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  1. That's a pretty broad question with many many answers. Each answer dependent upon what you are looking to accomplish. The best advise I could give you is to be very clear how where and why you want your future rig to behave and then poke around on this forum with that as a guide.
  2. Why don't I have permission to view this link? Yes I'm logged in.
  3. I downloaded El Capitan on my mac and now my pod HD500 doesn't work with my computer. I blew it right? There is no fix for this right? Line 6 doesn't have anything for me right? I should have check for compatibility issues before I downloaded right? CRAP!
  4. What I am getting from this is, you like your AXE FX. You are learning Helix. You like your modeling gizmos through an ENGL and you like the DT. All are very fine observations. But what my man is getting at is what I have been saying as well: I purchased the flagship rig, an HD500 and DT amp. It is a completely self contained, integrated system of awesomeness! Can't wait to see the updates to this rig! I mean really, what company would create a self proclaimed "flagship" rig that they advertised as "The Worlds Best Sounding, Most Advanced Guitar System" only to shortly after release, abandon it? That wouldn't make sense. Line 6 introduces the updated POD HD500X! Not an upgrade at all. Just more DSP! I never hit the DSP limit so....Whatever! NAMM comes around and we get Amplifi (nothing to do with updating the POD or DT). NAMM comes around again and we get Firehawk. (nothing to do with updating the POD or DT) NAMM comes around again and we are introduced to HELIX! Complete with Preamp models and an L6 Link. OK! Now we're talkin'! The demos sound awesome. Helix looks sexy! I start measuring out the larger foot print on my Pedal Train. Multiple FX loops? I need a towel for the drool! I'm ready! BRING IT! Wait.......What the hell do you mean that it doesn't work with the DT amp like the POD did? What do you mean it can't run these two DT amps and two L-series speakers i got like the POD could? What the hell do you mean with all this "midi work around" business? Hey, for $2k, I ain't engaging in no "midi work around"! What did Butters say in South Park?....."Oh Hamburgers!" Look, we have already "taken a moment to appreciate the inherent differences in these two products." Those "inherent differences" are the frikkin problem! Helix is not the product that Kakkoee, myself and many others were hoping for. So as cool as Helix may be, it will remain lumped into the category of Amplifi, Amplifi TT, Firehawk, Firehawk 1500, Variax Standard..... A bunch of stuff that as cool as they may be individually, don't help me take my rig to the next level! C'est la vie! Fortunately, my rig sounds great! So, I'll spend my $2k on a new Pearlcaster! Yeah Boy!!!!!
  5. The new Helix rack website is really well done! It looks amazing! I can't wait to see the website for the new Dream Rig! The new Pod HD1000, the new DT100X amp, and the all new JTV 100 with brand new models! That's coming soon.......right? I can't wait!!!
  6. ...And the price of the PODS. There once was a time where I didn't understand why I would ever purchase a POD HD500X when it really wasn't much of an upgrade from the HD500. As the price falls on those things, thanks to Helix, I'm gonna get one!
  7. Me too! I first purchased the DT50 2X12 (typical me, I gotta have the biggest and the best offered!) Got a DT25 a year or so later and now just love it! It has become my main amp! Plenty loud enough! I'm going to get another one as soon as I see the killer deal so I can do stereo DT25's. I've run stereo with the DT25 and the DT50 but I like the look of continuity on stage so another DT25 is a must!
  8. I can appreciate all of the discussion of how to get Helix to work with your DT amp. But that is not the question presented in this thread. The question at hand: Is The Dream Rig Done? Not "How do I get Helix to work with my DT". Remember the Dream Rig? For those who don't remember..... Remember how simplistic it was?...... That! Right there! Remember that thing!?!? I don't want to know about some midi work around for Helix. I don't care about a new Amplifi. I don't care about IOS/Android integration. I don't want a new Firehawk, Firestone, or Firefly! This is what I want to know....Is there a New DT25X, a new POD HD1000 and a New JTV100 Variax (not a Yamaha with Variax guts) in the works? Seems to me the answer is clearly HELL NO! So sad! 'Cause I would buy it in a heart beat!
  9. Does anyone use a DT and L series speaker for their gigging rig? If so, what order off of the Pod are they? I'm having a bit of trouble getting my L2 speaker to save its setting. Thanx
  10. Let your Crate flag fly my man and let your skill do the talking! lol
  11. I know! Cracks me up! I Just purchased a 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Ultimate. 420hp V8. Took it over to a buddies house who just purchased an Audi S6. He paid $65k used! I paid $32K used. You could have purchased 2 of my car for his one! When he got into my ride, it was undeniable! My car is very, VERY nice! for far less $$$! My car has has more tech, and amenities than his and my warrantee is forever! He was scratching his head and his wife was cussing him out! There is nothing I like more than to talk to purists in cars and guitars and listen to them tie themselves into a pretzel explaining why it is that this overpriced vintage amp or guitar is worth the amout of money they paid! And they still suck! Then I pick up my Korean made Variax and tear the house down! While they are scratching their head wondering why their $40k 1957 Stratocaster let them down, I'm loading my Chinese made amp and Korean made guitar into my Korean made car with the pano roof and zooming home! Let the snobs be snobs. Take it to the stage and then lets talk!
  12. What garners respect is having a good tone being a good player! If you knock those two out of the park, purists will want to take a look at what you are playing. And they will be hard pressed to call your stuff cheap line 6 crap cause what they just heard is undeniable! Take that to the bank!
