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  1. I want better POD Go's factory presets and tone. Tone and presets are not impressive to compare to Headrush Mx5, Ampero Hotone tones etc...
  2. Hi , Help Me I thought my MXL 4000 Microphone broken but today , i went to the Sam Ash Local music store and Tested with Mixer , MXL work perfectly no problem at all .. I m using Line 6 UX2 Audio Interface ( i have other mics Shure SM57 , Tascam TM-78 and Mxl 603s ) .. what is the problem ? i tried many times with UX2 but sounds come and disappeared .. i changed all the setting from POD Farm2 .. but still not working so , Driver problem or .. something? Phanton power is On Thanks ( using PT12.1 )
  3. hello .. pls .. audio set up for Studio one pro 2 ( i want to record guitar and vocal separate tracks at the same time .. show me the way how to set up i/o from DAW pls.. thanks
  4. hello , pls , help me .. i wanna record separately guitar and vocal on my Studio one pro with Line 6 Pod UX2 .. how to make audio set up for that??.. i need help

  5. hello , I m Ux2 user too . I just got a problem similar to you .. I play backing then I record my guitar part then replay .. but my guitar part ( i recorded ) has no sound .. other track has sounds .. .. I already check I/o .. i fixed all but doesn't sound .. after that I checked line 6 POD farm 2.7 released .. I m dowloding now .. it will work or not .. any suggestions ? ( using ux2 for one year over )
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