem for me. I primarily use the models for alt turnings and as a part of a "sound scape" that is to say a patch that may have a lot of processing going on to create more ethereal tones. The guitar does a great job for me in that regard. I'm sure the modeling could be improved upon and I hope they do but if they don't, I'm still glad I have one.
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