  13. Awesome! Thanx! My 2 cents?….I don't want to pay $1500 and then have to get to work making this thing work. Takes too much time away from playing guitar. I will patiently wait for a new DT(H)elix-25 valve amp that is plug and play before I spend any energy entertaining the thought of Helix. (I know, forever is a long time to be patient!) When and if my current rig (DT50/DT25/L2M/HD500 ) finally craps out and I am unable to get it fixed, I will have to think long and hard before I go down a new Line 6 rabbit hole. I'm just not sure that road of product development they are on is one that works for me. The original Dream Rig struck a great balance of future tech and old school. All of this Amplifi and iOS integration tone matching and studio quality live sound is just not for me! Firehawk 1500? Really? Im sure it the bees knees! Just not for me.
  14. I'd have to disagree Rad! The first time ever!!!!! I don't want Amplifi. I don't want to play guitar through my stereo system, I don't want to grab tones from a cloud, I don't want bluetooth, I don't want Firehawk. I don't want an HD500X, the "X" standing for a few eXtra points of DSP and I don't want Helix with its fancy new HX modeling . As awesome as I am sure it is, Helix has nothing to do with enhancing my 2 DT amps and my 2 L-Series speakers and Variax. Right now, I am able to route acoustics over here and electrics over there, switch topologies/class and make it sound AMAZING per preset. Helix can't do that. So its a bit more than just canceling an order over a single feature. As much as I have spent acquiring all of this gear, I certainly don't want to purchase a flagship processor and then immediately get to work constructing some work-around to make it kind of work with my rig. You can control your garage door opener and sprinkler system, make bank deposits and schedule a root canal through the Helix interface, but I'm supposed to walk across the stage and manually set topology and class with the switches on the face of 2 DT amps? I'm out! What is the Helix retail price? $1500? $1600? Give me a truly upgraded and updated Pod HD1000 that does everything that the HD500(X) does plus all of the cool new stuff (large onboard screen, touch sensitive switches, more FX loops, updated FX, updated and new amps, custom IR's, yada, yada, yada!) and I'll pay $2500 for it today and will get 2 of them!
  15. Ya think a new DT is coming out? What makes you think that? From what's out there on the inter webs, it looks more like a discontinuation than a new release.
  16. Got another one. Don't know if it is my best tone But It is the first time I used the Park amp. All guitar work is 1 patch with me switching on and off fx and rolling the volume on my guitar up and down. Never did understand why one would need 4 different amps in 4 different patches for 1 song when 1 patch with one amp can do quite a bit. https://soundcloud.com/terry-sanders-14/darby
  17. I agree. Helix is going to sound good. How much better than the HD?... to be determined. Ease of use and DT integration is what will get my money.
  18. Not quite sure the tecchnical term would be "crash", but sometimes upon booting, the line 6 logo will blink instead of going to the patch. Requiring a reboot. I've had it stop all together in the middle of a set, requiring a reboot. The HD edit software will stop working if I use the HD expression pedal while editing via the software; requiring a reboot. I call these incidents "crashing". It doesn't happen often, just at the most inconvenient of times! If Helix does this 50% less, then It's a win! Point being, does anyone really think that Helix isn't going to sound good? I doubt it. (unless you are a Kemper/Fractal fan waiting for the right moment to upload the ubiquitous "I'm leaving Line 6 and going to Kemper/Fractal cause Line 6 sucks" post.) The real meat and potatoes is; can we get what we need out of this thing quickly in an intuitive and musical way. Again...we'll see.
  19. Entertaining thread! I made this point earlier in this thread and I think it may very well be worth restating. I have no doubt that Helix is going to sound good. Line 6 has the sounding good thing pretty much worked out. Assigning percentages to something that is as subjective as tone is a waste of time. Some swear by Variax spank 1.0 while others only swear by 2.0. To each his own. Go with your ears and make it happen. You have a great tool with the HD500, 500X FireHawk, and Helix. For me the only percentage thing that is worth spending time figuring out is whether Helix is going to be 50% easier to dial up a good tone. Are the menus 50% easier to navigate. Is it 50% more intuitive. Does it crash 50% less, is the DSP limit 50% higher (if that applies) 50% more perameter control etc. I don't think that tone or sound quality is the question. To me the question is, will this new thing make it 50% easier for me to stay in the creative flow, 50% more inspiration because it's so damn easy to use. We'll see.
  20. Celebration of the electric Guitar
  21. so in 1 song you would use a chorus, an auto wah, a tremolo, different delays, etc? Seems like a lot. I mean a 600hp car is cool. Do you really need a 600hp car or is it just fun knowing you have a 600hp car? In other words, do you need 6 different DSP heavy fx get your point across musically, or do you want them because more means better? For me, my rig started sounding really good when I simplified my patches by getting rid of stuff in my patches. With that said, 600hp car is pretty badassed!
  22. Curious to know, what kind of patches are you constructing that bump up against your DSP limit? Can you give an example of one?
  23. I really don't think sound quality is going to be an issue. Helix is going to sound good. Despite the people who swear we are all suckers for liking it, the POD HD 500(x) sounds great! Line 6 has the sounding good thing pretty much figured out. The key is and Line 6 sometimes struggles with: Out of the box, will Helix give you what you need so you can record with ease, gig with ease; does it have a work flow that keeps you in the creative zone or are you going to be lost in windows and the world of tweaking. Is it glitch and bug free? Are the volumes going to be all over the place? Sure its going to sound fantastic in the studio, but what about through an amp? As much as I love my Dream Rig set-up now, I know for a while there, I was ready to throw it out the window on more than one occasion. The learning curve was steep with my stuff. Now that I know how to work my rig, it's not a problem. How about for Helix? Can I plug it in and go? Cause if it's anything like the Dream Rig in terms of ease of dialing up a tone, out of the box, when you aren't familiar with the unit then the answer is gong to be no. Won't discourage me from getting one. The only thing that will discourage me from getting Helix is the lack of DT compatibility. Can a brotha' get an AMEN!
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